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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam alekum , Look friend Darthvader, im not here, to act high and mighty. I post it here so that I can deepen my understanding about our Imam and improve my own faith. If you have any books or resources that adresses my problem please provide them . Thank you Please dont paint me of as arrogant, it was not my intention at all . :( Sarcasm is not nice. @Hayder Hussain: Salam alekum, I put a slash next to that ''working'' part in my other post it said ''Working/waiting'' . waiting also is just fine by me, its besides the point. Doesnt the hadith say that he who dies without knowing his Imam died Jahil(ignorant)? How am I suposed to believe in something if it doesnt make sense to me . Why does there have to be a divine rule/utopia in this temporary world, if it just temporary and secondary? God has a rationale in his decisions, if God forbid puts the prophet in hell just becauase he wills it , will you call it justice? no it doesnt make any rational sense to put your own prophet in hell, so God works according a rationale in his decisions. There are islamic groups who argue that god doesnt work according to a rational system and everything God does is justified (Including putting the prophet in Hell).
  2. Can you also adres the contradiction , cause thats the main question of this topic. Just because God says so still doesnt explain this serious contradiction. It makes being convinced of the mahdi and everything around it very hard to do if it isnt explained . I assume god works according to some kind of rationale. We are not asharites who explain everything as the will of god without any arguments or rationale.
  3. But thats the point. If im suposed not to attach myself to this world , why should i bother for its fortunes its all fleeting. Im not purposing here to become a monk or something. But the world is only temporarily important and then it doesnt matter anymore. So why should i even care about an utopia in something which is temporarily anyways? You die anyways justice in the herafter thats what matters. Justice in this world is nothing but a way to a means and thus secondary . I dont see why i should aim for result in this world. Just do the right thing and die. Why should i care if world peace comes or not ? Im dead anyways and hopefully truely at peace in Gods abode. I doesnt make sense to me to say dont attach to this world and then make waiting /working towards a mahdi utopia in that same world you should not attach to, an important part of the shia belief system.
  4. Salam alkeum, I have posted 2 or 3 more topics before about Imam Mehdi (as). I understood that there are certain proofs for the existence and the neccesity of the return of the 12th Imam. Yet somehow it just wasn't convincing enough for me, I never understood why and I just couldn't find the reason why I wasn't convinced. However I recently cotemplated about it once agian and realized the reason why im not deeply convinced of the existence of the Mahdi and it doenst have to do with anything surrounding hadith or the Quran. The reason why im not that convinced of the Mehdi (as) is because it just doesnt make sense in the whole Islamic world view . Let me eloborate. This world is only temporary. You only live here to be tested and profit of the oppurtunities to get closer to God .After that you are done and you get out. The pleasures and the grieve of this world is only fleeting and has no real value other than bieng instruments to get closer to God. In conclusion: This world is only secondary and instrumental to your existence and generally speaking you shouldn't attach yourself to it . SO why would I then care if a just rules of the future takes over this world and brings peace if im suposed not be attached to this world anyways? Why is justice on this earth relevant for my existence? I leave this earth anyways and if I did good in this life I get to rest in the abode of God. Why would I care about a figure who comes to this fleeting world that is only secondary and instrumental to me? To be clear: I get it there is lots of injustice in this world and we should do our best to fight it, as method to get closer to God and not for creating a paradise on earth or something. Im not saying this world is not important im just saying its secondary , its just an instrument to get you closer to God. My argument is why care about the secondary(this world) if you can focus on the primary(The afterlife)? Espechially why care about Imam Mehdi (as) if his only job is a job that concerns the secondary (this world)
  5. Monad speaks the reality. If you dont have a goal in life you easily fall into frivolious entertainment . So find something you really care about that can be a real service to islam or the muslims. The options are wide not only the preacher gets hassanaat there are many things you can do in the name of God. Make entertainment your reward after you did some kind of work. Dont make it your way of life.
  6. Most likely will differ among social, political and geographic circumstances and context . So its hard to say espechially in what if scenarios. But in idealistic theory they should most likely be treated just fine.
  7. Salam alekum, Welcome to this place. Your story is very inspiring. I dont have time for an indepth response at the moment. But i have one piece of advice for you . Read, read and read some more. take a good look at this website al-islam.org (one of the biggest collection information about shi'ism online) and just browse around according to your interest. But when it comes to increasing faith i realized that just taking a few famous dua (the longer the better sometimes) and deeply reflect what is being said exactly word for word sentence after sentence. Try to find those in the language you master best. Other thing that helped me is reading the quran and just be in awe at how it could be possible that such a complex book could have come forth in an unliterate crude society. One last advice i would give is try to find some practical expression in your faith too. Try to see wether there are any like minded people close by. It can be quite hard doing it on your own. Good luck.
  8. I see. It can be interesting to read alternative views on religion outside of the standard selection you get presented in philosopical pieces. Thank you for answering, it might be worth a read.
  9. Salam alekum, Out of curiosity, didnt it feel like he was stating the obvious the whole time? or did you learn something new? Thanks
  10. I bet you are the kind of person who laughs at people who fall on their face or something.
  11. You know what I really really really despsise ''mean jokes'' that only degrade and shame someone, with the idea that they are suposedly done out of ''love''. You see it amongst friends and alike. Why would you say such mean stuff? there are lots of good spirited teasing jokes in this world. Why do we have to go so far and degrade someone for entertainement? and then disguise it as a wel intentioned Joke ? is that how you interact with a fellow human being? I love jokes but I never make them at the cost of someone's honour espechially if I know someone well, yet it is never the other way around. I know people I never mock or whatsoever but they find it absolutely not problem to mock me once in a while. And no its no the harmless ''haha you're so clumsy'' kind of jokes, but really degrading mean remarks. Really in what way do people rationalize that as well intented ? (because thats always the repsonse if you ask someone why he would say such a thing) I used to punch people in the face when I was a little kid for stupid jokes, now that im an adult I cant do that anymore now I justt have swallow my frustration, until one day I shoot everyone in the store or something I dont know. Oh well may Allah's (SWT) help be always near.
  12. Really !? Thats fantastic. Yez its on youtube :) This is the link on youtube . -----https://youtu.be/vm7iGnmKu9k-----
  13. Salam alekum dear speakers Urdu, I beg you a 100 times and I will do a 100 times Dua for you , if you please ,please, please. Can transcribe this video for me. You dont have to translate anything, just write down what you hear. It looks long but its just a few lines that constantly get repeated . I know its work but its beautifull poetry for Imam Ali (AS) once again I beg those who know urdu to please transcribe it for me. I will do a 100 times dua for you.
  14. Sure some people like to complain too much, but saying that modern day marraige amonst muslims has no problems is not fair . If we have to speak , let us only speak about Shia muslims living in the west. Marriage in our ''home'' countries is waaaaaaaaaay easier. You have to realize we are a minority here so that makes the marriage market already very tight. So you can't just compare any situation with ours when it comes to marraige.Where have you ever seen a homeless shia man getting someone his daughter? IMpossible. Second thing: People are getting married at a later and later age as time passes on, you do realize that the sunnah advices to marry at an early age? Isnt that a ''real'' problem? isntead of just a delusion? I mean c'mon man, give some people a break, getting married has gotten very hard.
  15. Salam alekum Bro, I get it, its hard and its frustrating and Mastrubation somehow feels like a natural solution. But let me tell you something about this illusion called Mastrubation. Its not natural its a learned progress, its a social construct. Its not universal. I have to look up the article for you but two antropologist once wanted to do genetic research in an african tribe by using sperm. The general and most direct method for ´´grabbing´´ sperm is mastrubation. The funny thing is the tribe had absolutely no idea what the antropoligist ment , as much as they explained it to them it was so strange to them, they even found it funny. No teenage boys who experimented or whatsoever nothng, no reference or understanding of mastrubation in any way. In the end they caught sperm through the cooperation of the local wifes during intercourse with their husbands. Not very practical but the point is. It proves that mastrubation is a cultural thing and not an universal thing. ITs all in the mind. Let that sink in. This articles says the same by the way, but its not the article I ment. But these two tribes seem also to never have heard of mastrubation its totally foreign to them. http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/12/where-masturbation-and-homosexuality-do-not-exist/265849/ So yeah dont be fooled, its all in the mind. Find a life goal and forget these debasing distractions. You are a human being you are created with unlimited potenials.
  16. You are right Baradar, its a test we all know. I am also not rejecting marriage or quiting marriage whatsoever. But I get the impression that nobody really listens to our sometimes valid complaints about the process of marriage, everyone tells us we should just suck it up or go do Mutah. Its super frustrating since nobody is willing to change. Ive been living in the west for quite some time im yet to hear of somoene who got married at a decent dowry price and or didn't had to move some kind of mountain to get it done. We all know marriage shouldn't be like that, and we all nod in agreement during lectures when the Sheikh says it. However nobody applies any of whats being said. Everyone just laughs the complaints away and comforts. I can imagine if this keeps going that the hinderances to get married is only going to get more insane, and thats not a good thing. Anyhow Imam Khomeini married at 27, so if he waited for so long I dont mind doing that too, doesnt change the fact that how we approach marriage is totally wrong.
  17. Dear Magma, I dont agree with everything. But I sure agree that all the stuff about marriage these day sure isnt encouraging. You have to have this and be this and when you are married you to do this. Women dont really need men anymore, so YOU have learn to deal with her, instead ofit being mutual. (Thats what being said around here, dont know how true it is , but it sure isnt encouraging). Too religious girls cant satisfy you and mildly religious girls are misleading. Parents have a right, cultural baggage has a right. And I havent even began talking about the costs of getting married, so if you´re poor forget it kiddo. But you know what just do mutah you know, just get out there and do mutah instant solution, maybe there is a divorced women beggin to marry her. Go ahead humiliate yourself hitting on girls. anyhow I really find it hard to believe getting married was suposed to be such a struggle, it can´t be . But the reality is that its becoming like that anyways.
  18. Not sure wether its counted as a book. But Horr and his other piece Red Shi´ism vs Black Shi´is by Ali Shariati is fantastic. http://www.shariati.com/english/horr.html http://www.shariati.com/english/redblack.html I have more but I need to think this through.
  19. Because bugs are genetically inferior and they deserve to die ! *19th centrury pseudo science nostalgia*
  20. Man followimg yourself sounds like so much stress. Imagine all the pressure.
  21. Fantastic thread. I used to watch tons of old Jackie Movies when i was younger. Police story 1,2,3 Project A 1&2 Drunken Master 1&2 Shanghai noon Mr. NIce Guy Who Am I . Any many more titles I dont even think I know the titles of . The stories were very basics but seeing his movies somehow makes me instantly happy even today. Captain Majid is universal or something, its the most neutral Anime you can export.
  22. Join clubs surrounded around non -alcheholic activities. Sports clubs should work. Serious martial arts clubs often propegate discipline and discourages 'heedless' behaviour. Try also joining academic study groups or something like that. You always have these serious students that mainly focus on school and rarely drink. You just have to look for them. Just see what you can do . Good luck.
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