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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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  1. lol, i cook whatever my family want, hmmmm im am sooo graving for a fillt burger atm.but usally its the whole, samosa, chicken roost, pakora, rice curyy, etc lol STANTARD but yummy,lol every day i eat i alwys say, "gosh, i ate to much 2mrw im onli gonna have a lil bit, but agian, evryday i eat.lol"
  2. .. lol that too but hey, just 4 a day i wanna no what its like heheheh
  3. haha i would love to, but again i dont remember much of my childhood..being a girl i had to grow up fast, and just like beaver said i totallu agree, in my cullture the way i see it, men have the last word, do what they want and when, women have to put an apron on n live in the kitchen! hahah ok maybe not that bad, but i would wanna put my feet in a guys shoes to see were it takes me. us women, i think we work bloody hard. but again, its made me who i am, and i am greatful for that
  4. when i hurd About Ahlebait t.v i thought.... hmmm y, when we have hidyat t.v, but when i saw the previes, i thought WOW, i reckon it will been really good for the younger generation, as its mostly in english, i fins it better to understand, ofcours the duas are not but i feel it will be a chanel id rather watch, the only problem i can see is that the older lot (my parents and others who dont undersnd english) will wanna watch hidayat t.v. i think its excelent that some one done another channel, i pray that both channles r a hit. ameen
  5. love.. its a funni thing. love between family and friends... u dont relise how much u love them until its too late. love everyday n ul b loved in evryway
  6. lol hahahahhhahahahahhah good laff, thnx x
  7. ^really? ive had loads like this, i never thought anythink of it untill i had the same dream again this week and last week. thankyou
  8. like ur personal statement

  9. sallam, ive had a few dreams that are pretty similer... i dont no what they really mean, basically in my dream im either pregnant or ive had a baby, but there is no dad. in my dream i tell my mum or a freind that im pregnant but when they ask who the father is, i tell them there is no father and i just dont understand how i could get pregnant if im not with anyone and never have been. obilisly my family and friends DONT belive me. and in my dream im alone and scared. the last dream fet really real, this time when i find out im pregnant, i no that no one will belive me and i was sooo scared to
  11. hahahahahhahahahahahaaha, u no i think you were having a bad day or somethink thas y u did ask that silly question. ur 32.....come on man.
  12. hiya, thnx for the add, il check when i get home, im a work at the moment

  13. Salaams, if you can understand Urdu, this is a wonderful lecture. rather a "Pre-Marriage Course".

    Its quite long but packed with some real great knowledge.


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