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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam. I was just watching your YouTube channel. I like the fire in your voice!

  2. I don't want to say any names, because I don't want to violate any rules on this forum. But I can provide links for you if you want to check the information. I confronted a group who abused Ahlul Bayt (as) during a Muharram Proocession in 2009. The leader of that group contacted me and informed me that he had become Shi'a. Then he got cool with some prominent Shi'a scholars. When he was accepted by them, he belied me and attmpted to destroy my credibility. He accused me of blasphemy and spreading false teachings. So i called him to invoke the curse of Allah upon the liar. Like an idiot he part
  3. I recently participated in calling down the curse of Allah upon the liar- Mubahilla. It took place on March 14, 2011. The person who belied me has recently denounced Islam (less than 3 months later). Through this event, I am able to prove my position. So I am openly announcing it to the Muslim world. Allah says: "And as for those whose scale is light: those are they who lose their souls because they disbelived Our signs"-Holy Quran 7:9 Here is my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/IslamicEducation?feature=mhee Take advantage of this blessing before Allah calls me back to Him. Natura
  4. @Slowly707: Be careful about critsizing knowledge given to us by our Imams (as). Had such a topic been useless, you would not have responded to it. The I caution you against the cue of the evil one. The only reason this particular topic comes under fire is because satan does not want to be exposed. Allah says that He created us as nations and tribes that we may know one another 49:13. So this particular topic can be considered an act of worship if we build on it. @Saintly Jinn23: I just quoted one of several hadith I found on this topic of jinn and humans interbreeding. There's another hadith
  5. Wow! Thank you very much for that link. I have researched this topic in for many years but could never conclude with certainty. It wasn't until last night that I discovered actual statements from our Imams regarding human-jinns.
  6. Look for Asad Sayfu-Llah Al-Muhaddath. Back to basics Quran and Ahlul Bayt (as). My page is controversal because I challange the misinformation that is spread by imposter scholars.
  7. "According to a reliable chain of narrators it is narrated from Imam Baqir (as) that Allah sent Huri from hevean and Adam married her to one of his sons. He also married a female jinni to another of his sons. Therefore beauty in creation due to the Huri and ugliness due to the Jinn. Imam has emphatically denied that Adam married sons to daughters."- Hayat Al-Qulub vol. 1 p. 91 "Then Adam had another son. When he grew up he was married to a Jinn woman and she gave birth to four girls. Later, [Edited Out]h's sons were married to the daughters of the Jinn woman."- Ibid p. 91 "Then the same sons w
  8. The 9/11 Tuth movement started in America and Americans were the first to Protest Bush- Jan 20, 2001. It was the immigrants who promoted Bush from the pulpits in their Masjid. So the real question is- why are the non-Americans such 9/11 Truth deniers? Any information you got about 9/11 Truth came from Americans. Don't ever forget that. It was Americans who protested the invasion of Iraq when the Iraqis were waiting for them with open arms. It wasn't until the Afghans and Iraqis saw that Americans would slaughter them for oil and dope- that they realized what the American people were saying was
  9. You are having doubts because you have stepped outside of Quran and Ahlul Bayt (as). You have been tricked into thinking that someone must come between you and them (Quran & Ahlul Bayt). Personaly, I can find no one to follow, because I have seen and spoken with Imam Mahdi (as) in a vision. Imam Mahdi (as) gave me instructions- and it was to call people to faith. Imam (as) did not mention following a Marja. Please, no one is qualified to lead the Muslims besides Imam Mahdi (as). Allah gave us Quran & Ahlul Bayt (as). Anything outside of that...
  10. Mention of Imam Mahdi (as) can be found in Surah Yaseen ayah 12. Here, Imam Ali (as) is refered to as the Manifesting Imam. Each Imam is a Manifestation of Imam Ali (as). With each Imam, we find a quality of Imam Ali (as). Imamin Mubeen- means that the Imam will continue to manifest. The Day of Qiyam and the Day of Judgement are two separate incidents. Judgement takes place after the trunpets are blown and everything is put to death. Then we will be raised again and judged. The Day of Qiyam is a period when the earth will be hit with severe cataclysims that will reduce the world's populat
  11. If anyone studies the Quran closely, you may realize that humans have devolved, not evolved. The Quran clearly shows us that ancient civilizations were more advanced in technology, had greater numbers, and greater war relics. In fact- Adam (as) had superior knowledge than we do. Adam (as) was able to instruct the Angels. Adam (as) was not a caveman. Cavemen existed in Europe when Empires existed in Africa. The Quran mentions that some people were transformed into apes and swine. It may be possible that some apes are evolving back into humans- European history records the relation betwe
  12. The Quran teaches us what's lawful and unlawful. People consider things to be unlawful, that they themselves do not agree with. This is the din of the individual- lack of tolerance, not Islam. We cannot imagine that Allah forgot to mention that tattoos are unlawful. With that in mind, you should direct your question to Allah and his Messenger (SAAS) by picking up the Quran and finding out that way. If you find a Hadith that says something is unlawful, but cannot back it up with Quran, then consider it a weak hadith. That will clear up a lot of confusion regarding Halal and Haram in Islam.
  13. OK I took another look at them on wikipedia, and found that their rejection of Imam Ali lead them to emphasizing leaving this world alone for the hereafter. And some have developed a sect in North Africa. I always saw them as a political movement. The very name Kharwaj means Those Who went Out. Interesting that they should name themselves such. Al-Hamdulillah that some have returned to the Right Path. As for research, I'm oldschool- Encylopedia, etc. Common sense though- 1. The hadith of Ahlul Sunnah- when did it appear? I'll contend that it appeared in the time of Muawiyah. This is when ha
  14. Because two of the 'Ulima at our Masjid in Brooklyn are from the Tribe of Khawarj. The Quraysh was not limited to one single tribe either. The Quraysh was also a movement; the gathering of many tribes under one umberella. So what makes the Khawarj a sect? What do they believe as a sect? Here is Shiekh Wessam from Karbala, Iraq. His tribe is Khawarij, and he is Shia, no doubt.
  15. I gave you the name Ibn Sirin and suggested you do research. You are calling be wrong without countering with anything to prove me wrong. It simply means that you are not ready to accept this info. Its a matter of ego. Khawarij is a tribe, not a sect. We have scholars in Brookyn who are from the tribe of Khawarj- and they are Shia. As I said, all Muslims were Shia until Muawiyah made the distinction. In the time of Abu bakr, they were the Shia of Abu Bakr, and the Shia of Ali. Even the Quran uses the word Shia to describe the followers of Musa (as) and describe Ibrahim (as). So it should n
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