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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmat'Allah barkatuhu,

    Do you believe in Allah subhaanu wa Ta'ala ??

  2. hmmmmm y in the world would u wanna disrespect some one u hardly know and that to your own ulemas??? even if hes there just 2 make money or whatever......u should always give respect to the zakirs or ahlul bayat(A.S)
  3. he is definately a good zakir........no doubt.
  4. i think the way she was deported is just deplorable....how can shias do such a thing grr
  5. Fursat hoe to tum azmat ko pehchano0... Hamaray dil say poocho azmatoon key naam mein kia hai..... Abu Talib(a.s) Ali(a.s) Shabir(a.s) o Shabbar(a.s) Fatima(a.s) Zainab(a.s).... Agar in ko alag kar do, to phir islam mein kia hai... Aur jinhay bugz o taasub ney jakard rakha hai sadiyon say.... unhee logon ka kehna hai, Ali(a.s) key baap kafir thay..... Aur isse ka naam hai bugz-e-Ali us door mein warna.... Ali(a.s) ko chord key Baqi sabhee key baap kafir thay....
  6. heh its just interesting that a "true sunni" is trying so persistently to tell us that its not permissible and OUR mar'jas do not allow it. you probably dont even believe in azadari itself? So why do u even care?
  7. On the 8th day of Dhi al-Hajjah, one day before the departure of caravan of Imam Hussain (pbuh), Abbas Ibn Ali (pbuh) makes a speech on the roof of Kaaba and says, “Until my father Ali was alive no one dared to kill the Prophet and until I am alive no one dares to kill my brother Hussain.” He tells the crowd, “Come to tell you the only way of killing Hussain. Kill me, cut my head off to fulfill you goal.” http://www.roshd.org/eng/subs/show.asp?code=130
  8. so whats the name of this mr XYZ , would love 2 see him in person interestingly ive also heard this since childhood but not from prophet Muhammad(saw)....from sunnis...anyhow nice story though....... :) Once a visitor named Noman came to Imam(a.s.) and asked him which was the most difficult time he had to face and the Imam(a.s.) cried for a long time and three times said "AS-SHAAM AS-SHAAM AS-SHAAM". Another visitor asked him as to how long would he continue mourning and crying and he replied that Prophet Ayub(a.s.) had 12 sons and only one of them got lost and he know that he was still aliv
  9. haha man if your team is so good....whose gonna play with you :P and btw i think you posted it in the wron forum :)
  10. thats because while its acceptable in America it is not in Pakistan....theres a diff :) and btw the article is very much exagerated...
  11. i dont know if hes the best but he sure is better than any other politician in Pakistan.... and i really do hope that he stays there for as long as he can...
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