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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Good for you. I lost 50 pounds in 8 or 9 months. So who wins? Apparently, they say gradual weight loss is healthier.
  2. You shouldn't feel compelled to continue to be friends with someone just because of the depth of the relationship based on the past especially if they don't make you feel good. Some friendships are worth saving while others aren't. Coo coo types of mentalities like this probably aren't that healthy. If it's something that can be changed then that's one thing, maybe you can show him he's wrong otherwise I'd just gently and stop contact. I had a colleague a couple years ago who I was friends with and she was really nice to me but terrible to other people and rude and gossipy. I hated being aroun
  3. Hey, you forgot your favourite one : Why woman is only half a witness of a man. Maybe you can answer your own question.
  4. Your intention isn't to lie. Allah swt knows what's in your heart. By doing the actions in completeness shows where you're trying to go with this. By eliminating the action all together you lose the opportunity to regain what you once had. It goes without saying that Allah is most gracious and most merciful.
  5. That type of person attracts certain types of people. The type you yourself wouldn't want in your spouse. Why aspire to be that kind of person. You can do better than that. Everything looks better from the outside looking in. Once you're on the inside, life isn't as glamorous as it seemed.
  6. Then why did you start talking to me ? And why are you playing this game with me asking me questions where 1. you very well know I won't answer ; 2. Already know the answers to ; and 3. Know I'm not supossed to reply in the first place. PS. I will spell supose however I want.
  7. I don't understand. What am I supposed to say to this...
  8. But it doesn't work on my blackberry either and it used to work. How can that be
  9. I have the same problem too on my iPhone. It used to work before but now it's not. I thought it might just be an iPhone problem, so I tried from my blackberry and it doesn't work either. Will this be resolved? I don't care for the smileys.
  10. That's a silly example because you know it's not true. Babies and children are of those who are excluded from being punished. At least use an example that is valid.
  11. Well if the basics are a good fit the best way to know would be to fly over and see them for yourselves. Word of mouth only goes so far. Also maybe adding the person or family members on Facebook will help too. It's like a window into people's lives.
  12. ^er, people have told him time and time again referring him to people of knowledge on other threads but has he taken that route? Instead he says oh they won't reply because they only answer one question at a time, etc. and posts on forums all day. How about trying to contact those people and then if they don't reply complain about it. These are excuses of someone who claims is seeking knowledge but actually isn't, he is just speaking arrogantly and is being stubborn. when he used to read Quran with an open heart and pure intentions there was no doubt then but why now? Wasting time not doing
  13. Well duhhh at the time there were only disbelievers how many were believers? How many people are believers now? How can one live their life full of wordly desires and not acknowledge who it all came from? You only focus on the negative but there is repetition in god's mercy, rewards, etc too. Your comments regarding quran and Allah are insulting and saying sorry in your posts don't mean anything because even nonbelievers speak with more respect than you. I don't see how this is tolerated by the forum as rules explicitly state consequences of blasphemous comments.
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