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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) The answer to that question is simple. Yes, it is what Allah desires from us. That means he wants us to achieve a level where we deserve to be in heaven. The reason why we are all here is to prove who can easily be misguided and who will never be misguided. You mentions the word perfect. God's justice is also perfect. How can he put devil into hell and leave the followers of the devil behind? The ones who hurt others must deserve the same faith as the one they follow. Simply put it, your teacher wants you to have the top grades. He or she cannot just give you the answers nor do the test for you even though that power is there for the teacher to use. It is justified of the teacher to expect all students to work hard and achieve the relevant grade. Now the ones who are not revising and neglecting their studies because they are with a group of students, who do not want to study, can only blame their own actions for their failure. Therefore, when he wants us to do good then it is happening. We have guilt. When we do something wrong we feel know it is wrong even if we are told it is correct. Secondly, apart from all arguments concerned, evil also has a right to exist since if its existence is denied, it will be unjust of the justified one not to create what has the right to exist. Finally, desire is something we want to have IDEALLY. Everyone wants an expensive car such as a Ferrari well will you give a Ferrari to a 20 year old who cannot afford the gallon of fuel it takes to start up? That would not be logical. What you are talking about, if done will be a pure abuse of power. Therefore, it is completely logical and justified that he has told us his will to favor us and left it on to us to carry it out. If we fail then it is not his will we fail but our own. His will is in our will so our will should be in his :) Hope this answers your question. t.c Peace
  2. Aslam Alikum, Good discussion here. It appears alot of sisters are against the issue however brothers favour it. I only have two questions though. How many brothers are willing to give their sisters for mutah? Everyone blames us Pakistanis for avoiding certain rules. How many brothers are willing to give their daughters for mutah? If Pakistani women are against this issue then so be it. It is not about culture but personal issue. If a girl does not want to open her self to random guys every 4-5months then it is her own choice. Those who do not follow the rule have a choices. It is not wajib but allowed if need be. Similarly in the time of Hazrat Ali (as) a woman gave her self to a man (zina) in return for some water however there are women who would rather die. Please do not accuse people of false belief and do not tell people to shut up before seeing things from their point of view. Do not assume that because smoking is mukhroo so it shall be for all because I would in deed curse my self for eternity for smoking. Please do not say this is allowed so it has to be done as divorce is also allowed even though it is disliked. Would people who agree to divorce would like to see their own sisters going through divorce? Reading the rules and understanding them are two different things. First read then think and then open your mouths. Peace
  3. Aslam Alikum, Firstly wikipedia is not a reliable source for anything unless it has links to a crediable website. Secondly yes my theory might be out of date but when I knew this information I was in a school where they still regard Pluto as a planet therefore possibility of a mistake is always there however there is a difference. This world can never be perfect, if it was there would be no earthquakes, floods vice versa. My point of view is that on earth the science we have such as Darwins etc are theories. The only point of reference and research which is crediable is the Quran or haith. Apart from that what we see as red may not actually be red it maybe a shade of blue but our eyes see it from one view whereas human view is always weak and ever developing therefore Allah's view is the only view that is to suffice. Peace
  4. Aslam Alikum, Firstly it has been explained to us that the pain and suffering on earth is relatively small compare to after life. A physical material cannot intervene with an intangible (spiritual) object without or without force however a spiritual body does not have boundaries in the law of physics. Law of physics only apply to objects which are touchable i.e. tangible. in this view since a spiritual object is not bound by physics it can intervene without breaking it's laws. Rules of physics do not apply to various things. If an object such as an air craft flies and exceeds speed of sound it creates sonic boom however if the same object falls with out force rather exceeds this speed due to gravity there is no sonic boom :!!!: This shows how imperfect this world actually is. As you speak of an immaterial being than your soul is also immaterial but it controls your movements to an extend that without it a person's heart would not beat. The human body explains the world. Within the body there are rives flowing, recycling waste, consuming and converting energy. It is the will of Allah which creates a force. It is the will of the body which is affected by this force on how to actually intercept this force. Future on the theory is physics then there are many unexplained features of the universe. A worm hole which opens for few seconds can in theory let an object travel millions of light years without seconds. A worm hole can safely be said as a tear in earth's fabric of time and physical laws yet is does not explain the physics nor spiritual law behind this therefore this in some instances can be an independent part of physics such as quantum physics. In simple words the more you are going to think, the more you will sink :) Peace
  5. Aslam Alikum, I agree with your view on blame but you know what the funny thing is... when muslims live in the west they fight other religion, when they live together they divide into factions and fight each other. Sadly actions speak louder than words. It is such a shame that people cannot just stay quiet and live low until Imam (as) comes. Maybe he will come when people do mind their own business and help other people without thinking of shia sunni jew etc. Peace
  6. Aslam Alikum, OMG some people just come here to show everyone else doesn't know anything. Hazrat Maryam (as) as in daughter of Hazrat Zaqarya (as) and the mother of Hazrat Esa (as)!!!!!! Hmmm seems people know hadithes more than they know the Quran :!!!: Any way so it is rather about suitability then bloodline. LOL other daughters, I know it was not the best example in the world but please stop assuming you know everything because one man knows the truth and thats Imam Mehdi (as) simple. And stop telling other people who is shia or not don't worry about other people's branches, worry about your trees! The attitude you gave seemed like you think you are authority on shiaism :squeez: Also as you said " Do you even know me to suggest where I may be from?" Oh and about your hadithes you make a girl look like cow (like if you leave a cow anywhere in the field she will be happy to chill out and eat some grass), firstly it is agreement to the girl and once the girl agrees than the father or grandfather can decide a better spouse. Please don't give harsh reply to this because you will only prove that you are for forced marriages. Thank you, have a nice day, Aslam Alikum
  7. Aslam Alikum, Can I just add the one or two of the three caliphs also asked for Hazrat Fatima Zehra (as)'s hand. Further these hadithes say Prophet (saw) turn away I mean would he do that? Man who bought a religion and told us to be one and equal ^o). You have to ask why was Hazrat Maryiam (as) not married, because there were no true believers at that time marriagable? Possibly and highly likely. Secondly rejection and acceptance was a joint decision he (saw) did not just give her away like they do in Pakistan mostly, he (saw) asked her (as) and she (as) agreed for Hazrat Ali (as). Peace
  8. Aslam Alikum, Mufti very good try to cancel out my argument. A wife cannot be called part of husband's family. Logical? How many people talk about Hazrat Khatija (as) as Ahul Ul Bayt or Hazrat Umme-Salma (as). You cannot disown your brother, sister, son or daughter but if you do and you die they get part of the inheritance. But if you disown (divorce) your wife and then you die she gets nothing in terms of inheritance. So I was correct. You only refer to hadiths if something in the Quran appears unclear and if the common logic such is this is unclear to some people than what can I do. Peace
  9. Aslam Alikum, Although Syeds should be respect (so respect me :P) I think some people think being a syed means being above all living creatures which is just wrong. I mean come on if you are syed does that make you more important the Hazrat Bilal (as) who was asked to recite Adhan? Does being a syed over come merits of Hazrat Measom (as) who gave his life talking about the greatness of Ahul Bayts (as)? My friend a man who can think a non virgin girl is dirty can never be syed. If you are a muslim than you should know that Hazrat Khatija (as) had a marriage before meeting Prophet (saw) so clearly any man who thinks just because a girl is a non virgin makes her dirty needs to think about what religion he is following. Mistakes happen by people and you know how would he feel if he was in her place? Tell him to be a man wake up and enjoy his time with his wife. Your friend is a joker, he is going to marry that girl but not touch her what is he 5years old? If you are not going to keep your girl happy shes going to leave you and believe me by the looks of it this relationship maybe a disaster from the start. You know if someone has done sins and he repents than again sins and then repents and this cycle goes on a few times. Than he repents truly and changes his character (this can be even near a man's marriage that he realised he was doing wrong things). If Allah accepts his repentance than his sins are wiped off clean. That means on the day of judgement those sins forgiven will not exist. I hope this answers the question in logical detail. Clearly this relationship is going to be very silly if hes not going to get physical with his wife. I swear I am actually thinking is your question a joke or real. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the situation. How can you think just because someone who is not syed is not better than us syeds. Yes we are syeds but it is up to Allah to give greatness and logic to the deserving men and women whether they be syed or not is irrelevant as to Allah we are all equal and he loves us all more than our mothers love us. Thank you, peace
  10. Aslam Alikum, A wife cannot be called part of a husband family because she can be divorced. Rather she can be called part of the family to a child. After divorce a wife does not remain the same therefore one can argue this easily. You cannot see her the same way as before and her status changes and she has to do hijab in front of you meaning you have no relation with her. Prophet (saw) was not at a trial to defend his wife and I do not believe that she committed adultery anyhow rather it shows are misjudgement and lack of understanding (this is why some people claim her hadiths are weak). I have read hadiths where he (saw) use to carry her on her shoulders to fun fair. This is highly likely because the hadiths from her were written 200 years after she had gone by before that it was world of mouth which obviously is altered person by person and their level of understanding of the issue. These sorts of things also encourage bad words against our faith (see Jewel of Medina). What I don't get is the people always say Prophet (saw) was a human being and they emphasis that so much. The question is not whether he was human or not (he was) but the question is whether we understand what a human is. People who understand the theory of human being and implement it in their lives will go to heaven. Simple as that. I hope this answers your question. I am sorry I won't be able to read your reply as I am going to sleep. So take care, Aslam Alikum
  11. Aslam Alikum, I have e-mailed those sisters as I promised. Sister I am always late no body fires me because I have enough certificates to get another job quite easily. Now speak to the people get their opinion but you must always do your own research and understand by planning cost against benefit. Although the brother there is correct about recession it affects not too many people certainly it has not affected me or any of the friends, because I am not professional. I want to get the most money for getting out of bed no matter the job is as I don't care, I work to live rather than live to work. One advice though if you ask anyone in the UK where they would love to live they will normally say "Dubai". Anyhow you take care and remember always do your home work (research) because it is wise to be prepared for anything and everything. You need to stop worrying about where education is easy. Everything is easy, it is people that make easy things difficult for themselves. Take care, Aslam Alikum
  12. Aslam Alikum, Alright I shall do that for you but that will be tomorrow morning because I just woke up and I am getting very very late for work. Usually I am ten minutes late but this time I might be a lot more B) I promise tomorrow morning I will sort it out. Good luck with your hunting. Also you can google things like "Cities in the UK" and "Rent Flat in the UK" etc and check out the rent and stuff in different cities where your university is. I know they say don't leave today's stuff on tomorrow but that is how it works with me and I have hit 22 so I must be doing something right. Take care, Aslam Alikum
  13. Aslam Alikum, To start with admissions and requirements along with applications can be done through www.ucas.ac.uk. Yes Birmingham is very cheap and I am sure Birmingham University will accept anything. If they don't try University of East London (I don't have A levels but I am studying law while people who done A levels cannot get admission :P so they take on any thing but than this university is in East London). You seem like an educated person. Along with your computer qualification I don't think it would be a challenge for you do research using the UCAS website as I previously mentioned. Obviously people are going to give you different opinion as this is a forum and some of us are Pakistanis here :P and we all have our different opinions which may get you confused. You need to click the chat button and speak to sisters. If you are Iraqi than possibly sister Iraqee, thats me titch, fan_hizbullah etc will be of great assistance (I hope). I am a brother by the way. Anyhow you do know the university is going to charge you mega money, plus the living and stuff I mean you need lots of money. Maybe you may want to enroll on to a diploma which is shorter and then once you finish convert your visa into a work permit? I don't know you need to research all this from you embassy and possibly British High Commission in your country to see what they allow. Average rent in Birmingham in about £50 per room weekly (Yes just a room). 4 Baby chickens cost £6 :P and I don't eat grass so I don't know about vegetables. Pomegranates are 2 for 99p (tell me about it) and a chicken fillet burger with chips and pepsi is £2.79. Obviously I do not work at a farm so I cannot give you all the details :) I hope this helps however you need to speak to people you will be more comfortable with i.e. sisters and I know they are wise enough to help you :). About the university experience. Ok what you do is write an enquiry letter e.g. My name is..... I want to enroll on to this course as an international student. I have this this qualification please advice me further. Substitute the name of the course and university name etc accordingly so it saves you typing up. The UCAS website will give you so many courses it will take you a year to go through them :). Click on the course, look at entry profile, look at the university contact addresss. Find the e-mail address and e-mail them the enquiry. Do that to as many universities as possible. You will recieve a reply. Now apply to university directly (do not use UCAS to apply as they will charge you money and their font is orange!). In the UK you have to put petrol in your own car. If someone is disabled no one is going to open the door for them, if someone is lying on the floor and needs first aid (and I have football association first aid certificate) I would think twice before helping just in case the other person may sue me for some reason or the other. Anyhow if this don't help than I am sorry and you need to specify what do you exactly want. You may or may not be older than me however please do not follow step by step advice from people who you don't know because if they miss out a small but vital detail it will cause you stress and loss of money. It is better if you do the research as you will do it according to your own understanding of capability. If you have doubts about your research as the university directly as they are the people who will take you on. Take care, Peace
  14. Aslam Alikum, I don't know why people are against shias. I mean for others you guys pull out few thousand books which no one can get hold of which is narrated by some next people on some next level of understanding and point of view. We just follow one simple thing. Prophet said follow Quran and Ahul Bayt. Sunnah was living with Ahul Bayt yes Prophet lived at home. Letting Ahul Bayt sleep in his place. Letting Ahul Bayt win khabir (come on you think it was Hazrat Ali (as)? It was the will of Allah that he wins something as such). You people are jokers. I want to be friends with you all specially the ones in arabs because you guys are mega rich and well I am your best friend so leave everything to me when you go please thank you :blush: Last time I tried strawberry milkshake at XFC is was thick but now I realise some people's brains are even thicker. Forget everything and think about basics. 2+2 is 4 correct? In the past Prophets (as) have past away leaving everything to their family. Why not this one? Some thing so clear? Orange juice appears to be clearer to some people than to understand that if a man dies and his friends are not there to burry him then they don't really care about the man. Now Aisha well listen to this. In relation Hazrat Fatimah Zehra she can be said to be step daughter of Aisha therefore step granddaughter of Abu bakr. Amazing how they weren't invited at her burrial either. So much love eh? Some thing so clear :o I know you guys are going to pull out some next books to cuss me saying these are your own books and you know what I couldn't care less about anything, all I know is Prophet said Quran and Ahul Bayt. Now Sunnah ok. Not many camel down M25 don't know why anyhow who can deny Prophet (saw) use to say Aslam Alikum at Hazrat Fatimah Zehra (as)'s door. Was that sunnah followed by the 3 caliphs :o LOL!!! Man I swear this is fun. Ok listen to this one right, what kind of a person would let his friends be accepted before his family? You answer is your faith. What kind of a person would say forget my cousin who I bought up, mentored, taught how to engage in battle, planned wars would say listen man I got this old man who hasn't got much experience in battle, hasn't really been mentored by me directly but hey lets make him the leader of the whole Ummah. Dude they don't even do this stuff is star wars what are you on about. It's always the twelvers they cuss don't they. Funny how Allah allowed the Propet (saw) to marry multiple times after passing of Hazrat Khatija (as) rather than in her life time even though old men and women were first to convert (therefore ladies needed men who were Muslim). Year of mourning. One year he (saw) was upset over passing of his uncle (as) and his wife (as). Yeh the wife sunnis never mention. She (as) bore him (saw) one child (as) who is the mother of all syeds today and funny how sunnis call someone who never held kids mother of momins. I just cannot wait to see your faces up there even if I have to wait few billion years. Time is irrelevant. Islam is a peaceful religion and is very simple. Things can get as complicated as you make them. That is why we have Imams (as) who understand that. Funny I read somewhere Prophet (saw) said there will be twelve successors after him and funny how we are called twelvers and people always try to prove we are wrong. Against Chicken fillet burger would help. Love and respect for broken hearts Aslam Alikum and for the first time on this forum YA ALI!! Case dismissed ;)
  15. Aslam Alikum, In first class they teach us how to spell so if man cannot copy and paste without making stuff and proof reading he aint no scholar. This is basic professional stuff. One little thing can change the whole meaning of word. Glad he's not writing in Arabic. Don't you agree bro, affect and effect have whole different meaning. Bakir and Bakar are different too. Argument with me is like hitting your head against a lead structure. Pointless and flawless. Take care, Peace
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