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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Instead of replying to everyone and repeating myself....i am gonna write everything once! :) yes i am emotional...n i hate it....i think its something in me....i give up so easily....i start praying with all my heart....i try to focus not to think about wordly stuff an just pray as i m standing infront of My Creator, My Malikk the most merciful....i trust him.....but i just cant concentrate for very long.....this is my very bad habit...even when i m studying i cant study for long....and when i pray to Allah swt i often loose connection with him....i get peace i get sukooon when i pray....but This connection of mine with Allah keeps on breaking....i start feeling downn...i dont feel like praying anymore the way i was praying few days back and then again i am back on my track.. after sometime....I JUST HATE THIS IN MYSELF>>>there's no end to this....you cant say ok i have done this and now i am Tired let's not do it for next few days....What is Wajib is Wajib....why do i so EASILY SO SO EASILY get out of this cirlcle....why cant i keep this connection with Allah swt forever without any interruption.... i just cant work hard....i want to........even when making decisions.....i cant stick to one thing...my mind is always changing....why am i like this...i have strong people who stick to one thing and they do it for the rest of their lives.... why am i so confused???? why is everything so shaky for me!! i have tried to change my habits but again trying hard is not me:( is there any solution??? i feel like my mind is constantly filled up with different kind of thoughts....and i am always struggling between what is wrong and what is right for me? I want to stay strong...as a human being...in every relationship of my life....with my connection with Allah swt i want to stay closer to Allah but i just giveup so easily....when i see something is not working out....i just quit..... why am i so impatient....you need patience for everything...and i dont have patience.....:(
  2. Why do i get this feeling that i am very bad? and Allah doesnt like me? I try to pray five times.i always talk about my problems with Allah only...i m always chatting with himm...asking him things...praying...asking for forgiveness....but he is still not happy with me:((( things that are happening with me makes me realize that i am not a good girl...bcuz Allah cant do anything wrong with anyone...so if somethings happening i am the reason for it??? why doesnt he accept my prayers??i only talk to him i tell him each and everything i know that he is all knowing but i love talking to him...and i ask him that why doesnt he reply me back i know that he is listening that why doesnt he reply back??? I need his answer i want him to tell me what he wants from me!! i even asked that if i m doing something wrong punish me! but how do i know that why isnt he happy with me???? whenever ido something his thought is with me that whether he will like it or not i m not saying that i do that 24/7 but I try not to do what he dislikes. but still my prayers are not aceppted why? cuz i am bad? i just have this feeling that i m bad very bad and he is not happy with me:(((
  3. yea thanks but actually my story is so long like i said i would have to share my whole life to get answer so i think even on the phone i wont be able to talk i am so confused and i prefer a lady alima! thank you persain gulf that would be a huge favour!
  4. please i have to share my whole life with someone to get answer of my Q so i know all these websites i want someone in person! thank you that posted the phone number! which i cannot see ofcourse.......i am also trying to get help from someone in my own community i think that would be the best thing as ineed to talk to someone whom i can trust! but its not an easy thing for me fo if you have anything for me please share thanks
  5. please do it as soon as you can! email would be the best option for me ......
  6. but isthere any lady alima with whom i can talk as i would b shy talking with a guy? thanks
  7. please i m sorry but i knw these websites i want some liveee!! iwant somone with whom i can talk myselff on email or msn
  8. assalamo alaykum! please please please i need to talk to some alima or someone who can really answer my Q's according to Ayatullah Sistani rullings please give me somene's email or any way to contact a person i wana talk to some alima lady by email or on msn please!! please repyl!!! thanks
  9. u know thats the only reason i was worried aboutt as she must have got to know abt these books thru anti shia webs or anti shia ppl dunno and so i wanted to make sure that these books wud b a good start for her as i kinda pushed her to know abt shiaasm i myself as u can see is nt very into reading books whtever info i posses is wht i hear in majalisis or online but nt the whole book itselff so yeahh i m gonna let her know den abt usool e kafi that it has weak ahadeeth and i tihnk nahajul balagah wud b a gud start for her ryte??
  10. ok thanks so in ur opinionwhat should i tell her? cuz she didnt ask me abt these books she just said these are famous books and she is going to read it to compare shism with sunnism i suggested her peshawer nights shesaid she is not interested in munazira pllus i suggested her nahjul balagah but she said ite her hobby to read books so after she is done with these 3 she's gonna read nahjul balgah as well so do u think its fyne this way???
  11. ok finally i m getting some responsee so you are saying that the 3 books i have mentioned contain weak ahadeeth? ryte?? so ok i ll suggest her to read nahjul balgah and the other one u mentioned but could u please suggest me other authentic books that wud b good for a sunni minded person to read??? other than munzaira books as she is not interestedd in it thanks
  12. walaikum assalam well she is sunni ofcourse and how wud she know the difference she has studied from madressa i have no idea and if usool e kafi is written by a shia writerwhy would it contain zaef hadith in it??? i havent read the whole book myselff i dont know what to tell her she doesnt wanna read munaziara but you guys are keep on suggesting me books of munazira :S why cant she read any book other thn munazira and why noone has said anything about these shia books that i mentioned in my first posttt i need to have reason inorder to stop her from reading the books she is gonna read usool e kafi tahreer waseela hukumatul islamia she has said these books are written by our famous writerss when you guys hav time to read and understand the whole post then reply me thanksss
  13. well she said these books are from Ayatullhah khumeni hen ALlama majlisi no one is telling me if these books are authentic or not:S
  14. yea thats the first book came in my mind but she doesnt wanna read it she said shhe's not interested in munaziret she already knows shia's authenticx books and she 's going to read it i just want to know thhat if these books are a good source for sunnis i cant stop her from reading it ofcourse its upto her so let me kknowwwwwwwwwww
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