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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam brothers and sisters. It's been some time i've posted on these forums. I'm a 19 year old and I am an aspiring Mixed Martial Arts fighter. I train 6 times per week, twice a day. Allah (swt) has shown me in many of my dreams that this is my gift he's given me. I've had many fights and been succesful but the level of competition for my next fight will be at a different level (pro debut) I pray everyday (atleast 1 time days that I am busy) but my question is what can a fellow muslim do to increase mental strength, mental power? I am curious for Duas and meditation practices, as the level of competition is increasing, I feel I need to not only get stronger physically, but mentally aswell. Please respond if theres any info you guys can give me on Duas. Thanks
  2. Thank you for your response. It's Greatly appreciated
  3. Salam, brothers and sisters of the Shiachat forums. It's been almost 3 years since I was last on these forums. In these last 3 years I got accepted into a highly recognized University Institution with Allah's help. I met a very good Christian girl who was a classmate of mine. Long story short we ended up being together for about a years time. We split up in April 2010 due to many reasons. Within this year I expressed to her that i'm waiting until marriage for sex, and she is also waiting, making us both virgins. We both shared many of the same dreams for the future and I was sure in my heart that this was the women I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. The problems came from me as I had a very short fuse. I usually got mad and upset at very small things and eventually things added up and we split up. When we split up I said very cruel and mean things to her which I regret deeply. Making it impossible for me to contact her again. Almost 4 months time has passed by, and in these 4 months I have been super productive. I have gained 15 pounds of muscle (which was my goal) I finished my summer term with a high GPA and I put downpayment on my apartment which I plan to move into next year. Overall Life is great, im healthy, in shape, blessed with a great family and on the right path inshallah. But here and there this girl keeps coming up in my head and in my dreams. It's been 4 months and I still haven't forgotten her. Has anyone ever been in the same situation? Any guidance is appreciated. (wasalam)
  4. Salam Many people get sore throats because they either 1- Do not wash hands and eat after they have come from the bus/school/work w.e 2-Around Someone Sick If your constantly washing your hands/ not overdoing it btw, then you should be fine inshallah
  5. Yes: Have alot of Ice Cold popsicles, Yes, popsicles, they actually help reduce the swelling in the neck glands
  6. Bismillah rahmaneh rahim, Salam Brothers and sisters, as a muslim I feel I need to share this with you all. From august 2007 until January 2008, my family had met a Sheikh who was from Africa. He had perfect english, and said he was originally from Saudi. My mother was very sick at the time, and during August she got worse. We called the Muslim Society of our Province in Canada and we were directed to the "new sheikh." This man made my mother feel much better, and few days later he asked for a Sacrifice to be done. 3 cows were needed - $3000 total, my father with no doubt paid it because we knew doctors could not help. Anyways, my mother got better, and this Sheikh started to hold "Zikr" we would recite some quranic verses and he would light these scents which were supposedly to bring the angels into the zikr. We would go to these Zikrs from 10PM until sometimes 3AM. I was now officially failing 2 subjects, which was a first ever. But we kept going, and more and more people came, and this man would now PUT his HAND over peoples head and he would HEAL them. We saw with our own eyes, this man did heal the people of their pains and sufferings. We all had MAJOR headaches, and life was just getting harder and harder. Months later, with the help of Allah s.w, one man who USED TO ATTEND ZIKR had told us EVERYTHING. This so called Sheikh was a man who practiced Black Magic. He was ALWAYS talking about Jinns and Shaytaans and it all makes sense. Combined with all the families who attended this man took over $30,000 in Cash for so called cow slaughters. As we went to the police, this man had fled the country, and he has been doing this to familes for over 10 years aroud the world. England, United States(California), Jordan, Qatar I really had to share this with everyone, and I want NOT 1 OTHER FAMILY TO GO THROUGH THIS. This man steals the money, and does black magic on the families and on the young daughters for Marriage.. Please take a look at this Photo and keep aware and stay away from this man Here he is
  7. Salams to you brothers and sisters.. I need the help of you all, I'm a 17 year old from Canada and everyday it seems I am getting worse and worse. I have Allah in my heart and I thank him for getting us through hard times, but the people around me are having an affect on my deen. Every single one of my friends goes out to parties, drinks and so on. I have not 1 single friend who is a beleiver and it just makes me feel worse about myself because I am calling these people my friends. But as everyone can Imagine, it gets harder and harder and there has been days where I have gone without prayer. It hurts me from the inside why I do these things, but I just feel cornered right now and I feel worse and worse about myself everyday, brothers and sisters please salams
  8. To who this may concern: I hope your brother inshallah will be okay. 1st of all I want to add that My parents were under black magic, from this fake "sheikh" we found out he was doing black magic, and they told us to recite ayat al kursi and Yaseen. Bath your brother in Ocean water. The most important thing: YOUR IMAN WILL KILL THE MAGIC. I PROMISE YOU. IF YOU HAVE NO BELEIF FOR THE MAGIC, THEN IT WILL NOT WORK. I really hope your brother does well inshallah w'salam
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