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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. hello the future of iran is very bad , as it is not allowing women higher education of their choice. it will go back to stone age on its own. he is always insulting intellectuals and disrupting their attempts at good discussion, that all i see
  2. Not only is he completely logical, he is apparently educated and good mannered.
  3. (bismillah) (salam) your own signature (..ya murtaza ali..) is pure shirk and clearly marks you as a "nusehri" and ghulat. Do you realize that? Admit it.
  4. Assalam aliakum brothers and sisters in faith I hv been seeking knowledge form many religeous forums about how to fix myself and rid myself of sins. I feel helpless as if caught in swamp of sin and disabled. I want to stop bad habits, stay clean, pray and to follow Allahs instructions. I want to be pious. Right now i am completely 'godless' but i believe in good and in islam. Maybe u shia ppl hv some good advice for a dark soul like me???
  5. I agree with above , this extremely backwards guy abu dujana aka ibrahim nakhaee aka DV is a ooold troll of shiachat and should be banned.
  6. (salam) There are so many questions that do not have answers. We will have to wait till the day of qiyamah to find out or we risk getting misguided by using our little brains and losing faith as a result. w/s
  7. (salam) Brother watching pornography is zina (of the eyes) and its haraam. Masturbation is also haraam. Those who masturbate will be punished to deliver children from their fingers on the day of qiyamah. w/s
  8. (salam) To the brothers with this problem. Somehow no one mention this but you should fast and pray extra to defeat this bad habit. InshaAllah you will win. w/s
  9. What?! I protest! MODS!!! This man is insulting me based on a baseless story. :( Why don't any of you actually prove this "aflah theory" before you make such wild slandering accusations? It looks very ugly coming from people who are supposed to be on the right path. But you can't prove it, you insult Umar for something baseless and you insult the man who was known as Aflah. :angry:
  10. (bismillah) (salam) guys i hv been wanting to bring up this very shameful and weird habit of mine....i am helplessly addicted to eating pork and there is more to it. please dont take this as a joke...... it all started when i ate pork at some airport somewhere it tasted surprisingly good and different....i just loved it......and then one of my christian friends invited me over and there was pork and i didnt mind at all. there are pig farms here that supply to big hotels and i hv to buy directly from them. one day i bought a live pig and took it to my friend's home to slaughter it myself and have a party. the odor was very exciting. i couldnt help but taste its blood which was a bit saltish as all blood is. my friend told me that his mum used to make a drink out of pig blood that he drank through his childhood in germany. so we made that drink acc to his mums recipe and drank it as we ate roasted pork. now guys i'm helplessly addicted to it all. it had a very good effect on my health and i feel very energetic. i know it is haram and probably Allah hates me even more now... :( what should i do???
  11. Science also classifies all birds as birds why can't we eat a crow then? Why limit to chicken, partridges etc. They all have almost same kinda beaks, feathers and claws. They all fly. And whats this with pigs being haram?! You can eat lambs but not pigs?! They're all mammals!!! They have four legs!! :wacko: Similarly, a crab, a lobster, a shrimp and a prawn look all the same to me and the holy modern science bunches them into the same category to boot! So how come there's a sahih hadith! I guess the muhadith never studied science!!!! OH LOLOLOLOL... what a relegion! :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!:
  12. I wanted to vote for "personal questions" option. I also love discussing pink hijabs. Maybe people think thats too gay so no one voted for that? Come on. We men should be able to talk to each other too. And I just hate video games. Thats a complete waste of time. Same goes for computers. I also love discussing pink hijabs. You kids need to go out more, smell the flowers, workout and live healthy for a long time. Perhaps learn to write some poetry and just relax. I also love discussing pink hijabs. My msn is aflah2009@live.com.
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