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  1. Always praise by saying ALHAMDULILLAAH.....
  2. (regarding the bold/unlined) You mean to say man-made gods? ITS ALLAAH'S PRESENCE! Better take good care before writing anything, specially attributed to Allaah JJR & Muhammad-o-Aal-e-Muhammad ASWS.
  3. Good Astonishing Question, Which Has Answer In Your Heart, Follow It.....
  4. JAZAKALLAAH KHAIR for your prayers/duaas, but never disclose such (spirituality, etc.) to anyone, and you said it openly here.
  5. In Blood Test, only half or less syring is required, so no low level of sugar level in this regards, therefore, fast is not void. You can fast, the OP.
  6. InshaAllaah will read this post later.....
  7. Never say Ramzaan, say Maah-e-Ramzaan or Shehr-e-Ramzaan..... Maula Jafar-e-Sadiq ASWS says: Never say Ramzaan, say Maah-e-Ramzaan or Shehr-e-Ramzaan, as Ramzaan is one of the Asma-e-Husna/Names of the Almighty Allaah. *SALWAAT*
  8. Seems our Marifat is gone, that is why such bloody topics are here (admin/mod is allowed it) and people are sharing their non-sensed views. Only few have Marifat here who gave good answers.
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