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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (wasalam) Very interesting question. I always thought that the concept and practice of dawah haven't evolved in shi'i islam because this would lead to frictions between sunnis and shias. Power and religious proselytism are interrelated hence it's natural that the latter develop in countries were sunnis are in power; in the same way religious proselytism (sunni) can't evolve in countries were shias are in power and vice versa. But then again where does the word ÊÔíøÚ comes from, if the practice of dawah isn't important for shias? A small remark: dawah has two facets: 1) dawah within the same
  2. I am shocked :squeez: . I didn't know that HT refutes this concept!!!! Anyhow if there is a transcript or recording of it available please let me know.
  3. Hello, I can explain it to you or give you a list of useful websites. Let me now, if you are still interested.
  4. Bonjour à toi, tu voudrais savoir comment traduire la légende au-dessous de ta photo: "La présente vie n'est que jeu et amusement. La demeure dans l'au-delà sera meilleure pour ceux qui sont pieux. Eh bien, ne comprenez-vous pas?" (Le Saint Coran, Les Bestiaux-6)
  5. And I forgot about this ... I am sure that you agree that anyone can answer a poll whether he/she is a good debater or not.
  6. Who said that her list is a flawless one and that people whom she say they belong to it actually deserve to be there??? As for the former, the answer to your sarcastic comment is obvious! I don't curse or like cursing or people who curse. As for the part of running away, you ought to know better not to think ill of your Muslim fellow sister karbalah :squeez: . Hasn't you notice that the period December - March coincide with entrance exams period for college students and mid-term exams !!!
  7. Dear sister Karbalah, Sorry for taking so long to come back here. I’ve been really busy. I hope that you’re doing well. I thought to come back and let you know of my decision. Well, first thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. Second, after careful thought and interviews with different knowledgeable people, I’ve reached a conclusion. I’ve come to see for myself that there are a lot of Firaqs within the pale of Islam (or considered to be within the pale of Islam) and each firqa claims that it’s the right one and that it’s on the right path (example Salafis, mu’tazila, Al-Ahbach etc.) and tha
  8. You say what you want and I say what I want as long as no one uses abusive language against the other person (and his beliefs) :). There is no doubt that Hz Ali [ra] represents a role model for all Muslims by his conduct and love of Islam. and no, there is nothing silly in asking something that a person doesn't know about.
  9. (salam) To be honest, no I didn't associate it with anything but I understand now that it's related to "jung e sifin" battle. Thanks for clearing it. Dear sister, this is not what I meant. We don't need deep knowledge to assess logic it's true but we need deep knowledge to comment on scholars writings and hadiths. For instance, more than one shia debater quoted Ibn Hazm and his book Al-Muhalla. It took me one week to find the book and read the original text and post an answer. On other occasions, there will be other scholars that I am not familiar with and so on. When one is familiar with
  10. (salam) To begin with, thank you for your exhaustive answer. There are some points that I would like to comment on later but I think that I am going to be banned or something due to "the state of being sayyed in shi'ism" topic (one week, 33 posts! And you say that it's sunnis who kick out shias from forums :squeez: . I think not, it happens here faster :lol:). However, it's Ok it was deemed to happen sooner or later :D . There are three points that caught my attention. 1- Shias being called Kuffar by some people: I haven't seen someone accusing them of Kufr (just on some forums). I have
  11. (bismillah) (salam) I am writing this here because I am unable to PM you. I get "you are not allowed to use this feature on shia chat". I don't have the intention to challenge your decision but I want to highlight something: all members except for one, understood my question correctly. That's why everyone else except for him answered the question normally and I am thankful to them. Hence it's something between me and him not about forum rules or disrespecting Sayyeds. I explained what I meant by the word "supposed" below. Furthermore, there is no need to be upset about it just tell me wha
  12. If you know something, it doesn't mean that everyone else knows it. In case you haven't noticed, or maybe you noticed that's why you are making those sarcastic comments, I am sunni. I don't know a lot about Sayyeds that's why I am asking. If it's a crime, sue me :!!!: !!!! If you genuinely want to know my motives than here they are: My curiosity got first triggered because I met a supposed Pakistani sayyed on a sunni forum who posted obscene material there (however like everyone else said it's not the fact that one is sayyed or not that makes one a pious person). So this led me to ask questio
  13. (salam) I am back ... :) It's not a sunni thing, shias too can (and do) disappear ;). Shias can "pouf gone" too :D :D :D. Unfinished threads on some of the forums where I go to: one shia under taqiyya claimed that Muawiya killed Aisha sidiqqa [ra], I ask him where is your proof? Pouf vanished; Shias started challenge about Imamah, afterwards: pouf unable to carry it; Shias claim that Imam Ghazali embraced Shiism: "provide your proof please Mr", sayonara disappeared for ever; Thigh is not part of 'Aura topic: shia accuse us of lying, we prove him to be wrong. He promises to come back wi
  14. Thanks for sharing your concerns, I'll reply to your post as soon as I finish my work. Don't worry, I am not the fleeing type. P.S. I am a she not a he. Wassalam
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