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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. perhaps you need to try answering some questions on the thread and not ridiculing so much... being offensive to others is not the way to make them change their heart

  2. salaam alykum,

    nice to meet you welcome to SC

  3. salaam alykum and welcome to SC

    if you need anything leave me a message in my comments

  4. salaam alykum ra7mat Allah,

    a welcome is nothing to thank me for.,......

  5. salaam aleikom and welcome akhi...... nice to meet you..... nice name..... mashaAllah

  6. salaam alykum and welcome to the forums akhi....

  7. salaam alykom sister it is very nice to meet with you..... you not at 50 posts yet so i have to use your comments section, however, i like your article and was wondering if i can use parts of it for arguments against the submitters?

    fi aman Allah

  8. i have just seen your post...... you can either give to me her msn on my comments section or wait until you reach 50 posts to contact me..... I will be more than happy to speak with her..... we are many who have switched fiqh..... a brother today just switch form sunna to shia... elhumdolillah.... contact me.....inchallah

  9. salaam alykum my sister.... I have the MSN adress of someone who speak arabic who lives in london and go to university there who can help you...... it is a brother so im sure you prefer that your husband speak to him..... write me and i will give to you......

  10. salaam alykum brother,

    you have now been increased to 4 stars.... sorry it wont allow me to give to you 5....

    ma3 salaama

  11. ok cool... thanks for the answer.,....

    ma3 salaama

  12. hey, i did not know you were reading Yusuf Ali translation, i can mail you a good translation if you like, please do not use Yusuf Ali! it is tafsir and not what the quran it say in most instances!

  13. yeah he is probably right there i just found it entirely too humorous that he is posting the thread in the english section in another language... i went to read the thread and....lol.... and especially after me not understanding your joke..... i feel bombarded with a language i dont understand..... will you teach me?>

  14. what does this mean?


  15. was joke, make a joke in urdu i cannot understand so i make one you cant understand......lol

    (postage stamp)

  16. I just read that all Ipb forums (to include Sc and If and a thousand others) have had a massive spam attack where people are making fake accounts so they can advertise porn and other things

    its not just an attack on Muslims but everyone who uses our software

  17. i have question, do you all really do marijuana and hash and things before you do matam?

    you can delete this later or whatever, i am also curious on this......

  18. lol... this would be funny you fly the flag... hahahaha

    you know i had some bugs for keep my windows open and you all say bombing for the insects so i tell my neighbor as i put things outside i dont want spray to get and he ask so i say i am bombing the house, (this is what christine she say) and he get scared....lol..... your neighbors will start question everything you say if you fly

  19. salaam how are u....lol.... im your freind from IF..... ..... i did not know you were here..... nice to see you and welcome brother......

  20. مـره قـزم عـطـس ... خـبـط راسـه Ùـي الارض

  21. hahahaha

    i found you.... whats with the yellow color????

  22. wa aleikom salaam..... i am good elhumdolillah how are you?

  23. just saying salaam my brother.....

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