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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. very well written khaibershikan.. you have made some very interesting and valid points. However, this does bring the debate down to one specific factor..

    we all can agree that tawassul does exist in Islam and cannot deny that intercession will occur only on the condition if Allah ( SWT ) permits it.

    However, is it right to pray for intercession to someone who is no longer living? i am specifically looking for references.. however your opinions would be appreciated too.

    To clairify Sunnis do tawwasul.

    Wahabis don't.

  2. Go to this link for all the proof of nawasib beliefs of ibn taymiyyah al-nasibi from his own mistitled book "Minhaj al-Sunnah"; link: answering-ansar.org ibn taymiyyah al-nasibi

    Quote- Minhaj al-Sunnah, Volume 8 page 230:

    æÚáí íÞÇÊá áíØÇÚ æíÊÕÑÝ Ýí ÇáäÝæÓ æÇáÃãæÇá ÝßíÝ íÌÚá åÐÇ ÞÊÇáÇ Úáì ÇáÏíä

    “Ali fought to secure obedience and rule the people and money, so how can that be deemed as fighting for sake of religion?”

    We read in Minhaj al-Sunnah, Volume 8 page 205:

    æÃãÇ ÅÓáÇã Úáí Ýåá íßæä ãÎÑÌÇ áå ãä ÇáßÝÑ Úáì Þæáíä

    There are two opinions as to whether Ali's conversion to Islam released him from kufr or not"

    Yes that Ibn taymiyyah. His deviations are well known. Ibn Kathir was said to have taken the beliefs of the Sunnis. The only one of ITS mureeds who kept his beliefs was ibn Qayyim.

  3. (salam)

    I am a revert to Islam and have been for many many years now and have been chugging along quite nicely not really belonging to any group.

    I initially converted with Sunni Moslems when very young, then spent the majority of my adult life amongst Shia Moslems and the last 7 or 8 years with Sunni Moslems again.

    I feel like a child of a mixed race marriage!

    I also felt over the years that everyone wanted a piece of me as a convert and loved to tell me the 'right way'.

    Anyway 7 or 8 years ago I found a Sufi Tariqat - Naqshbandi - these people were extremely open minded and tolerant and it didn't seem to matter what group you belonged to. They are mostly Sunni, but I have met a few Shia in the tariqat. Amongst the Sunnis there are members of different Sunni groups. It is never an issue. They all share an aim to get closer to Allah and be good practising Moslems. Everything seemed simple when I joined the tariqat. I had a sheikh to turn to - to answer any doubts or questions I had (just like Shia Moslems seem to ask Ayatollahs).

    I now consider myself mainly Shia in belief but belonging to this sufi tariqat which has honestly helped me become more spiritual.

    So after finding this forum I was very happy too - a group of people from the school of thought I identify most with and discussing issues I want to discuss - BUT I found some discussions stating sufism isn't acceptable in Shia Islam and wanted to discuss this further.

    Is this really true or just some hardliner view? Surely Hafez, Attar and Rumi and such are acceptable. Surely the desire to conquer your ego, live simply and worship Allah cannot be wrong?

    I am bitterly disappointed if it is true that I cannot follow Shia Islam and remain part of my tariqat.

    I would be really grateful for any insight from members on this issue.

    Allah hafez


    My shayk is Shayk Nazim Al Haqqani.

    as Salamu aliekum wa ramatuallah

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