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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Lazy Summer Nights Man Lazy summer nights man No different from any other nights man Sammich in his hand, watch him slouch Bare signs of life on the couch Woman hints, I love summer nights walks Ooh yeah! don't forget to buy my smokes Baba, baba take us to the fair Sorry kids, ain't got change to spare Finally enticed by his pals He ventures out in grandpa chappals Chewin paan drinkin coconut water Eyein them kurris in bright attire Crackin bones of his chicken tikka Music blarin from his speakers Lazy summer nights man Sittin under the ceiling fan Summers turnin into a pain Gotto do this tomorrow again
  2. I was trying to hint that I'm bored of the same theme. A childs mature thoughts She used to watch them from afar In togetherness they would gather A part of her longed to be near Most of her was clouded with fear Unaware the child was observant Of the doubtful desire in her heart To feel welcomed No more shunned Perhaps next week Or will I still be meek? The child says, I know you want to What's the reason stopping you? No one I know there What if they stop and stare? Have no worry in the house of God Here take my hand to hold You led me these few years Today I'll guide you up the stairs Don't feel you're not worthy to enter So what if you cause a stir Wordlessly she allows the child to lead her Soon she finds herself shoulder to shoulder Sychronised to perfect timing Her heart is finally smiling Separate yet one A feeling never known Tears from a decade Well up as she prayed A few moments of acceptance As they acknowledge her presence She catches the eye of her child Bearing the smile of one satisfied ** A prayer for this child if you please To keep her soul always at ease No more challenges related to children
  3. Shedding my image of soft and mellow Forever living as a shadow (temporarily ) Disclaimer: Please don't nobody follow my advice Failure once and also twice… Dealing with an Upset Child Hiya kid, what's the matter Is your world in a tatter Can't see beyond the day Am I coming in your way? Listen good, listen hard Nobody gonna care if you are scarred For a while, sure sulk and moan Soon enough gotto move on Give plenty of hugs, words so kind? I'll actually pass if you don't mind Strengthen your heart like stone A cruel world to face alone I brought you up to be tough Fight back, don't walk away in a huff Tears shed just a few Arise and face the day anew Don't look down kid, not much to see Forge onwards set yourself free Go ahead deviate from the norm You and I gonna kick up a storm
  4. Do you mean the Club of One?? :P Im back. Im reading...at least reading my current book It was the first story that kept dragging. I mean the descriptive language and setting was great but the story itself lacked substance. The rest of the 3 stories I read were amazing. Im loving it. Just to jog your memory its "Do you suppose its the East Wind?" translated by Muhammed umar memon. Very rarely I have read translations, and I cannot say the language used is weak or wanting. So far: Sunlight by Abdullah Hussein - Was too flowery in its description, and I didnt find the story had any meat to it. For Freedom's Sake by Saadat Hasan Manto - This sparked off my reading. Do you suppose its the east wind by Altaf Fatima - Brilliant. I loved it The Lure of Music by Ghulam Abbas - Couldnt put it down. Im still slow, but at least Im progressing.
  5. Fear Not, My Child Unsteady weak knobbly knees Blurry world through long eyelashes Drooling mouth taste of milk Nose twitching what a trick Gentle push it resists Stand up baby, mama persists Falling the only way to learn Long strides none can outrun Fear not the mighty lion For it will keep on trying Smell enemies in time Live well into your prime With baby shoots you are content Soon by tall acacias you will stand Let go your mama, its enough The only way I can show love Remember always Your elevated status Today a mere calf Yet still a proud giraffe.
  6. sweet89 the Forgotten Species was excellent! Here you go habib... The Ultimate Resume You say you have a need For an angel in thought and deed Do away with frivolous details I already know what this entails Devotion I've known Seeds of faith I sown Bigotry patiently endured Hatred slowly cured Anger I experienced Tables I turned Tolerance I seen In love I been Tears I can dry Or together we cry Teach you to laugh Speak on your behalf We all need someone To guide us right and even To share joys and sorrows Our pleasure our horrors I request you consider me Let me help set you free For my own angel's sake Let this chain not break **
  7. Resume...? as in CV? No actually I havent given anyone a challenge. Heres one for anyone actually .... End it with "How I wish it would happen again..." errm what do they say about great minds? I only heard "fools seldom differ" :P
  8. Surprisingly the concept formed in my mind soon as I saw this topic, obscure as it was. Words took much later to fit in though. Endangered Species There used to exist many in number But now are they all in deep slumber? A time ago two got together It used to be forever after Discontent deception discord Why can't he afford? Roving eyes need for more What should I respect her for? Impatience jealousy anger Two become strangers Speaking their minds over dinner Neither was loser nor winner The others errors they would bear Gently improving without scare Sitting in silence sometimes enough Supporting his team, not too tough Taking her to shop, not quite a treat Still spending his time on the high street Ego bruised, he turns to her for comfort Loss of confidence, she seeks his support Perfect love? Perhaps not Just together not expecting a lot Will you be one of these rare ones Thinking of them before your own wants Seeking happiness from the eyes of another Will you be a part of the two forever together? PS Habib...good to see you rhyming again...hey we both used "deep slumber" for endangered species lol
  9. The Happy Laughter of Children Nose crinkling Mouth twitching Pouring out smiles With twinkling eyes A burst of laughter Echoing for long after Like A wave of glitter Million butterflies flitter Hiccups double fold Stars of diamond and gold Sunset with moonrise Thrilling rainbow slides Whirl like a sufi Hold your first trophy Floating in the warm sea Taking me back to me A presence undeniable Powerful yet subtle Grace of the Creator Flowing through a child's laughter
  10. Habib...you going somehwere? You cant! Dont give us a taste of your very best and then leave, a sigh we heave Special duas, from all of us Come back soon, you'll be missed night and noon LOL @ sweet89 that was great. Mr. Elephant Tusk I loved it. Welcome Comprehending and Kamran-Syed Ooh this is home ground for me My own world of fantasy Dont wake me up from this magic For life is much too tragic When you tired of the mundane And want to feel no more pain Come on board my silver train It will not be in vain I had a dream That this was my reality (My zany version - I had a dream :) )
  11. I find it easier to write in a story form. So it was a different approach I had to take. Thank you. I love the quote
  12. Well you know what can I say ...except... !!!! You not supposed to do that! Its vandalism! Hooliganism! Pessimism!
  13. Has this thread turned into MDM vs Habib then? ;) Habib brilliant work...very touching this: MDM the Jihad against the self is so powerful and moving...the ending was so ...well it just was. Sweet89 you came up with 2 versions!! Well, I like the construction of the 2nd one but the message of the first one
  14. Diplomacy Today Today yesterday tomorrow Diplomacy is was will be hollow Say it like it is Whats with the "excuse me please?" Do you, in the boxing match Hold back the power of your punch? Or do you fail To fully exhale? Coat words with honey? No! Claim back your money! Is the smell of the dead Covered by a flower spread? The rupture of seething rage Smothered by smiles so strange? Let it be known They will reap as they have sown Pleasantries gestures Bowing to false masters Do you think we don't see Who the winner will truly be? Hiding behind diplomacy You sell the pride that belongs to me ** I did it!
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