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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ya-Sin:12 - äøóÇ äóÍúäõ äõÍúíöí ÇáúãóæúÊóì æóäóßúÊõÈõ ãóÇ ÞóÏøóãõæÇ æóÂËóÇÑóåõãú æóßõáøó ÔóíúÁò ÃÍúÕóíúäóÇåõ Ýöí ÅöãóÇãò ãõÈöíäò From ahlulbayt (as) : Imam Muhammad bin Ali al Baqir (as) said that when this verse was revealed, Abu Bakr and Umar asked the Holy Prophet: "Is imamum mubin the Tawrat given to Musa?" The answer was: "No". Again they asked: "Is it Injil, given to Isa?" The answer was: "No". Then they asked: "Is it the Holy Quran?" "No", was the answer. Then turning towards Ali ibn abi Talib, the Holy Prophet said: "Verily this is the Imam in whom Allah has deposited the knowledge of
  2. according to islam the girl has to give consent, this is someting islam came to change from the times of ignorance
  3. this then is not a real marriage when the nikkah has to be pronounced again once the girl is of age and has given her actual consent
  4. http://www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com/node/9146 Americans Vote Yes for Equality Between Jews and Non-Jews Inside Israel Election day in the United States, 2008, will be remembered in most history books as the day Americans elected the first African-American as president. But it also deserves to go down in history for another reason. It was the first day when Americans rejected the instructions of their pro-Israel politicians and newspapers and instead voted for the principle that non-Jews should be equal with Jews under the law inside Israel, and not discriminated against as they are today in a
  5. it is an usooli site where others can also come...... but the main teahcing is always usooli..... it is only at times the others get tired of it and speak... but this is nto normal.....
  6. of course i will ask on your behalf.... you are my sister.... fi aman Allah
  7. I do agree with kadhim in that without knowledge of the arabic language one cannot truely understand the texts.... and all the texts are in arabic, there is no translation which helps..... one has to understand arabic to truely know......
  8. what you need to be asking for is almarifaah, you also need to work on taqwa, you need to purify your heart, ask of Allah during salat to assist you in this matter, start getting up to say tahajjud and dont stop say du3aa (dont use others du3aa make the du3aa of your heart, to say what is only memorized will get you no where) until the time of fajr and sobh, say Allah the nafil prayers and every single prayer and every single du3aa you ask for knowlege of that which is the truthnd you ask for purification of your soul and purification of the heart and you will succeed, it may take year it may
  9. what we say in our du3aa is not fadlullahs business for one.... he is fallible human who has no control over my destiny and the Day of Ressurection there will be my Imam to stand for me (inshaAllah) and not any fallible man..... this is stupid topic Jondab....lol
  10. my brother they call it weak because they hate anything that speaks of the beauty of the Imams aleihe salam........ yet they will call a hadith authentic if it speaks in praise of the 3.... astaghfirullah!
  11. perhaps you need to try answering some questions on the thread and not ridiculing so much... being offensive to others is not the way to make them change their heart

  12. and i would liek to hear the differences as to why they dont believe in collecting khums etc. if anyone can say.....
  13. the differences in the more traditional shias lie with the marja3 and it does seem to be many differences in how one defines referring to the marja3, many feel that only the Imams (as) have the right to the hudud punishments however, it seems this is one thing the marja3 believe they have the right to, also, when it comes to collecting khums etc. also, it is the belief that a person has no choice but to do exactly as their marja3 say and not to use their own 'aql in any matter...... this is just a short list of what the differences are concerning the marja3 and the scholars of the more traditi
  14. i understand Imam simply means leader or guide...... it is not used solely for our beloved Aimmah (as) whom we follow......
  15. the same ayah can be used to argue against marja3 that was what u were pointing to right?
  16. so you follow your sinners, why dont you go be a sunni macissac and follow the calipha too as marja3 are only the shia versiion of such anyway! this ayah referrs to both the Prophet (not following sinners) (pbuh) as well as the UMMAH!
  17. if it was all about zanjeer and none other they would be following Shirazi who is not against zanjeer!
  18. well as we now have the marja3 worshipers trying to say that 76.24 has nothing to do with the ummah not following a sinner, we use this ayah time and time again to prove Imamah, it is THIS ayah that made me become a shia...... do any of you realize without this one ayah i might not be shia today! and you all are trying to prove we can follow whatever sinner we want and that this ayah was only revealed for the Prophet (pbuh) himself not to listen to those telling him not to follow the faith..... so, i am now simply sick..... and sunnis are watching this.... do any of you realize the sunnis ar
  19. link to good site on akbari's i myself have only yesterday been told of this site and it is not bad......
  20. "Maqbula of hanzala" (the hadeeth listed above) which is the basis used by Khomeini for proving wilayat-e-faqih. It is dhaif in rijal but accepted because of the matn. According to the science of ahadith, the ‘maqbula’ is a narration that has been accepted as a valid tradition without examining the authenticity or weakness of its chain of transmission. In other words, even though some of those who appear as its transmitters may be weak and unreliable, some evidences that support the soundness of the text compel the fuqaha to ignore such weakness. my point here is you all do NOT disregard wea
  21. salaam alykum,

    nice to meet you welcome to SC

  22. Following is the tradition: Mohammad bin Yahya narrates from Moammad bin Al-Hussain who narrates from Mohammad bin Isa who narrates from Safwan bin Yahya who narrates from Dawood bin Al-Hisayn who narrates from Omar bin Hamzalah who said: I asked Imam Jafar al-Sadiq about two such people, who had a dispute about a loan or inheritance, can they take the matter to the ruler (sultan) or his appointed Jurist (Qadhi), is it permissible for them? The Imam said, "whoever makes such rulers or Jurists as their arbitrators in matters of Haq or Batil (right or wrong) has taken his case to Taghoot and wha
  23. are people actually trying to say the marja3 dont sin? am i getting this? is this what some people are actually trying to say? or am i confused...... it seems to be what some are trying to imply!
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