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  1. Many Many Happy Returns Of the Day.

    May Allah Bless you !

    Have a Blast........Enjoy !

  2. khuram


    Allah huma swalay ala Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad.

    Happy birthday to you

  3. No I havent.???? I will check it out though :)
  4. Thanks. I will be searching for muslims in Houston. I will definantly ask questions :blush:
  5. Thank you all for welcoming me and your help :D I have witnessed blessings putting 1/4 of an effort! I can only imagine what else is in store. I will do more research. Thanks again fam :D
  6. Hello. I have taken Shahada and have questions. First of all, I am aware that you must pray 5 times a day, but how do you do it? Certain prayers contain certain words and movements?
  7. #9 hits home. I have not (or havent) converted. :blush: At times I would feel intimidated when hearing all of these different words. I often would associate Allah as a God. That is funny. I have beccome awakened on certain issues. I felt like Neo from the Matrix on some things. Should I have taken the red or blue pill?! :lol:
  8. aww.. you're welcome :)

  9. Thanks :) It is never too late.

  10. heyy.. i know its kinda late, but.. welcome to shiachat :D

  11. well inshaAllah u grow in your enlightenment sis, thas the only reality neway, and its happy to see a sista even interested in Islam cuz u kno how our people be... lol, im gone tho---->

  12. I feel enlightened. Besides, I accept him so I accept his beliefs. :) I am open to new things.

  13. alhumdulillah =... thas coo u got an open mind like that

  14. Hello Asad. I really enjoy reading your posts.

  15. I was turned on to this site by my new squeeze :) He is a Shiite and I thought it would be nice to learn something. :)

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