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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, I'm sorry I don't remember what I typed, usually I use things like "beautiful scenery" or "sunset" lol

  2. Non-Muslims look to Islamic healers for help By Zehra Mamdani Kay could never figure out what was wrong. She consulted physicians and yogis, psychotherapists and shamans, but none could fully cure her of her anxiety, depression and fatigue. After a decade of searching, Kay said, a Muslim healer helped her find the problem: she was possessed by a demon. "I was sitting with the healer who was reciting verses of the Quran," the Muslims’ holy book, she said, describing an exorcism she underwent. "All of a sudden, I started shaking, I couldn’t control it. It seemed like hours of praying and crying,
  3. Your friend is right! Schizophrenia is the biomedical term for "jinn possession" rather when wasawasa takes over a person. Don't go to a psychiatrist, seek a Islamic healer, a raqi. There is a book called Jinn and Human Sickness. You may want to check it out ... though sunni author... but valuable information nonetheless...
  4. Not ALL girls have such inclinations, first; Second, there is NOTHING natural about such inclinations! Girls are culturally and socially conditioned and taught such things from an early age. The fault and blame are not on girls but family, culture, and society. Assumptions are very offensive! One should not project oneself on to others...
  5. Thank you :) I'm not sure who painted the picture, I got it by searching on google but I forget what I typed in.

  6. Salam, no unfortinately I'm not that good of a painter! :P

  7. (wasalam) What have you experienced? With whom and what was it like? Could you elaborate?
  8. (salam) Have you ever had experiences with people and not talking to them, as in keep silent, but you felt like you both said or talked a lot? Do u believe you can be with someone, say nothing and walk away feeling like you have had the best conversation in your life? Have you experienced this? Share your stories... peace.
  9. Just wondering how people deal with the following, please reply in detail. :) What is more difficult for you; looking into someone's eyes when you are telling someone how you feel, or looking into someone's eyes when they are telling you how they feel? Why?
  10. Salaam Does anybody know when babies are born what are they staring and smiling at, (and you know its NOT you)? You know how they appear to be looking at something other than you, so what or whom are they staring at and smiling? I know baby psychologists/psychiatrists/science have been unable to explain to us about this. I was wondering whether any spiritual/religious explanation exists for this? I heard at that age they can see angels. If they can see angels, can they also see demons? Many thanks in advance. peace
  11. So does that mean I can't fly alone from Atlanta to see my husband in California? I would like to know the references to these ahadith if you have them. And, why are you concerned about Sunni ahadith anyway?
  12. avoid refined sugar (refined sugar breaks skin cells) eat whole grains like brown rice instead of white rice or eat quinoa
  13. Salaam Has anyone had their wedding at a mosque? Would you like to share some thoughts on how it was like , what did you and the guests do? What food did was served and where? Anything unusual about your wedding at a mosque? What was the best part of the wedding? Both brothers and sisters perspectives are welcome. Serious responses please. Many thanks in advance. peace.
  14. Salaam Have you hosted baby showers ? What did you do for your guests? What did the guests do for the new mom and baby? I am looking for ideas like fun things to do for a baby shower. Many thanks in advance. peace.
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