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  1. Always praise by saying ALHAMDULILLAAH.....
  2. (regarding the bold/unlined) You mean to say man-made gods? ITS ALLAAH'S PRESENCE! Better take good care before writing anything, specially attributed to Allaah JJR & Muhammad-o-Aal-e-Muhammad ASWS.
  3. Good Astonishing Question, Which Has Answer In Your Heart, Follow It.....
  4. JAZAKALLAAH KHAIR for your prayers/duaas, but never disclose such (spirituality, etc.) to anyone, and you said it openly here.
  5. In Blood Test, only half or less syring is required, so no low level of sugar level in this regards, therefore, fast is not void. You can fast, the OP.
  6. InshaAllaah will read this post later.....
  7. Never say Ramzaan, say Maah-e-Ramzaan or Shehr-e-Ramzaan..... Maula Jafar-e-Sadiq ASWS says: Never say Ramzaan, say Maah-e-Ramzaan or Shehr-e-Ramzaan, as Ramzaan is one of the Asma-e-Husna/Names of the Almighty Allaah. *SALWAAT*
  8. Seems our Marifat is gone, that is why such bloody topics are here (admin/mod is allowed it) and people are sharing their non-sensed views. Only few have Marifat here who gave good answers.
  9. Quraanic Ayat is enough which states that Allaah stay away all najasaat from Ehlul Bayt ASWS.....Thats all!
  10. Hope you are talking about all sorts of Entertainment Media.....hahahehe!
  11. Life is all about 3 Es: 1) Experience 2) Experiment 3) Expectation 1) Yesterday was Experience 2) Today is Experiment 3) Tomorrow is Expectation Use your Experience In your Experiments To achieve your Expectations And make your life more beautiful
  12. We take everything as Casual….. A worried mother A strict father An annoying brother A rude sister A naughty son An indiciplined daughter A selfish friend A demanding wife A complaining husband, etc. But When we lose an of them Then we really miss them as….. My caring mother My concerned father My best brother My loving sister My obedient son My innocent daughter My real friend My wife – my life My husband – my world We do not take them as Casual Because life never gives a second chance Just love, respect, value, regard and honour them We need to keep solid feelings for every person
  13. Yes, seems quite relevant, but at the end, Allaah is All Knowing & Wise!
  14. MashaAllaah I have 3 grown-up children and the most beloved wife.....hahahehe
  15. Did not hear about this incidence. Interested to know. Upload the pages you have. JazakAllaah.
  16. SUN Vs. WIFE: Suraj ki garmaish aur Begum ki fermaish Dono mein aazmaish aur sabar ki peymaish hey Garmaish dimagh per aur fermaish jaib per asar kerti hey Ek mein paseena nikalta hey aur doosray mein paisa nikalta hey Garmaish se bachna mumkin aur fermaish se bachna na-mumkin hey Ek mein jism jalta hey aur doosray mein dil jalta hey Suraj ki garmaish lag jaye tou thanday juices peenay perrtay hain, lekin Begum ki fermaish aa jaye tou khoon kay ghoont peenay perrtay hain
  17. Four Candles were talking to each other: Candle-1: I am Peace, no one needs me, and it went off. Candle-2: I am Faith, no body believes in me, and it went off. Candle-3: I am Love, no body care for me, and it went off. Candle-4: I can Light the other 3, because I am Hope and I last forever. Life is tough, sometimes impossible to live, but never lose hope. I wish that your Candle of Hope lights all your Other Candles and keep them glowing.
  18. Electrical Remix Version: Allama Iqbal: Wajood-e-bijli se hey tasveer-e-kainat mein rang Bijli na tou TV, Fridge, har cheez hey band Mirza Ghalib: Pehlay aati thi kabhi kabhi bijli Ab kisi waqt bhi nahi aati bijli Momin: Kabhi hamaray tumharay ghar bijli thi Tumhein yaad ho keh na yaad ho Bahadur Shah Zafar: Umr-e-daraaz maang ker laye thay 4 din 2 ehtejaaj mein kat gai 2 intezar mein Meer: Ibteda-e-loadshedding hey rota hey kiya Aagay aagay dekhiye hota hey
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