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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So why is there no Sunni masjid in Tehran?
  2. Jazak Allah, May Allah bless you and your family and guide us all.
  3. JazakAllah brother, yes I meant the animal sacrifice. Can you or any brother/sis here provide sources from bible that it is not forbidden to eat meat/chicken in christianity. If it's not too much work. :)
  4. Assalam o alekum. What I wanted to ask was, How can we explain/justify to a non muslim that sacrifise on eid ul azha or any other day is not cruelty? Pls help. It will be really appreciated. Thanks, Regards.
  5. Thank you my brothers :) May Allah bless you and guide us all.
  6. This might have been discussed before, but I couldn't find it even after using the search option. So what I want to ask is Did our beloved Prophet s.a.w.w make a mistake (Nauzbillah) by marrying ayesha? As we all know Prophets a.s and Imams a.s are infallible.
  7. Jazak Allah Thanks for taking the time out and giving a sensible reply. May Allah bless you and guide us all. :)
  8. Is it just because of their names? Yes I am asking because of their names.
  9. Help provided by any brother/sister will be really appreciated. Jazak Allah.
  10. Assalam o Alekum -Uthman ibn Ali, brother of Hazrat Abbas -Abu Bakr ibn Ali -Abu Bakr ibn Hasan ibn Ali All were martyred in Kerbala, right? But why aren't they mentioned in our Majalis? Ya Ali a.s Madad. Pls help. :)
  11. Thank you brother. May Allah bless you.
  12. Can we find AL-kafi online in urdu? Kindly provide the links if there are any It will be much appreciated Ya Ali (a.s) Madad Ali ki saif ki heybat hey kiya Khuda jaaney Bas ek zarab ki qeemat hey kiya Khuda jaaney Labon pe Naad-e-Ali aaey aur tali mushkil Khuda ke Sher ki taqat hey kiya Khuda jaaney
  13. Salafis are the ones who are Yazid(l.a) lovers, I am yet to hear a sunni defending yazid (l.a). Salafis do that all the time.
  14. You should probably go through the links provided by brother Toyib in post 4.
  15. I know they have a way of rejecting all those ahadees attributed to Imam Ali a.s. Can I get shia sources? thanks for all the help brother, may Allah bless you.
  16. Nad-e-Ali was recited by Holy Prophet s.a.w.w at the battle of Khyber, I am looking for sunni and shia sources for that. Thanks in advance.
  17. Thanks alot. It is appreciated.
  18. It's ok brother, maybe i did not put the question forward as I should have due to my ignorance This might help: http://www.duas.org/nadali.htm
  19. Do the sunni brothers (not talking about salafis here) believe in Naad-e-Ali, I know quite a few do but still wanted to ask here. Can any shia or sunni brother here provide sunni sources if there are any? It will be much appreciated. Shia sources are also welcome
  20. No ahadees in this regard? Is disobeying Allah shrik?
  21. Just give me ur view with sources :), whatever that might be brother... Reponse from brothers like Abudul-Rahman will be much appreciated and many other knowledgeable brothers here.
  22. When did shirk really start? according to Quran and Ahadees????
  23. Umar was good enough to become a prophet(astaghfirullah) but not the first caliph?
  24. I dont post here coz i am ignoratnt, i just read and try to learn whatever i can and ask qustions and get valuable information from you brothers. The reason i am posting is when ever i read his (Yazeed laeen lover mufti nasibi) posts he is always calling every one a lier calling people names and always very offensive. But this thread is a proof that he is the biggest lier and nasibi. I hope he stops calling brothers here lier coz it's proven that he is the biggest lier. Great Job brothers Masha Allah :). How u brothers make these nasibis run with their tails between their legs is too good. May Allah bless us all and guide us all. aameen
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