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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Aleykum,

    I'm guessing you are Lebanese because of your Shia Chat display picture. Im Lebanese as well, and its nice to meet you. Where are you from in Lebanon exactly?

  2. hiii,

    hav'nt spoke for a long time.

    how are u >

    Still in Afrika ?

    Or are u going to lebanon in the summer ?

    Hope u will have a good time there

    bye bye

  3. salam everybody, if i had to vote , i would vote for ossama saad. If said hassan was on the list i would vote for him ( Allah yi7mi ) lol. salam
  4. please pass this message to all muslims fighting 4 Palestine aginset Israel have asked all muslims to please read the chapter 48 " Al Fath" of the Noble Quran tonight(its not long at all!) ask Allah for His help & victory in the ongoing war

  5. salam 3alaikom

    how are you???

    i'm in lebanon at the moment. how is ur studying going??

  6. salam br.,

    Yeah my uncle was there , but he's in lebanon now. I have a nefew there now he 's name is ahmad too. Anyway take care , w salem 3a lebnan lol.


  7. Salam, Sometimes i go jog with my sister in the park. I did fitniss to for 3 months , but it was inside i liked it alot. I want to go agian . ws
  8. salam, Inshallah this meating will lead to something good, but i don't think so . There are still many problems between Hezballah and Mosta2bal . Aspecially in Beirut. But u never know. ws
  9. Heyzzz, how's everything ? Ana seret moghtareb 3an Lebnen kamein... Hehehehe...

  10. (salam) , No way, inshallah i will find out than the one i love is gay . ws
  11. (salam) brother, Well you should read Ahadiths of the imam (as) and the profhets (as) . And read the Qraan wel. Thats what the bro/and sisters have gaven me as tip, to let my iman be more even if there are people around me who dont even believe there is an Allah (swt) . Good luck ! Inshallah it will work. ws
  12. (salam) , I would read and teach them about islam so that they would become good muslims. And that they would go to school, and finisch their education. Inshallah). ws
  13. (salam) , Well actually i'am an Arabic muslim, i can talk arabic. But the problem is i dont understand the arabic of the Qraan, and the Dua's , but inshallah i will . I think people who are muslim but not arabic like Irinian people for example should learn arabic because it's the language of the Qraan and of the dua;s and of the Prophets and imams. But ofcourse being a good muslim is more important than that. Bacause you ca be a good muslim without understanding the arabic language. But i know many non arabic muslims are learning arabic , and doing their best ( Allah jit2abal minhon ) machal
  14. (salam) , The Isrealen people said he Killed the Girl. But actually they did and killed her father too . they only said that so it would be an exuces to get samir in prision. And to show the hole world that he is an murder, and that they have the right to put him in prision. Samir and his friends where in the boat to go to Isreal to kidnap Isrealen soldiers or something so that the Isrealen people who give pack their friends that wheir in that time prisoned by Isreal. But unfornunatly his plan didnt work , and the isrealen people killed all Samir's friends, and shooted Samir 3 or 4 times and M
  15. Bismiallah al-rahmaan al - Rahiem, AlShe3eyah : i wish you the best and good luck. And ofcourse Allah (swt) will be with you . ws ;)
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