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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The one that made me shiver the most was when Sakina said, "I won't ask for water anymore" when she knew that her dearest uncle, Hazart Abbas was killed.
  2. No, that's why Imam Hussain died. Hazarat Abbas wasn't supposed to battle, he was the alamdar. If a brother already knows that he's going to die, then why send him there while he's not able to return and give the water to the children?
  3. Asalam-o-lakum brothers and sisters, Yesterday for me, was the 8th of Muharram which is dedicated to Hazrat Abbas's death. Now, I have a quick question and would like someone to answer this. Since Imam Hussain, his brother knew that Abbas was going to die, why didn't he move the river himself? He wanted to send Abbas there to get the water because he saw the thirsty faces of his own kids and companions and couldn't bear to see it, then why didn't he do that? Please note that Imams have the POWER to do anything. Imam Hussain could've easily won the battle by just lifting up his hands and praying to Allah, but it was Allah's will for him to die and save Islam. In Rivayats it states that before Abbas went out to get the water, Imam Hussain looked at his Alam and knew that he wasn't going to be the alamdar anymore. In NO way am I disagreeing with the Imam's action, just want some clarification.
  4. This is a really good noha. Abid e Beemar Ki Ankhon Se, YouTube video:
  5. Asalam-o-lakum, Jaltay Hoay Khaymoon Say Zainab Ki Sada Aaee, Abbas Kahan Ho Tum is the noha that I need help finding. I need a good audio. Here's a YouTube video: I don't need the audio of the YouTube video. I need an original and good audio.
  6. Defending yourself isn't haram. And so what if they have nukes? America has the most. It's nothing new.
  7. I ask myself this question: If matter can't be created or destroyed where did it all come from? Most of the world rejects a God, but they believe that people are able to create things, even though they just modify what is already there. And the Quran hasn't been altered in anyway, which means it's perfect.
  8. I don't think that the men are superior. Though all the Imams/Prophets were all men, girls have helped them throughout history. Such as Bib Fatima and Bibi Zainab. Even girls can become marjas too.
  9. I appreciate what you did, but I could do that myself. The YouTube video that I posted was only 4 minutes and the verses are the same. I'm looking for the actual recording or maybe one that has more than one verse.
  10. I need help finding a good audio or even not a recording. A lot of people do it at jaloos and I really like it.
  11. I need help finding this noha, please help. I need an audio file. YouTube link to noha:
  12. Please, I've been looking for a download audio file. Here's a youtube video:
  13. What is up homey gizzle?

  14. It's the way we understand things from the Quran. Back then they understood it differently then what we do now. It doesn't matter what we do or say as long as whatever is in our hearts are meant to be good/bad. Obviously if your intention is bad you have committed a sin and have to show remorse to Allah and seek forgiveness. Essentially, it is what are intentions are overall.
  15. This nohay was out last year and is being recited till this day. I have a video of it from the 08 jaloos in New York. Here's the video to the nohay . When I say I need help, I mean if anyone can give me the name of this nohay and the download link I would really appreciate it.
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