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  1. Many Many Happy returns of the Day.

    May Allah Bless you.

    Have a blast.......Enjoy !!

  2. sareena

    Noha lyrics

    yes this noha. i am looking for the write up of this noha
  3. sareena

    Noha lyrics

    salaam does anyone have the words to the noha MERA GHAR JALAYA, LUTIYA RIDAVAN, RO AKHAY ZAINAB (as) KIS PASAY JAVAN? if you do can u plz put the words up or do u know any websites i can get the words from? thanks khuda hafiz
  4. (salam) from my experiences of life i believe i would choose to be born
  5. (salam) brothers and sisters. hope ur all doin well. i've facing quite a big problem in life just now but dont know how to deal with it. the crucial aspect of all this is time i.e. i cant really do anything about it at the moment but have to wait a long time before any solution can come about. im jus findin it extremely difficult to cope and to relax and feel really down about it. any ideas as to what will help? regards
  6. hey wasup sareena?

  7. (bismillah) salaam thanks MDM for the photobucket guidelines. let see if this works. these pics are from last year chehlum. most of the other pics are similar to the one's that have been put up by other users. salaamz
  8. nooooo wayyyyyy. i love alomost everything on that list. :o :cry:
  9. thats actually not a bad idea at all. i think letter would be better for me coz i'd be hopeless at poetry. thanks :) i know wot illahi ameen means but not the rest sorry. :huh: may Allah give ur mum jannat. ameen.
  10. i know this will probably sound really dumb but how do i attatch images in this post? i've got a couple of ziyaraat pics from chehlum last year.
  11. May Allah give ur mum a place in jannat. (ameen) and give u sabr brother.
  12. mashallah the woman only pool is such a good idea. keep up the good work :D
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