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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'm not interested in getting into a nuanced discussion of hadith (which neither I nor anybody here has enough credibility to lecture, let alone debate on), but there are a few important points to keep in mind when assessing that Umar (ra <-- not sure if I'm allowed to say this so just let me know in future if I can or cannot) innovated with the 80 lashes punishment: -A lot of what we know about the Prophet is not necessarily from what we know he did, but from what the sahaba did. Umar could've applied the 80 lashes based on something he saw out of the Prophet but did not formally report. -
  2. I'm not sure how miracles is as important to Sunni Islam as the Imamate is to Shia Islam, but there are many prophetic miracles in the Quran regarding Muhammad (sw)... "The Hour has drawn near, and the moon has been cleft asunder" [Qur'an 54:1] Volume 6, Book 60, Number 388:
  3. Well, the Safavid Empire forced Shia'ism onto everybody in Persia...
  4. When Imam Mehdi comes he will hang Abu Bakr and Umar at the holy grave of Hazrat Muhammad. (Majma-ul-ma’arif, page #49) is this authentic?
  5. The Jewish Encyclopedia cited him as a Jew of the 7th century.
  6. Neither is the verse about giving charity while prostrating.
  7. What should you also master besides these? Quran: -Memorize it -Perfect tajweed -What's allowed and what's not -Tafsir (ibn Kathir, etc.; the interpretation) -Arabic
  8. Can you link me up to an online reference of that hadith? Any language works (pref. Arabic)
  9. Okay, he got excuse from Badr. And in regards to his braveness, we all know he gave his life away willingly to postpone the civil war. How do you blame him for this? And the money he gave out were from his own pockets or out of a due salary. And when I say repentance, I mean sincere repentance. Trying arduously to never do it again, feeling very sorry, etc.
  10. What are you trying to get at? Just because he did one sin is nothing- we sin daily. In fact, what Allah SWT loves the most is sincere repentence after commiting a sin...
  11. Well of course you're not going to give Umar or Abu Bakr or anybody else the benefit of the doubt. But I will look more into this iA and see what I find.
  12. Okay, but who cares? He shouldn't be doing it for popularity and for others around him to respect him! Did you take that into account? He also might have been trying to show modesty in saying that he was doing it to erase all of his bad deeds instead of for the Ummah.
  13. Okay, I'm going to look into this hadith issue with one of my friends who's a lot stronger in hadith (and Arabic, too), and I'll see what I find. But regarding Albani, if he had permission from a scholar who links back to Nabi SW in the discipline of hadith, then he's obviously a Sunni scholar. I don't know how Shias do their stuff, but that's how Sunnis do it.
  14. Okay, we Sunnis believe that this hadith was said in Ghadir, not in the speech in Arafat. If it was in Arafat, okay: we accept the Quran and Ahl-al Bayt. However, the matter of the fact is that he said it in Ghadir, and not every believer was there. It was primarily for the people of Medina, so of course he would tell them to take care of his family. And I've heard that different versions of this hadith have been declared as weak, so maybe that's where your confusion lies. And I have a question: what's your compliance in regard to the dozens of Quranic verses telling us not to call on anybody
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