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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. unquestionably and uncritically embracing the Allied official narrative of the war. remainants of what happened? and Nazis kept detailed records of exactly what? please read this my previous post to know what i'm really debating. http://www.shiachat....25#entry2481151 i'm debating the factuality of the holocaust myth. i'm not an Axis apologist. I do not support any sides in the war. they were all criminal some more some less. but i'm rejecting the notion that the Allied were the good side of the battle. i'm arguing that they have made up many lies to whitewash their own war crimes and that includes vilifying the nazis by promoting the holocaust myth. the purpose is to create immunity for isreali government and downplaying their own share in the carnage of wwii. which stuff and more importantly for what purpose?
  2. hehe you are quoting what israeli historians are saying about Finklestein. one should not expect any different reaction. Finklestein and generally those who criticize Israeli Holocaust industry or those who question the authenticity of the Holocaust story are actually exposing these very same people you are quoting here. and what you quoted is just rhetorical attacks and scholarly worthless. but if you have read the interviews by Finklestein, the factually and historical relevance of his statements instantly strike you. but your prejudice seemingly doesn't allow you to evaluate opinions objectively. and so far you've made no comment on Dean Irebodd's documentary which exposes one major aspect of the holocaust myth. please it is time to stop the denial mode once and forever and admit like many others that what you've been fed for years by zionist eduction and media are but a full pack of lies.
  3. Salaam I doubt it CLynn. you have a lot to learn and I'm happy that you are willing to learn. the reason for brainwashing us with this myth is political, to create immunity and impunity for Israeli government and Zionist elite who occupy highest echelons of economic, media and political power in the western world. That's why Holocaust education has become mandatory course in many western high schools. now I ask you to read these interviews with Dr. Norman Finkelstein a jewish author of the "Holocaust Industry." see what this jewish concentration camp survivor has to say about the hypocrisy of his fellow elite. Professor Finkelstein, please explain to us how the Holocaust "extortion racket" works FINKELSTEIN: The Holocaust has proven to be an indispensable ideological weapon. Through its deployment, one of the world's most formidable military powers, with a horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a 'victim' state, and the most successful ethnic group in the US has likewise acquired victim status. Considerable dividends accrue from this specious victimhood in particular, immunity to criticism, however justified.
  4. one major part in WWI was the muslim Ottoman Empire. the war ended in revolutionary collapse of the empire by Young Turks who were in fact jews from Italian freemasonary lodges purporting to be revolutionary muslims. the freemasonary lodges were formed and funded by House of Rothschild the pioneer of modern international banking. WWII also did impact muslim nations such as mine and in fact in the most horrible way. Iran was occupied by Russia and Britain during both world wars. the first occupation resulted in probably the most horrific mass death in modern history and this is something least known to the world and even to many of my own compatriots. during the first war almost half of Iranian population perished due to famine caused by Russian and British occupation. the Iranian population dropped from 20 million in 1914 to 10 million in 1919. this was probably the greatest genocide in modern history. ask yourself why such an unspeakable tragedy among other ones remains unknown to the world while we are constantly reminded of the suffering of one particular race in WWII? are we so naive not to see the political factor shaping our perception of history?
  5. do those constructive and direct ways, in your eyes, include turning a blind eye on the very roots of this historical conflict or is that ignorance is bliss?
  6. the answer is to correct our distorted and falsified understanding of history something that tyrannical powers that rule our world use to dominate us. they first need to rule over our minds and perceptions to rule over our bodies. see here is just a recent individual example as to how they put us on a daily diet of lies and distortions Salaam brother it's really sad how you among many others never feel any need for substantiation and verification when it comes to evaluating those incredible accusations made by one side of the war against the other. Allied were not any less criminal than their enemies in the carnage of WWII which killed some 60 million people mostly innocent civilians. so how can you trust what American government claims about its enemies, especially a government which is controlled by zionists who have a strategic interest in promoting the Holocaust story? if you have read my previous posts, i already shared thisdocumentary which focuses on one aspect of the mainstream holocaust story: the Crematorium II of Auschwitz II-Birkenau where allegedly 500 thousand jews were gassed and cremated. among the eye witnesses whose claims are examined is Dario Gabbai a jew who claims to have been a Sonderkommando, an operator of the gas chamber in Aushwitz. He claims that he has witnessed how 20-25 hundred jews were sent into gas chambers and furnace rooms every day, and that he himself was involved in killing of his own people! but the documentary by examining his claims against the facts about operational features and capabilities of the facility including the cremation process proves that he is resorting to so many lies to make his story match the mainstream narrative. it shows that Crematorium II couldn't have technically supported the killing process of some 500 thousand jews during the time it was in operation and that it was not meant to be and never was an extermination facility. i really recommend you to watch this. this documentary uses objective scientific facts to expose one aspect of Holohoax package.
  7. salaam dear lester that's probably the best first question one should ask about holocaust revisionism. I have already provided some thoughts on that. Why does it matter to know the truth about the alleged Holocaust story? Because additionally, exposing the holocaust myth shatters the legitimacy of the post war order and the very foundation of Modern Israeli government. It shows how far zionists are willing to go to push their supremacist agenda throughout the world. For committing a hoax of such massive proportions, it proves there must have been a very powerful force behind it able to alter our historical narrative on a global scale.
  8. oh sorry, i didn't notice Forty Hadiths is already suggested by another user.
  9. salaam brother your quest for spiritual self-development is admirable. it's the best investment one can make in life. to the list provided by Zakariyaa, i would add Imam Khomeini's "Commentary on Forty Hadiths". i loved it because Imam's ethical preachings in this book are so powerful and it shakes your heart. also he sometimes adopts Sadraian philosophical notions to explain ethics. it was the first book from which i could learn about the links between ethics and existence.
  10. salaam and thanks for your recommendations purethics. but i can open none of the links from awaitedone.org page. do the links work for you now? i mean the list of links for muharram and ramedhan lectures.
  11. why should we expect a religion to coexist with any condition? i mean why do you think islam should conform to any present context? if homosexuality is essentially a moral wrong then the social laws that allow it must change to conform with what is right. it ultimately gets us down into a ethical/philosophical discussion as to the basis of right and wrong. according to islamic view which can be objectively substantiated, human carnal desires are the source of much mischievous and corruption. thus they must be controlled and guided by the power of spirit. homosexuality is also a sexual perversion which undermines natural reproductive functions and also the universal law of attraction between the opposite natural forces.
  12. salaam everyone and special thanks to N-E-R-D for making this productive post. muslims have historically been suppressed and marginalized. they have been subject to decades of invasion and subjugation by Western Imperialism, Militarism, Capitalism, Communism, Zionism, etc etc. their region Mid East has always been a context of conflict and bloodshed and almost always westerners have had a major part and role in these conflicts. so now you have a generation of muslims with strong historical grievances and resentments towards west and your allies particularly Israel, US and NATO. you among many others in west are not certainly approve of the criminal actions of these entities but in the eye of an average muslim usually western civilization as a whole is blamed for the unspeakable atrocities that these corporate/governmental institutions have created. add to that the fact that muslims take pride in their own distinguished religion, philosophy, culture, social norms etc etc and want to live upon them yet they have always seen themselves overwhelmingly invaded by a repressive cultural and physical tide coming from west. once you take into account these factors you would even start sympathizing with them, because it's a natural reaction that every other culture with a similar experience would produce. but this is not to say we muslims must not act responsibly. but westerners should begin with criticizing their own historical treatment of the "lesser" nations including muslims first. but the question of who is right or wrong and on which issues (such as gays rights or evolution) is an intellectual/philosophical topic and can't be treated from a legal/social approach, although in present time west it is.
  13. Salaam it's nice to see some new inputs here. it goes both ways. but we should not look at religion merely a set of moral rules and instructions. there's is a difference between instructed ethics and inspired ethics. religion includes both, a set of basic and straight ethical rules on one hand, and on the other a powerful inspiration and love from above. when you are spiritually inspired you do things out of love not out of obligation. the very concept of evil is subjective itself. for us to be able to slaughter a cattle and enjoy its meat is a gift it's a blessing but for the cattle it's an evil fate. for most of us to get killed in a war is evil but prophets and saints viewed death on a divine cause a gift and a blessing. plus for many of those who survive to create most horrific forms of evil on Earth, death would've been a blessing that could have saved their victims. so "gift of life" can also be an evil experience itself. so what's really evil and good? i believe goodness is in whatever that happens. there's a higher will that determines our destiny and His actions are good regardless of our subjective evaluation. and for us goodness is in submitting to that will and enjoy being played by God. note that among appellations of our beloved lazdy Zahraa was raziyya. she who is pleased by whatever is destined for her by God.
  14. yes, a historical event but a distorted, falsified and abused one. find out why: a good start for anyone interested in Holocaust truth: Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid? and Auschwitz—The Surprising Hidden Truth
  15. Holocaust revisionists don't categorically deny the existence of "mass graves, gassing chambers, survivors who act as live witnesses, both nazi and jew witnesses." but they deny that these are by far proofs of a deliberate attempt by Nazis to exterminate jews using homicidal gas chambers. see you people here don't even know what the revisionists stand for. what you post here is just a bunch of pure subjective speculation influenced by establishment propaganda. they are not opinions that have been responsibility researched and substantiated from critical sources. you definitely need more research and study before having any opinion on these subjects. if i post here is because I have done my research long ago. here is more challenge to the Holocaust story. the legitimacy of Nuremberg Trials and the testimonies of Jewish and Nazi witnesses in those trials had and have been seriously rejected or challenged by many individuals including American politicians such as Senator Robert Taft for which he was later admired by J F Kennedy in his book Profiles in Courage. Senator Taft argued that Nuremberg Trials were not held by an impartial party. It was the justice of the conqueror over the conquered and that is no justice. Iowa Supreme Court Justice Charles F. Wenersturm who resigned in protest of the trials denounced it as biased and racially influenced because the judges and juries in those trials were mostly jews who clearly had a per-existing bias against the defenders. Judge Edward Van Roden had also told newspapers the Nazi "witnesses" were tortured before the trials. Dr. Robert Faurisson has also exposed the inconsistencies of Anne Frank Diaries which is the most publicized and sentimentalized eye witness account of alleged the Holocaust written by a teenage (!) jewish survivor of the camps. i can offer hundreds of more detailed inquiries suggested by revisionists from various political and national backgrounds that shatter the Holocaust myth. but i think i already offered you enough stimulant to take Holocaust revisionists seriously and read their hard-made works and discoveries. here are some good start studies. some wonderful video documentaries which expose the holocaust hoax. David Cole in Auschwitz—David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper, Director, Auschwitz State Museum Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid? Auschwitz—The Surprising Hidden Truth and CLynn here is a documentary about Deir Yasin Massacre by Israeli terrorist forces, perhpahs among facts that you have never been told by your favorite media. you may also like to read about Qana, and Sabra and Shatila massacre sponsered by Israelie terorrist military Deir Yassin Remembered http://www.deiryassin.org/
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