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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. to the worlds, to guide the people. And He ordered me to eradicate the playing of flute and other instruments of music, all games of vice, idol (worship) and flute, drums and tabla." (Al Kafi) Maula Jafar-e-Sadiq ASWS said: “Even learning to sing or play music and teaching it, to sing and play music, to be paid for these things or to be in any way engrossed in these vices is Haraam." (Tohafful Uqool) Maula Jafar-e-Sadiq ASWS said: OMG thank you sooooooooomcuh..this was all i needed...shukriyaaa i Love you for this!
  2. Is dancing allowed in islam? Even if its just females. Can someone please answer my question, I really need the answer, Although I think its not allowed but I need evidence and “why?” its not allowed. I have a project to do on this. I refused to dance as it was my gym assignment, so asi refused my teacher gave another assignment whih asks this question, so now I HAVE to get the answer somehow. Thanks!
  3. salam. i was just wondering who here reads nauhas in moharam in majalis. i do.... :yaali: :yaali:
  4. salam. if ur from canada plz state so and if u dont mind plzz tell which city/province ur from. i want to know how many of u live in canada. p.s. if this type of topic is not allowed, mods can close it.
  5. salam, i made a group onface book hussaini azadar. its for teens. come and join in. wasalam
  6. salam, while ur fasting if ur spit goes in then does ur fast break. and can u put on gloss or any other hapstick or anything during the fast. i rele need and answer for this. thank you. waslam iqra (pbuh)
  7. salam, i know what happened in maidan-e-karbala.... but i need ech and every details.....and sum other stories related to ehlebait.. i know im asking for a lot...but if can anyone help me then plzzz..... thank you. wasalam iqra (pbuh)
  8. Asalamoalaikum! to all momineen we fast in ramadan and then celebrate eid after that....usually we r excited as eid cums after ramadan and its a very specil event.... i know we still have time for eid..but im sooo curious to know all of ur point of views..... who already stated the preparations of eid..... good luck! wasalam iqra (as) :yaali:
  9. fasting is not a punishment. u fast b'cuz we want to feel for those who cant eat who dont have enough money to buy food. so that we can feel it and better understand their conditions and help them. its benefical if u fast. on the day of judgment the fast (rozas) cover u when the sun is rite on ur head.... gud thing u posted ur ques here. an as an individual its a good thing that u fid ur self abt how things go.... wasalam iqra (ya ali madad)
  10. wow that was amazing. mashallah. thanks for the video. wasalam, iqra
  11. yeah i heard it too. i think its the sign of judjmnt day. anyways thanks for the news. wasalam, iqra
  12. i really luv the month of ramadan and i am waiting for it eagerly. its one of my fav times. as far as i remember i guess this time i am sooo excited about ramadan. i just feel superb in ramadan. wasalam, iqra ( ya ali madad)
  13. i am confused between halal and haram stuff. there are some ingredients which i checked are haram but its some times halal when its from a plant source. like monoglycerides are haram when contained from an animal but halal when made from plants. how would i know that the ingredient halal or haram. this is really confusing for me so plz i really need help. thanks iqra(ya ali (as) madad)
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