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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Other than destruction in the form of killing, suicide bombing, destroying economies, calling others Kafirs, by carrying out Israel Agenda to destroy Islam by using Islam's name, is there any positive contribution of wahabism/Salafism to Mankind?
  2. Ibne Taymiya's Islam. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7at7e6aYRDY&list=UUS3Sja1HG7dsM8ItTxkEqAA
  3. Good point. I think it is more Sawab to do jihad with these extremists than fasting. Even the Quran says to kill those who are fitna mongers and break truces. There is no exception of Ramadan to accept their truces, which obviously they will use to rearm like last time by buying time.
  4. Call them whatever, wolves in sheep clothing, hyenas, pigs, but it is an insult on these animals. They are lower than beasts, but again I am sorry to insult beasts which are of course better than them. They were created to destroy Islam from inside.
  5. It is the sunnah of the Salafi scum to attack like wolves but when met with resistent they run away like wolves like their ancestors. Cowards.
  6. It is amazing how BBC british blair corporation, symphathizes criminals and puts words in his mouth. It all looks like drama. No wonder the Quran says when inormation is given we should see the source and BBC is a famous fitna source as AlJazeera. Two comments from the same cannibal mouth "Only God will help us, not the Arabs not the West, no one" and then this "we appeal to Obama, to Erdogan, to the Saudi king, we appeal to everyone for no fly zone." Why is he appealing to the Arabs, west and everyone when he says no one will help him and only God will? Has he lost his mind too aft
  7. I hope this is helpful http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0--VFCcbQg
  8. You are gone crazy. Now you are associating me with Malangs. Let me make my stance clear. I said if political Islam is with Knowledge then it is real Islam or else it is only political Islam. I have regards for Iran because it follows both Quran and Ahlulbath (i.e knowledge) and this real Islam and not political or majority islam hijacked by Takfiris who follow the political divide that is abubakr umar and Uthman and not Quran and Ahlulbayt. I hope you get it this time.
  9. what is wrong with my terminology. If you say majority is right, then why Quran condemed the majority so many times. I again say. The best way to differentiate political Islam from real islam is those who are with knowledge is real Islam. Or else it is political Islam.
  10. Is Muslim Brotherhood not hijacked by salafi Islam? It is very difficult to find what is real Islam and political Islam. The best way to differentiate it is if political Islam is with knowledge then it is real Islam. Or else it is political Islam. The greatest divide of real Islam and political Islam started right after the Prophet (pbuh). The prophet (pbuh) said he is leaving two things Quran and Ahlulbayt (as), that is knowledge and those who follow this Islam is real Islam, rest everything is political Islam.
  11. Question for those Shias who are confronting Assad for his statement. What if Takfiris brotherhood takes over Syria. Will you feel safe in Syria?
  12. Is that fatwa according to you? Does not the Quran say that the exception of polygamy is on the basis of justice if one is able to provide all wives equal status. Besides OP, a very good article, why Prophet (pbuh) was with only one woman, Khadija (as) until age 50? and what were the reasons for marrying other wives after age 55. Thanks for sharing the article. Jazakallah.
  13. The very heading and OPs statements are misleading and question what his intentions are. How can Mutah be permissible with any married woman, weather Muslim or Nonmuslim?
  14. Call them whatever, they are the same brand sponsored by the same master. Almost all those institutions mentioned by Qardwai are under Saudi paycheck. He himself is under the paycheck of those who control the Saudis. Besides Qatar under his nose is not it coming up with the largest Salafi mosque in the world?
  15. Oh really, but I thought it was Abdullah bin Sabah a jew from Yemen who created Shia Islam. but is there not enough proof for you that the mainstream sunnis believe that Najd is where your Abdullah bin Wahab was born and who collaborated with Britian to create Wahabism. You just need to use your keyboard to search the net for tons of evidence.
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