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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (wasalam) Very interesting question. I always thought that the concept and practice of dawah haven't evolved in shi'i islam because this would lead to frictions between sunnis and shias. Power and religious proselytism are interrelated hence it's natural that the latter develop in countries were sunnis are in power; in the same way religious proselytism (sunni) can't evolve in countries were shias are in power and vice versa. But then again where does the word ÊÔíøÚ comes from, if the practice of dawah isn't important for shias? A small remark: dawah has two facets: 1) dawah within the same community and 2) dawah towards other communities involving hence religious conversion. I think that both sunnis and shias are active in the former but sunnis are more active in the second part for the above-mentioned reason. However, shi'ism is also witnessing some transformations, hasn't it spread in some of the African countries and maybe in some other regions too?? I think on the contrary that Sunni scholars and du'at are doing a very good job alhamdulillah. yes indeed practice and "theory" should be interrelated. Now my question is could anyone name more sources about the shi'i view regarding dawah?!! W/s
  2. I am shocked :squeez: . I didn't know that HT refutes this concept!!!! Anyhow if there is a transcript or recording of it available please let me know.
  3. Hello, I can explain it to you or give you a list of useful websites. Let me now, if you are still interested.
  4. Bonjour à toi, tu voudrais savoir comment traduire la légende au-dessous de ta photo: "La présente vie n'est que jeu et amusement. La demeure dans l'au-delà sera meilleure pour ceux qui sont pieux. Eh bien, ne comprenez-vous pas?" (Le Saint Coran, Les Bestiaux-6)
  5. And I forgot about this ... I am sure that you agree that anyone can answer a poll whether he/she is a good debater or not.
  6. Who said that her list is a flawless one and that people whom she say they belong to it actually deserve to be there??? As for the former, the answer to your sarcastic comment is obvious! I don't curse or like cursing or people who curse. As for the part of running away, you ought to know better not to think ill of your Muslim fellow sister karbalah :squeez: . Hasn't you notice that the period December - March coincide with entrance exams period for college students and mid-term exams !!!
  7. Dear sister Karbalah, Sorry for taking so long to come back here. I’ve been really busy. I hope that you’re doing well. I thought to come back and let you know of my decision. Well, first thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. Second, after careful thought and interviews with different knowledgeable people, I’ve reached a conclusion. I’ve come to see for myself that there are a lot of Firaqs within the pale of Islam (or considered to be within the pale of Islam) and each firqa claims that it’s the right one and that it’s on the right path (example Salafis, mu’tazila, Al-Ahbach etc.) and that each one represents solely Ahl-al-Sunna wal Jama’a etc. Internet has only made it difficult for laypersons to take a stance as proponents of each segment base their view on the Quran and Sunna. So it’s not just about Shias and Sunnis (notwithstanding that there are different tendencies within Shi’ism itself). Hence, if one spends his time seeking to discover which firqa is the right one, one may spend his/her life in doubt and vain. He/she would be wasting his/her lifetime neglecting what it really counts, doing Ibadat and good deeds that will speak in his/her favor on the Day of Judgment. After all there is the Quran that speaks for itself, which is the guide for every Muslim and the traditions of the Prophet [saw] – I mean Sunna for Sunnis like myself and that Allah –Exalted is He- is so full of mercy that he’ll be kind towards all people who strive to worship him (whether Sunnis or Shias or … Allah [swt] knows best]. Furthermore, I only come to realize now how silly and ignorant we, all Muslim laymem, look when we mishandle the interpretation of a hadith or an aya on forums. It’s like unknowingly leading people astray while such matters should be handled by scholars or knowledgeable people. P.S. Logic and knowledge are interrelated because a matter that seems logical (or illogical to you) would become illogical or logical based on the number of elements (information) you hold. When you have all the elements of a puzzle, you have a coherent and logical construct (at least that’s how I see things). As for the rest sorry for not being able to fulfill your eagerness to find a knowledgeable sunni debater in my person as I am not a good one nor for being able to bring someone on my part to come and debate here. However, I hope that in the future you’ll have what you are looking for. I think that this summarizes my view. I hope that I’ve forgotten anything. Thanks for insightful approach Wassalam
  8. You say what you want and I say what I want as long as no one uses abusive language against the other person (and his beliefs) :). There is no doubt that Hz Ali [ra] represents a role model for all Muslims by his conduct and love of Islam. and no, there is nothing silly in asking something that a person doesn't know about.
  9. (salam) To be honest, no I didn't associate it with anything but I understand now that it's related to "jung e sifin" battle. Thanks for clearing it. Dear sister, this is not what I meant. We don't need deep knowledge to assess logic it's true but we need deep knowledge to comment on scholars writings and hadiths. For instance, more than one shia debater quoted Ibn Hazm and his book Al-Muhalla. It took me one week to find the book and read the original text and post an answer. On other occasions, there will be other scholars that I am not familiar with and so on. When one is familiar with scholars writings, he/she needs not search information or spend weeks to find a book. That's what I meant by from all my comments. First I can't use the PM feature as I am still a basic member :angel: . Second thanks for all your feedback. I'll make sure to check, ask and think of everything carefully. Finally, if you still have time I would like to know what are the questions that Sunnis won't answer and what is the question that made you revert to shi'ism. Thanks for your du'a for that family. Take care (wasalam) P.S. I'll let you know if anyone from my acquaintances wanted to debate in Arabic.
  10. (salam) To begin with, thank you for your exhaustive answer. There are some points that I would like to comment on later but I think that I am going to be banned or something due to "the state of being sayyed in shi'ism" topic (one week, 33 posts! And you say that it's sunnis who kick out shias from forums :squeez: . I think not, it happens here faster :lol:). However, it's Ok it was deemed to happen sooner or later :D . There are three points that caught my attention. 1- Shias being called Kuffar by some people: I haven't seen someone accusing them of Kufr (just on some forums). I have even asked the question to a Salafi sheikh from a renown salafi family about this. He said that it's inaccurate ÛíÑ ÕÍíÍ to say that Shias are kuffar in general terms except for some cases. 2- Hz Aisha [ra] is a Nasibi: This topic was created here on this forum so ... yes shias think that she's a nasibi. 3- The Challenge: Well I see that you are not only challenging me to see who lasts till the end during a debate here but you are also challenging my faith You are the third person who has done that, the other two also gave me links and material to read. They had to give up when they realized that I am a hopeless case :!!!: and it's impossible to convert me to shi'ism. However, there is nothing more that I would like to do than answer your challenge back. Unfortunately, a debate with me is not an accomplishment. A good debater is someone who fully knows Sunni and Shia references, which I don't. I've been honest about the scope of my knowledge from the start: Now to answer your question, yes, but internet will remain a problem ... I find it a little bit hard to ask someone to consecrate time to debate when I know that he's having hard time to put food on his table by the end of the day (it happens to most Arabs from poor countries who emigrate to non-producing oil countries). Like I said, some things are leisure for other people who can't afford it. Now, to finish up. I don't mind debating with you one on one if I was sure to master my topic fully. There is no topic that I master completely, there will always be a gap. But I am curious about Imam Mahdi, that's why I am trying to find more about him. Perhaps (just perhaps), if I found myself capable of debating such a topic, we can have a debate on that but now I am not ready. P.S. You are not forced to keep answering my posts or proving anything to me but I just want to remind you that I may be kicked out from here, if (only if) you are interested in following this up, on what other forums can I find you? And by the way what is "naray haideri" and why shias finsih their posts with "Ya Ali Madad"? (wasalam)
  11. (bismillah) (salam) I am writing this here because I am unable to PM you. I get "you are not allowed to use this feature on shia chat". I don't have the intention to challenge your decision but I want to highlight something: all members except for one, understood my question correctly. That's why everyone else except for him answered the question normally and I am thankful to them. Hence it's something between me and him not about forum rules or disrespecting Sayyeds. I explained what I meant by the word "supposed" below. Furthermore, there is no need to be upset about it just tell me what's wrong. Thank you in advance. (wasalam)
  12. If you know something, it doesn't mean that everyone else knows it. In case you haven't noticed, or maybe you noticed that's why you are making those sarcastic comments, I am sunni. I don't know a lot about Sayyeds that's why I am asking. If it's a crime, sue me :!!!: !!!! If you genuinely want to know my motives than here they are: My curiosity got first triggered because I met a supposed Pakistani sayyed on a sunni forum who posted obscene material there (however like everyone else said it's not the fact that one is sayyed or not that makes one a pious person). So this led me to ask questions about how shi'ism spread to India and Pakistan and how come Imams emigrated there, a part of history which I know nothing about. It's important to me to know because 1) I love history in general and I am trying to understand Shias history too; 2) I meet a lot of Pakistani Shias and I want to know about their historical background. There are no better words to answer you than the words of Alllah [saw]: "O ye who believe! avoid suspicion as much (as possible): for suspicion in some cases is a sin: and spy not on each other, nor speak ill of each other behind their backs. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, ye would abhor it. But fear Allah: for Allah is Oft-Returning, Most-Merciful. " But hey it seems that you know everything including people's intentions so there is absolutely no need to take your breath away :lol: by challenging what you think to be true. For everyone who posted under this thread Thank you very much. You have been helpful :) . Wassalam
  13. (salam) I am back ... :) It's not a sunni thing, shias too can (and do) disappear ;). Shias can "pouf gone" too :D :D :D. Unfinished threads on some of the forums where I go to: one shia under taqiyya claimed that Muawiya killed Aisha sidiqqa [ra], I ask him where is your proof? Pouf vanished; Shias started challenge about Imamah, afterwards: pouf unable to carry it; Shias claim that Imam Ghazali embraced Shiism: "provide your proof please Mr", sayonara disappeared for ever; Thigh is not part of 'Aura topic: shia accuse us of lying, we prove him to be wrong. He promises to come back with an explanation to it; pouf gone ... Proving the existence of Imam Mahdi "pouf gone"!! There are other examples but I think you got the picture. Polite shias survive on sunni forums. It's usually people who spit, curse, bash, trash who are banned. You seem a nice person enough not to be banned. I can't speak for people I don't know but they may have good excuses. Why think ill of them? If there is any consolation in it to you, I'll try to get some knowledgeable brothers to come here and be involved in debates but the problem is that people whom I know are not so good in English and don't have access to internet (a leisure that some people can't afford). Meanwhile I am here :). I can't say that I am an expert but at least I am not ashamed to finish my posts with "I don't know but I'll try to find out". I don't agree with that! It's true that I am not omnipresent hence I don't know what happens on all forums but after 8-month of involved foruming, I can assure you that Shias who get banned are the ones who use foul language or express themselves in a debasing manner. Serious shias are integrated on board, it's we who ask them to stay as they haven't done anything deserving banning. It's all about LANGUAGE (how they say what they say). How do you expect from us to let someone "roaming" on board when he profanes everything we hold to be sacred with his/her serpent-like tongue?! :o Yes it is but I saw some shias tolerating it when its aim is to denigrate one of the Caliphs. We had one shia who used to post a porno link as a personal statement carrying the name of Omar [ra] :o . ok, I saw sunnis insulting Imam Mahdi, I always reply to them that there is no need to speak good or ill of him as we don't believe he exists. As for Hz Hussein (ra), NO ONE would ever say something bad about him not even crazy jihadis. Ok I can dig a lot of material against shias and counter testimonies but there is no need to go in there. Some Muslims leave Islam to Christianity does this mean that they are on the right path. There are a lot of decisions that we make that are not based on pure reasoning but also fears, expectations and emotions especially fascination. Who said that one embraces a new faith because he's convinced rather than fascinated by one or several of its aspects? I don't know what you are trying to imply by this remark but I'll try to be positive about it. It's not a surprise that Shias "seem" to know more about orthodox (sunni) Islam [for you shi'ism is orthodox Islam] than Sunnis because you have long lived among sunnis observing them, learning about them, preparing your arguments and defense. Unfortunately, not too many sunnis know about shias ... my dad for instance learned it through me (he always taught me that shias and sunnis are one, I wonder how many sunnis call Hz Aisha [ra] a nasibi?!, right). Finally, I would like to point out that Internet + learning languages namely English in some countries are a leisure. In case you've forgotten about it some people are so poor that they can't make end meets. Why I am saying this? Because I've been stuck a lot of times on difficult questions raised by Shias, it's usually a brother who explains things to me and I post the answer in his name after translating it. I always wonder what can happen if those people were proficient in English and able to go online and participate in debates. Wasalam P.S. I make sure to give salam because I've only met ONE shia who give salams to Sunnis up till now.
  14. Thanks for sharing your concerns, I'll reply to your post as soon as I finish my work. Don't worry, I am not the fleeing type. P.S. I am a she not a he. Wassalam
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