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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ah ok, so the ulema have said that it has been created as the time required during the era of the Prophet (pbuh) ? Not like the sunnis say, that it existed since the begining of creation, and was given slowly to the Prophet? Actually that makes sense, as Allah is eternal, and the Quran was given to he Prophet when each event happened, and it addressed the event. Already Allah (swt) was eternal, and the Quran his kalaam, whereas an eternal Quran would not be necessary i guess when Allah HIMSELF is already there. JazakAllah khayr Ali
  2. (salam) everyone what have the ulema of Madhab al Ahlul Bayt have to say on this matter? Sunnis were split between the mutazilite and ashari viewpoint, but nowadays mutazilites are non-existant, and any person caught by sunnis propounding the belief that the Quran was created would be charged with heresy by sunnis. What have our ulema said on this? (wasalam)
  3. So Zaynab, Ruqayya or Umm Kulthum never existed? Do i detect a little bit of grief by someone heavily entrenched in Indo-Pakistani culture?
  4. Sorry i should have been more clear. I meant by general consensus amongst people. At present AyatOllah Sistani is seen in that position by the majority of lay folk. Certainly that is the outwardly apparent situation.
  5. When i was visiting a hawza, i spoke to a few of the pakistani students there. They said he will never be accepted as the number one scholar of the world (like Sistani is now) even after the death of AyatOllah Sistani, because he is pakistani. What do you think of those sentiments? Not ideally, but do you think that they are true, that he could never be accepted by the majority as the Supreme Religous Leader of the Jafari madhab, simply for being pakistani.
  6. He (saaws) allowed other daughters to marry non-related males, so this guys proofs are b/s basically it sounds to me like this guy is a pakistani/indian syed, trying to proove a point in his hindu caste system. No point arguing, because u cant get through to them, they love their hinduism too much. The biradari marriage system is one of the worst afflictions that muslims of today face.
  7. salam brother persian and welcome to shiachat Do you know if Zaydiyya pray using turab? I do not know any zaydis, and they have absolutely no internet resources on the net, that i am aware of at least, and nothing that i would trust as second hand information, so any attempt on my part to find out anything by them has never come to any success. Also is it not viewed as a wajib to have turab, or at least SOME KIND of natural material infront of one as they pray according to the fiqh of the modern Marja3s?
  8. (salam) everyone I was wondering, what are the proofs that exist for praying on Turab? Obviously the Ahlus Sunnah do not accept the necessity of prayer on turab, and sometimes make remarks about its practice, however do any of their scholars have anything positive to say about it? Umar Ibn AbdulAziz i believed was of the habit of praying on turab, and himself said that he would only pray on earth. From which point (in time) is it unanimously accepted (ie proof beyond refutation, and accepted by BOTH sides) that the Shia3tAli and those of madhab Ahlul Bayt prayed on Turab? A point which i would also find interesting, though may require its own thread, do we have any of the works/writings of Imam Ja3far al Sadiq (as) still in existance, which the ahlus sunnah also accept to be authentically his? As they also revere him as a great scholar, and surely this might clarify the issue and show that the use of turab has been a continuous tradition of the Ahlul Bayt. JazakAllah Khayr for replies in advance (wasalam)
  9. mashaAllah how did you get a chance to meet him, was it on trips to Iraq? Does he leave najaf much? Does he still teach classes regularily? In one madrassa of the Hawza or many? What are his relations with the ulema of Qum? He has books on fiqh for the muslims of europe, does he have representatives in Europe? Has he ever been to Europe? His site is down for the last 2 years i think, does that mean he is no longer active in issuing fatawa? What was the main elements of his training originally, fiqh wa usool i assume? They are kind questions that i meant to ask, or alternatively anything that you think would be good to be known.
  10. sorry to bring up a point that maybe isnt of such great importance in the greater scheme of things, but are you sure they were based out of yemen? I could have sworn it was (old, not island) Bahrain, in fact im pretty sure it was. edit... i just checked, and apparently al hajar al aswad, was taken to Al Hasa, in historic Bahrain, nowdays known as AlShargiya (Eastern Province).
  11. yea inshaAllah i'll have to try find them, thats why i kinda made the post jazakAllah khayr thus far for your input, otherwise this thread would have probably been pretty dead
  12. irrespective of following, i am interested in learning more about AyatOllah Al Najafy inshaAllah somebody will know something more. wAllahu 3alam.
  13. I am an english/arabic speaker, and given the current situation in iraq and that im neither of iraqi origin nor have any reliable contacts in iraq, i would not risk a plane there and hitch hiking to his office. :) So given that thats not an option, i would like to read other peoples accounts, inshaAllah. I have looked at his site mashaAllah, but i did not see incredibly large amounts of information there, even though it is a good initial resource for looking into him. But still it is always nice to hear "objective" opinions too. Also i forgot to mention, that his website does not seem to have been attended to in a very long time.
  14. As salamu alaykum There is much hype about the various Marjas in the muslim world, and many names are often mentioned, however one name that seems to be sooooooo influential these days (as the protector and reviver of Hawzah Najaf) and yet spoken very little of is AyatOllah Najafy. I am looking into him as he seems to be a most intriguing and inspiring individual, but i know very little about him. I know that he is from Pakistan originally, but has been living in najaf for about 50 years if i am not mistaken. Also when Saddam closed down the Hawza in Najaf, he shifted all classes to his own house, and bought a photocopier so that he could still provide reading materials to his students, and all from his own expenses mashaAllah. On the other hand i have absolutely no knowledge about his specializations in ilm, or his scholarly opinions. Is anyone here a little more au fait with the respect AyatOllah than i am, and willing to discuss? :) Wa alaykum us salam
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