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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalaam,Im Ali..I hav seen a Surah-e-Nade-e-Ali on ur post,...do u have any other surah in sameway...coz iam looking for Surah Yaseen as a Wallpaper so that i can print it and distribute at nearby mosque....if u have any Surahs as a picture please do email me at bobbydon@gmail.com....wasalaam

  2. u is banned, and i am talking to you! :!!!: lol sorry

  3. ^ Ali, control or dispose off your admins and their pawn mods. They have screwed with every decent member that i know of.
  4. Hey Zareen, i am just curious. When i say that i am not gonna vote for Obama, why do Obama supporters call me a racist?
  5. "iraqi" shia? are you not asian? thanks :D FYI i am european, since i am Turk. Thank you again :!!!: just because you were born in london dont make you european. you are a fob from iraq and forever be one. deal with it.
  6. (salam) sad news indeed. unfortunately its very hard to find a person in NY after he or she gets lost.
  7. Bro i don't believe you unless you have remembered Quran by heart & i have read Quran many times yet i can't remember it much.
  8. lool bro are you serious? at first when i looked at it, It felt so hilarious, but suddenly, i lost that feeling quickly. Its like watching a Steve Carrel movie, that Evan Almighty dude.
  9. Well said. I totally agree with you on this. There is no point of unity with these bunch.
  10. [Note from Mod: Please refrain from making personal attacks against other members.]
  11. I just upped your rating.

  12. keep up the great work

  13. ok this thread is hilarious. If Quran is not created, then what is it? Is it the Creator? :sick: haram biddah shirk kufr! you are defending the person whose presence even Prophet SAW couldn't bear for long and looked the other way or asked her to leave his presence? are these people any different to pagan arabs, pre-islamic?
  14. I have strong feelings regarding this issue. A shia girl marrying a sunni guy is just as bad as Umm Khultum (as) marrying Omar (--) which although didn't happen but does evoke some bad feelings whenever the subject is discussed. (wasalam)
  15. Yeah ismailis need people with references, with connections, with money, otherwise they wont let you in. Without proof they wont even hand you paychecks, so whats the point of converting to their faith?
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