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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. thats an amazing description, dudette. "How one characterizes oneself" so much wisdom in there.
  2. could you tell me where i can find moderately religious in Quran or hadiths? I want to be moderately religious too, so what are the guidelines for that?
  3. fun questions, except way too many to answer, lol.
  4. Working part-time is not compromise at all if the husband doesnt want you working in first place, which falls under haram. But if the husband has no problem that you work or not, then offcourse you can choose to work.
  5. sister did you get married yet? I swear this is not to make you feel bad but the way you are approaching marriage might be reason its hard to get married. From what i have read around of your comments, it seems you are more of a liberal person. Maybe you are looking into wrong guys. You should find someone who thinks like you. If you are looking into strict momins, there will be a conflict. The biggest concern for guys is will the future wife listen to us or not. And one of the litmus test is the permission to leave house. I would never stop my wife/future wife to go anywhere but the point is
  6. I just had a short conversation with a Syrian who is a christian (no affiliation with sunnis or shias) and the first thing he talked about is the cursed Saudi government, I didnt even tell him if i was muslim or not. I mean how low can these Arabs get. As Quran says ...Wa tu izzu mantasha wa tu zillu mantasha
  7. u know i was kidding right? lol what ever works for the couple, islam has left that door open
  8. This is how i see it being in their shoes, living among oppressors to obviously think like them. I am not promoting or saying what they are doing is right, rather just pointing out how they feel.
  9. someone who is born and raised there. 20% population of Zionist state is muslim (arabs. going off wiki). As i said its mandatory for all citizens to serve in army after age 18. Arabs are exempt from it except they lose: "Those who did not serve in the army had less access than other citizens to social and economic benefits for which military service was a prerequisite or an advantage, such as housing, new-household subsidies, and employment, especially government or security-related industrial employment. Regarding the latter, for security reasons, Israeli Arabs generally were restricted from
  10. During the Battle of Jamal, when Imam Ali (as) fought Bibi Aisha's army did he not say the others were muslims too? We should keep things in perspective. Most of us have seen Mukhtar Nama and wasnt Mukhtar's brother in law (i think) serving in Ibn Saad's army. Yet, Mukhtar even called him Momin. From what i have heard, its required if you are living in Zionist state to serve in the army. Everyone has to. If they leave where will they go? Its good that you are passionate but are you willing to keep them in your house? My friend its not easy to leave your country along with your family and find
  11. Buy my mom a car, with rest buy PCP .. lol for those who get the reference.
  12. so i assume you are here to condemn the Bahrain dictatorship, and Saudi funded massacre of its citizens.
  13. and you would notice the sunni/wahabi posters all over Syria threads wont bother posting here. There is a good chapter in Quran regarding Hypocrites.
  14. If he was justice4all his IP would have given it away which any Admin can check. Unless he has changed his ip (different computers, proxies etc) which would be sad.
  15. ^ i really dont believe in that brother. What is the source of this claim? Was any study done and what was the sample size. The problem with us is that we look at one study and push that as a fact but most important part of study is to see who funded it, what was sample size, was any bias involved. Stuff like that is really important because we can easily argue both sides using two different studies (we did that and was amazed how much bs is present in scientific studies).
  16. I agree with you sister, the director worked his/her angle and got the story. Edited out what ever they wanted, added what they wanted.
  17. its family oriented, so all age groups are welcomed. Muslim Congress and Camp Taha are two things i look forward to yearly lol
  18. lol its really fun. Alot of scholars were there last year: Moulana Baig, Moulana Ayleya, Moulana Shabbir (i think). Our family got destroyed in most of the activities. My brother's canoe flipped over and couple of guys didnt know how to swim, good thing they had life vests on. Its a really good experience with family. Convince your dad to go to
  19. Camp Taha is really really fun. Dont miss the opportunity.
  20. sister, you choose the right traits in a man you want to marry. You should try to find him and if its not possible you should keep your options open. I hope you dont spend so much time trying to find him, and ignore the ones with similar personalities around you. Also before making up your mind its better to actually see the guy in real life (in halal setting) to know for sure if this is what you want. Rest is Tawakuul Salam
  21. Hell we dont know, But heaven is a different topic. Most of us will be missing Heavens too
  22. because the way its presented shows its scripted. Highly exaggerated, dramatized. The family got money for it, and the crew got the spicy documentary. I dont deny that rural areas where people are illiterate treat their family like [Edited Out], and its the guy who does this but this just looks way too dramatized. Some parts probably are true. The best lie is to give half truth.
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