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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam. I'm doing fine, hope you too and all people of Iran, brothers and sisters. May Allah protect IRI. Thank you so much.

  2. Salam. The word 'Muslam' is not obsolete and can never be obsolete. All those that believe in oneness of God and prophetship of Muhammad (pbuh) are called Muslims whatever understanding they follow, because we look at the root not the branches. The root is the most important than the branches. If you want be a shia just follow the shiites school of thought and if you want be a sunni follow the school of thought for sunni, but they are all muslims.
  3. were they all muslims? Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiuun.
  4. Food, cloth and shelter means something or are very essential in child's growth and development, with out them the growth and devt. seems to be affected. So parent are right here. But also love of the parent to their children enhances their mental and psychological stability, it therefore compliment normal gowth and devt. and without it child' growth would be altered. Children are therefore right here. Both two aspect are to be together for smooth children's life.
  5. The sunni can not use this hadith to prove their doctrines, because their khalphs were not up to 12, and they were political caliphs. The hadith said that all of them are from 'kurysh' while those of sunni were not. The prophet made it clear by mentioning their names from Imam Ali (as) up to the last one ie Imam Almahdi (as), so I dont know why you are looking for another definition of the khaliph. Let me say Khaliphs of the prophet are those people that the prophet said are to be followed after Him (sawa) one after the other from Ali to Mahdi (as).
  6. sakozy is a foolish and nonsense man, so what if he has'nt shake hand with Ahmadeenajad.
  7. Because umar was muslim, but not true calipha of his time and he was infallible as he can make mistakes as seen done by not giving his bay'a to Imam Ali (as).
  8. Thank you for joining me with other hausa speaking brothers.

  9. Salam. Don Allah ku fahimtar da ni, domin kuwa ban gane ba. Yan africa ne ku? kuna zaune a africa ne yanzun? ko ma dai miye ya kamata a ci gaba da wannan chatin din na hausa,domin naga kamar tun 2005 abun ya tsaya.
  10. It is almost the same thing, the differences are very minimal, and you can adjust where necessary. I also pray behind sunni imam.
  11. If they are hopeless, what are the government's efforts to revert the situation? why should Iraq's senates agreed for prolongation of american soldiers in iraq despite the fact that they are terrorist in the country? The statement of the minister was nothing but guilty consciousness. Almost all the govt official of iraq are dogs to the western countries and they are not after iraq people.
  12. From the hadith that explained all the prophets to have believed with Muhammad's(sawa) and Ali's(as) wilaya before becoming prophet, we can understand that all the prophets knew the prophet Moh'd(sawa) and Imam Ali(as) before they were even sent as a prophets, and they know their status to Allah(swa). There fore it is possible that Prophet Isah(as) followed through Imam Ali (as) to seek help from Allah,(but not during his crossification, since Jesus was not crossified). And not through the prophet Muhammad(sawa) because Calling Ali(as) is like calling the Master of Ali ie the prophet Muhammad(sawa). And looking at the high rank of the prophet might make Jesus(as) to call Ali(as) instead of Muhammad(sawa), so that it would serve as a way of getting to Muhammad(sawa) and finally to Allah(swa). This is just the logic of tawassul; that you can not reach to Allah (swa) directly, so you follow through Allah's closest servants, and Jesus(as)knows MuhammadÕáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáåand Ali(as) before he was sent as a prophet. So, what I'm trying to pin point here is that Imam Ali(as) is like a way of getting to Prophet Mohd(sawa) and to Allah for help.
  13. It is not surprising, they dont have rest of mind. Whether they leave it now or not, one day they must leave it, because the land is not theirs.
  14. I,m nigerian, and I have been in maiduguri for about 2 months now, therefore i can not say much about shia in maiduguri, all i know is that there are shiites in maiduguri like other part of the country. But i can tell you much about shia in sokoto and zaria. To me you can not talk about shia in nigeria with out talking about sheik ibrahim zakzaky(H). This is because millions of people understand shia through Him(H) and many more are understanding it. Muna son mutanen labanon, saboda kungiyar hizbullah, muna kaunar Sheik Hassan Nasrullah. Saboda kungiyar hizbullahi ta yi maganin yahudawa.
  15. Whether they agree or not Imam Ali is superior to all the sahabah.
  16. May Allah granted her speedy recovery bihaqqi muhammad waalihiddahirin.
  17. Is a lie, Imam Ali never give bay'a to any of 3 caliphs. All the traditions that said so are false ahadiths. Imam Ali had never agree with their rulling.
  18. By all indication, may be you have started learning it. If yes how far have gone? If no can you start now.
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