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  1. (salam) No simple embroidery of cotton.These friends are infact shia. (wasalam)
  2. (bismillah) (salam) dear brothers, I have a question to ask about shalwar kameez. On eid-ul-fitr i bought a shalwar kameez which had embroidery of cotton all over my kurta and few of my friends said that embroidery is not allowed in men shalwar kameez.So my question is , Is it allowed for men to wear embroidery shalwar kameez.i know silk and gold jewelery is strictly prohibited for men.is there any bayyanat or fatwa or any kind of reading by ayotallah regarding embroidery in shalwar kameez.Im confused at this moment. (wasalam) :yaali:
  3. Thats exactly what i have heard but i want few ref from allama , ayatollah, marjah or even directly from masoomeens ..
  4. (salam) I understand every word you said but my question remains un answered.i want few quotations from Masommens (as) regarding this issue..You and I can exchange discussion with logics but there must be some definite answer about this issue. (wasalam) :yaali:
  5. (salam) (bismillah) Dear shiachat.com brothers with reference to air crash today in Pakistan, Islamabad which killed 152 passengers i would like to know what does our imams(as) and masomeens (as) say about those who die in an air crashes.I had heated discussion with one of my friend and i argued that all those who died will be in heaven although him being Shia he denied straightaway and said it is wrath from God.I explained to him about a shia girl aged 23 who was zakra being among deaths and she live just beside my house and he replied her death was her destiny. I have heard from my elders that those who die like this have special place in heaven as well and Jannat becomes wajib on them. i want to know real answers with ref. regards (wasalam) :yaali:
  6. (bismillah) (salam) What does this mean ??? (wasalam)
  7. (bismillah) (salam) can you tell me the verses as when i read this surah i couldnt grasp anything related to my question (wasalam)
  8. salam Bro`s, i think you took my msg in all wrong means :D .I don`t even talk with my fiance.What i meant to say was that if i want her to wear hijab but i haven`t said this to her yet but i guess i got the answers from you. No :( .. Regards W.Salam Ya hussain (as)
  9. (salam) (bismillah) Dear brothers im engaged with my cousin (My moms sister`s daughter) abt 6 months ago.We have had held an engagement ceremony but still havent done nikah yet.So, How much hold/authority do i have over her ? regards (wasalam) :yaali:
  10. Salam Im not married yet and when sometimes it goes beyond my control i feel frustrated, depressed, mentally weak and starts fighting with everyone until that happened :( ... Any suggestions to avoid it ? w.salam
  11. (salam) (bismillah) Dear brothers i m looking for material related to hazrat marium (as).When hazrat essa (as) was in his womb she went to kaaba looking for shelter and ask for help and then voice came that "Go away this is not nursing room its my house". I have heard abt this from other brothers but can anyone provide references from sunni books abt this incident and i have even heard that this incident is also quoted in quran (surah marium) but when i read, i couldnt find it ?? Plz help me calrify Regards Danish :yaali:
  12. I think two eclipse you are talking abt occured in china
  13. I have also heard there will 50-60 female (i dont remember exact figure)in that 313 commanders of imam mehdi (as).Can someone verify this statement.
  14. Both have their positive and drawbacks and in the end its all down to individuals and how they seek and want to spend life.I know my cousins wont marry me but they will be first option.
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