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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Since u believe the Prophet only married only married Aisha ra for political benefit and that he didnt love her and the koran openly curses her name then we go seperate ways. May Allah guide u. PS.. the jews also use the same out of context arguments to discredit the virgin mary AS. they also curse her and call her a prost,t... and all this stuff. Alhamdo lilah Allah chose 85% of the ummah to love aisha ra and im gratefull for that. Im finished with this thread and forum as im not allowed to enter a place where here name is cursed and mocked. Thank yous for all yr hospitality it was a nice sta
  2. The Prophet stood up and delivered a sermon, and pointing to 'Aisha's house, he said thrice, "Affliction (will appear from) here," and, "from where the side of the Satan's head comes out." The prophet saaw many times said this and mostly used the words the east. He was talking east of hejaz ie najd or iraq which he mentioned both by name many times not aishas house . what u need to do is look into all the hadith on a subject to understand the context otherwise youll decieve yourself and others. As for th prophet and aisha what are u trying to do create fitna between them dont u understand
  3. This is from sherry jones sight she tells us in her own words why she wrote the novel A'isha: A household name 6:38 PM PST, November 4, 2008 Dear readers, Lots of people ask me why I, a non-Muslim Westerner (and you can't get much more Western than Montana, where I wrote the book!) even wanted to write "The Jewel of Medina" in the first place. I always talk about the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, and the unfair demonization of Islam that followed in this country. But the real reason for my book was this: A'isha. I originally wanted to bring all the wives in the Prophet Muhammad's househol
  4. ]I thought it was an accurate snapshot of a liitle piece of history . It showed just how human the founders of islam were it, showed that they lived lives and went through pretty much what we go through. As for Aisha (ra) it made me love her even more than i already do cause she was a woman well ahead of her time. She reminds me of the 1st feminist who won't be a mans slave, who changed womens lives in arabia and proberbly the world. There is a strong parrallel to her story and Mary (as) who was also acused of adultary and went through hell in a fiery society. Like Mariam AS she was calm and h
  5. This is a controvercial thread but i hope people keep their heads its an exerpt from the book jewel of medina, You judge yourselfA POINTING FINGER MEDINA JANUARY 27 627 AD Scandal blew in on the errant wind when I rode into Medina clutching Safwan’s waist. My neighbors rushed into the street like storm waters flooding a wadi. Children stood in clusters to point and gawk. Their mothers snatched them to their skirts and pretended to avert their eyes. Men spat in the dust and muttered, judging. My father’s mouth trembled like a tear on the brink. What they saw: my wrapper fallen to my shoulders,
  6. "You will invade the Arabian Peninsula and God will grant it. Then Persia and God will grant it. Then you shall invade Ar-Rum (Europe) and God will grant it. Then you shall attack the Antichrist and God shall give him to you"The Messenger of God was then asked "which of the two cities will be conquered first - Constantinople or Rome?" and the Holy Prophet PBUH replied : " The city of Heraclius (Constantinople) will be conquered FIRST" From this hadith we have to 1st get rome before the Mahdi is due so Mahdi AS is a long way away as we havent conquered rome yet. Sorry to dissapoint all those w
  7. muta is forbiden in all 4 schools of sunni thought. My whole family is maliki and we have the same hadith as the other 3 schools. Infact the maliki school is the most extreme against muta.
  8. i must admit i was impressed with the obama speech on religion. smething tells me hes a muslim but dont know why.
  9. didnt an Iraqi website recently report that sheikh hassan nasrallah was nearly poisened to death? and it turned out to be a lying fake. Why do yous believe everything u read this is fitna by people who wanna cause trouble and spread hate. King hussein of jordan doesnt invite tp lunch .to poison them . Some people need a life
  10. We sufis dont control janat baki if we did itll look like paradise. Inshallah we will one day convert the wahabis and signs are already showing a big move from wahabism to sufism in saudi arabia. At the moment Allah swt has given controll of the holy land to the wahabis not much we can do.
  11. In our local mosque we have many shia that pray with us and they are welcome and they pray their own way. we dont eat people. i personally have more than 20 shia girls who are close friends.they come to my home to our mosque we eat together we shop together and they always attend our masjid as there are no shia mosques anywhere near. Youll be surprised in an isolated land the sunni and shia become so close and have a duty to accomadate for each other.
  12. I hope iran changes its stance and allow sunnis in tehran their own mosques and religious freedom. They cant keep talking unity and secretly keep practicing this extreme discrimination.
  13. Matey what u believe is yr business i was only answering a question every religion has minorities which keep defying and no one can remove them . The ahlu sunnah majority dont only have the 12vers to worry about we have bahais ahmadies wahabies and a million others popping up and eating into us but alhamdolilah we will always remain the jammaa as the prophet promised. and always keep the true opinion on sahaba ra and ahlu beit as. We will never abandon the family of the prophet nor betray the sahaba. ya ali maddad ya fatima
  14. your comments dont make any sense?? I cant prove it from the koran cause imam ali's name isnt even mentioned by name even once in the koran. We rely on hadith our prophet and our sourses from ahlu beit for what i said before. As for chosing a leader theres a whole chapter in the koran called shura or consultation. this chapter tells us how to chose a leader and theres nothing that says hes must be from ahlubeit AS. What do u mean Ali is just convenience for us? To love him bless him nearly a billion sufi ahlu sunnah follow his teachings through hadith and sufi orders? We name our children
  15. Some people dont understand us sunnis when we say rightly guided . This doesnt mean they cant do mistakes this doesnt mean they think alike this doesnt mean they would have the same policies. All 4 caliifs had their own minds and different approaches, by guided the prophet meant they wont be corrupt dictators, easlily bluffed, liers etc. To say ali AS would have done better is not for ahlussunah to debate as we love them all equally. As far as im concerned they were very succesfull and much of islam was spread during their brief rule. Arabia iraq persia syria jeruselem egypt etc etc came to
  16. Allah knows best but the prophet did tell us of 124,000 prophets and the koran tells us every people recieved a prophet. China India the Americas (azteks, red indians etc) Australian aboriginals all recieved their prophets speaking their own dialect. This way Allah swt has made sure everyone recieved his laws and no one was left out. The idea that only the middle east recieved prophets is absurd as then Allah would be an unjust God. Who these prophets are we cant be sure but obviius ones like budda krishna tao eetc cause they taught the same type of laws in the koran. the only thing we know fo
  17. I wil provide u with a few hadiths and there are many. Secondly u say were were a former sunni i have doubts as many shia in forums use this taqia to confuse. Lastly the verse in the koran u want me to read has no relevance to the subject?? here are the hadith and im sure youll not be satisfied but read them enjoy Hadith 1 "Awf ibn Malik reported that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, 'The Jews split into 71 sects: one will enter Paradise and 70 will enter Hell. The Christians split into 72 sects: 71 will enter Hell and one will enter Paradise. By Him in Whose hand is my soul, my Ummah wil
  18. Unity cannot happen i will never compromise the sahaba and im a moderate. Respect tolerence ,coexistence yes we should be peacefull but to unify this cannot and will never occur. The prophet told us islam will divide into 73 sects and 72 will be in hellfire. They asked him who is this saved group the prophet said they will be the jammaa ( the majority). also i dont believe yr scholers when they say not to curse sahaba this is just a trick to decieve sunnis and infiltrate them with their system. its like cheese for the mouse. everyones entitled to their belief and lakum dinukum walia deen. You
  19. Talk about Dr Doom and Gloom this guys a nutcase These are my predictions Britney spears will become muslim Prince harry will confirm hes gay Americans make iran their top tourist destination Lebanon will conqer israel Nassralah Marries livni The Aztecs retake Brazil
  20. hes a well known sunni and has denied he converted to shia. What else to u want him to do stand on his head and spin to convince you . So far on this web sight since ive been here ive heard my favourite scholer Habib ali converted heard son of abdul baset converted heard son of yousef qardawi converted and found every one of these to be false. I will never believe your sources any more unless i do my own research and hear from the accused themselves.
  21. ive always had a negative idea on ismailis but i didnt know they dont curse sahaba. i will change my view on them from know ill respect them.
  22. im not a salafi and the answer to yr question lies in percentages. there are shia scholers who hold sunnis to be kaffir and sunni scholers who hold shia kaffir. If u do any research u will find they are in a minority. Most sunni and shia scholers do not make takfir. Look at the positive side and not what comes from a few fanatics. However we do have serious differences and most of these are not up for negotiation and never will be. However a muslim is a muslim and Allah is the judge. if any one tells u another is going to hell ask him to show u the keys to the gates of paradise. If he says he
  23. Sis Fatima congrats on been a follower of Sheikh Nazim im one also. May Allah swt give him long life
  24. Yes it is the same looney source that lied before our egyptian local mufti contacted the egyptian office of qaradwais spokesman and he was told the whole story is rubbish.
  25. Wouldnt surprise me they made up a whopping tale about Habib Ali Jiffri converting turned out to be false then they made up the son of reciter abdul baset son yasir converting after seeing a dream .Yassir Abdulbaset runs an ahlusunnah tv program and is still a devout sunni. Now their telling us qaradawis son converted i bet after a few weeks well find its another tale. there seems to be a new wierd game going on
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