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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. m waiting for ur reply brother :( may Allah s.w.t. reward u the best from His blessings ilaahee aameen

  2. salam!

    hope all of u are doing well inshaAllah.

    can anyone listen to me here and help me accordingly?please

    actually i m an architect with age 25yrs.and now i want to go to qom's hawza for higher studies but i hve many prbs regrading my age as some of people say tht i m over-age for the eligiblity criteria

    but still i want to go and i hve seen and read about mnay ...

  3. The order that the Qur'an is the order that the Prophet would recite it in, and the order that Gabriel would tell the Prophet after relating each verse. It is not in chronological order. Ali's version was in chronological order and included God's, the Prophets, and his own tafsir including the circumstances in which that particular verse was revealed in as well as Hadith al-Qudsi. This version is with the Mahdi.
  4. My heart is set on Qum, but my parents would rather I go to a University. I am attempting to convince them that if need be I can always use my degree received at Qum to teach hence the above question. But this does add an interesting question: what sort of career opporunities are avilable for a scholar of Islam. A man still has to eat despite the arch in his back.
  5. Can anyone tell me whether degrees awarded by Qum seminaries are recognized by Western universities?
  6. From my understanding, there is a larger number of clerics and a greater number of 'skilled' ones in Qum rather than Najaf since Saddam came to power.
  7. could you send me your email address, please.


  8. That is how I feel except there is a nagging doubt in the back of my head that I am crossing a bridge that I can do so only once, and I am afraid of missing a very good opportunity. My chief concern is what to do once I finish the seminary and about the financial difficulties that are the most likely side effect of not going to university. I do not know of many careers that primarily look for someone educated in hadith. And then there is the possibility my parents will refuse to give me their blessing to do this, which means I will more than likely be forced to cut contact with them for a period of time. Which further means no financial support, but as I understand it, the Iranian government supplies housing and food for free as well as a small amount of spending money per month.
  9. Are there any current students studying in Qom that could answer a few questions? Many of the online resources have gone away. The time is coming for me as I leave high school to decide which direction to take in life. On one side is Qom, and on the other, an American Ivy League university.
  10. There are several hadiths that state along the lines of 'there have been thousands of Adams before the one you are familiar with.' There is also commentary on the particular verse in the Qur'an where the angels question why God would create something that would spill blood and cause mischief. The rationale is that they must have had some previous example from which to know the nature of man. From this, I would affirm evolution as being likely from a religious standpoint, let alone confirmed from a scientific standpoint. I see no contradiction in my faith and science.
  11. Imam al-Kazim said: 'A man will come out from Qom and he will summon people to the right path. There will rally to him people resembling pieces of iron, not to be shaken by violent winds, unsparing and relying on God.' Seems Imam Khomeini did just that. The problem with emigrant Iranians is that they are the most vocal opposition when they have no right to be. It is must like emigrant Cubans living in Florida and how they go on with Castro when nowadays most have never set foot in Cuba but seem to know better the supposed evils of Castro's regime better than the actual Cubans. Imam Khomeini took the popular revolution (it can be called no other when such numbers took part) to one extreme. Obviously, we feel it is the correct extreme, and apparently most Iranians do as well setting aside the few bourgeoisie who follow the money (Rafsanjani). When one extreme is presented, the other is going to be surface as well. This extreme would be the type such as your parents who swing to the opposite end of the spectrum. The two sides are: religion or materialism. There cannot be a compromise between the two. One is undermined by the other, and the other tempts the person completely. The facts are that the Shah employed a secret police SAVAK much like the Nazis that terrorized Iran's citizens. This was during peacetime. The Shah ruled through fear and intimidation suffocating the lower classes so that the rich few might live a more similar lifestyle imitating the Westerners. What is this lifestyle? The same as it is in Europe and America, it is the gathering of the bounties of the world for the few at the expense of the poor. Except, in these developed countries, certain measures such as Social Security and healthcare can be granted to appease the poor. In a place like Iran, there is no way such measures could have been taken to quell the lower classes as the Shah wished to give all Iran had to the hands of the Westerners. Obviously, we see the effects of such misguided connivers in the Revolution. Imam Khomeini had the support of the people. During the time of the Revolution, people were shouting for Khomeini to be king. Khomeini's podium was a simple one: reverse the rampant materialism the Shah had introduced by bloodsucking the poor and replace it with religion that should and would be for the benefit of everybody in a common community. To do this, he made Iran dependent of no one, instead able to fulfill its own needs without selling itself to the more developed countries, and instead, developing Iran with Iranian resources through Iran's own labor. To do this, he guided the economy in a new direction that was, fortunately (for most), now at the expense of the illegal and outrageous stolen property the wealthy had appropriated and distributed it among the common citizens. Of course the ones that became rich through the Shah's practices were distraught over this and many fled. Those that remain are the likes that follow Rafsanjani who will use any excuse to cause mayhem to undermine the country even if it threatens everyone among it. I am assuming your parents are one of these people who lost much when what they had unfairly acquired was taken back. It is both material and idealogical why your parents hate the Republic. The best advice is to hold firm to your beliefs. Obey your parents until they request you to abandon your faith's practices. If and when they do this, it becomes obligatory on you to disobey. Until they do, however, you must continue to be a dutiful daughter/son.
  12. Yes. PM has to be Sunni. President has to be Maronite. Speaker of Parliament has to be Shiite.
  13. I never received a response, and I am still searching for answers to these questions. Could anyone shed some light on them?
  14. Are the studies based on traditional books with discussion among the students as a method of learning, or have the schools started to imitate Western universities with tests and notes and lecturing and course credits? Would you say it is intellectually demanding, or would an average school student be able to excel in hawza studies? What type of career choices are available once you leave the hawza? Does one live off of khums money while going around lecturing at mosques?
  15. Example of when it is permissible to lie: Two Moslems were captured by Musaylimah the False Prophet. Musaylimah threatened to execute both Moslems unless they recognized him as a prophet. The first Moslem did and was released. The second Moslem did not and was executed. The first Moslem told the Prophet the story, and the Prophet replied that the Moslem who had died would be rewarded in Heaven, while the one who did not had taken advantage of God's leniency and was at no fault as he maintained the faith in his heart. Self-preservation and preservation of the ummah always takes precedent in the same way it is allowed to eat pork if one is starving.
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