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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There's going to be a nuclear warrrrrrrrrrrrr and the black man is going to cause is barack ''hussian'' obama and the aniti christ is white so white ppl willl go 2 him without judging him cuz he wud help them i mean come on never been history there has been a black men who is the usa presendent simple face nuclear war thast why american took so much oil from the middle-east
  2. Nuclear war will happen? well thats why theres scarying the peopel so people can dig hole or make safety arrangments 2013 jan 20 or around obamas precdicys will end and the irans presendets to around that year
  3. do you think India and Pakistan will have another WAR?
  4. i like this girl , and i cant get over her. i just want to hate her because me and her are so diffrent , i dont know if she likes me. i talk to her like mostly everyday and wen i stop i just feel weird and awkward ...i just want to hate her :[.. how shud i do that and shes catholic
  5. I stilll love her man i dont know whats wrong wit me.. i thought its just a crush..... but i try to hate her i just canttt :( i talk to her mostly everydayy......
  6. how is milk good ...does it make you musculaur or something? i drink 2 glasses of milk everyday & i am 15 years old...
  7. can a guy get pirceing on his ear..
  8. marry her temporarily lol Y..? marry her temprrilry then DO her if u no wut i mean :P.. and then get a divorce from her & then marry a muslim girl paermanetly is that wut u trying to sayyy
  9. loll not YO ok fine not a gunn maybe sum other stuff writing on my lef arm or Chestt :) B)
  10. but itss Not that shes lik nice & shtyy its lik shes hott ..its just i haveee lik nice feeling for her & i really like herr..& shes likes e so lol.. i dont know lol.. am getting so confused by all of ur guyz replayss :)
  11. am gona get 1if it is;nt haram maybe gun/or rite La or sym other shtyy ;)
  12. wow that waz preety NICE.. but idonu i justluv herrr :wub: :) .. i justtttt cant likkk livewithout ...............
  13. LOL not to be rude or anything but no offence loll this is kinda funnnyyy.. i mean lik if u luv them marry themm ahah its oppsite LOL... my bad tho i just that this waz kinda weired wow ur proooly the smartest person here lol thats wut i think to mann.. i Agree with u 100%.. there is nun wrg with u marrying sum1 that u love.
  14. r u allowed to get tatoots in islam.. is it harm or sumthinn
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