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    khuram reacted to Musafir-E-Shaam in am i allowed 2 marry a syed   
    if you consider marrying a syed girl when you are a non-syed, think twice about it. By you doing so you will stop the syed heritage.
    have a read of this article http://www.hubeali.com/articles/Marriage-of-Syedani-with-Non-Syed.pdf
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    khuram reacted to aliunwalliulla wajib in am i allowed 2 marry a syed   
    like i have said malangs are halalis and don't marry their mothers and malangs don't lie even if they are hung from trees and have their tongues cut out like haz meesum e tamar(a.r) you say you went to www.hubeali.com and read and found nothing which supports my views,well here is an extract from that website from their file artical-sayyidzadi marriage to non sayid is haram;
    In brief, Isa bin Zaid Bin Imam Zain – Al – Abideen (as) was into hiding and got married with the daughter of the person he was living with who did not know that Isa bin Zaid (ra) was a Syed. A daughter was born and on reaching the marriageable age his wife got the message for the son of a well to do person who did watering services. Isa’s (ra) wife happily asked him for approval however, Isa (ra) got highly upset as he could not disclose his identity as being Syed. His wife’s continued insistence became unbearable and he prayed for the death of his daughter as a help from Allah (swt), and she died freeing him of his worries. But sorrow over came him for the reason that he could not tell her that she was the daughter of a Syed and not an ordinary labourer. And so her marriage was not valid being a none ‘kufv’. This incident is quoted in Umdat – Ul – Matalab page 278, Zaid Shaheed by Ayatullah Abd – Ar – Razzaq Najfi P177, muqaatlut-talibeen, and Chouda (fourteen) Sitaaray by Allama Syed Najamul – Hassan Kararvi page 309.
    this is what i was referring to the "stories that don't probably exit"according to you, you have probably read it with your eyes closed now go back and be honest i know it is difficult for one who follows the "new age prophets" you marjas,i say this when ever i have discussions with an assooli's and i quote from the holy quran and the saying of the prophet Mohammad(saw) and ahle Mohammad(asws) the assoolies in return quote from tauziel and maraja's,therefore i take that to mean that the quran of the assoolii is tauziel and their prophet must be the marajas.
    Now come all you assoolies be honest and go and read the true facts reguarding the haram act of sayyidzadi marring a non sayid, for it will stop you all committing a very big act of haram it is for your own good ,there is plenty to read on this subject although concise ,there is a saying in urdu which translates as"for human a hint is enough and for an ass a stick"read and then see which are you a human or an ass(donkey)mothers are haram to marry and sayyidzdi's are of the status in respect of mothers for non sayyids,read all about the "kuff" and "status" and "sadakah" which i always quote in this argument ,all these point of great sharial importence are easy for halali born to understand,and require lots of time and effort by other to understand,DONT! reply back until you have read all the article at WWW.HUBEALI.COM
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    khuram reacted to Marbles in How many Languages you know...........   
    List them, including the 0.5 one :angel:
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    khuram reacted to _jen_ in Muslim youth and Homosexuality   
    Homosexuality has always existed and will always exist. The only difference now is that (besides you guys on this thread) us muslim youth are more informed on the causes of the problem, and the stuggles one has to take to overcome their sexuality. So we are not trying to justify homosexualiy or softening it as a sin, but we are more willing to understand it than scream "HARAAM". I think this is the change in attitude that you are observing.
    Homosexuality must be discussed. Its about time the muslim community stop pretending it doesnt exist...because it does. I know muslims from my own mosque who are gay, and being harsh with them, isolating them, does not help. In fact it will probably encourage them to leave Islam and try find less harsh company.
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    khuram reacted to Doctor_Naqvi in Never bring your gf home if ur asian   
    I think they are Punjabi and Pakistani too.Accent of Punjabi is Lahori. It looks like the recording of stage show is being done.Truely pathetic.

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    khuram reacted to shiasoldier786 in Never bring your gf home if ur asian   
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    khuram reacted to labbaik_khamenai in Syed women marry non syed   
    Malangs are a product of Sindhi/Punjabi landlords and Indian nawabs' masti with their maids ... they want to cover all this up with their silly interpretation of madhab ...
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    khuram reacted to labbaik_khamenai in Syed women marry non syed   
    Yes man ... She is shia and according to one definition given by a brother , she is the mother of paak kids ... I wonder how he came up with this definition :S.... Syed /Non Syed if they follow the path of Allah and Ahlulbayt then they are the real sons and daughters of Imam Ali and Syeda Fatima and if you dont follow the path of Allah and Ahlulbayt , even if you are the brother of an Imam , you will be called Jafar-e-Kazzzab ( I am sure you guys have heard of the Story of Jafar-e-Kazzab who was then known as Jafar-e-tawwab because he did tawbah )
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    khuram reacted to UndercoverBrother in Syed women marry non syed   
    Bro I went on this site and it was a good article but they didnt deal with the mariage of miqdad.
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    khuram reacted to aliunwalliulla wajib in Syed women marry non syed   
    pak bibi s.a (allhuma salle alle Mohammadin wa ale Mohammad)was married ti haz Abdullah son of haz Jaffar e tayar a.s hashmi sayyid
    get your facts right before commenting and visit www.hubeali.com then talk!
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    khuram reacted to aliunwalliulla wajib in Syed women marry non syed   
    malangs are halali's who dont marry their mothers and rely on maula ALI IBN ABU TALIB a.s for help only.marrage is an religious obligation therefore for all halali's and i challenge all others to go to www.hubeali.com
    and read the topic on why it is haram for sayidzadi to marry a non sayed
    i know only hahli's will look it up because of the saying of the holy prophets(saw)that only hahali born can love ALI IBN ABU TALIB a.s therefore i am asking every one to go and read this which is profoundly detailed and very very informative will answer all your questions because it is by true malangs of maula ALI IBN ABU TALIB a.s,you can give yourself an dna test at the same time,if reading this helps you to love maula ALI IBN ABU TALIB a.s then thank you mother for she as born you a hahali this par with another saying of the holy prophet(saw)
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    khuram reacted to UndercoverBrother in Syed women marry non syed   
    Did miqdad actually marry a Syeda then or not, also are these hadiths true
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    khuram reacted to Your-Best-Friend in Syed women marry non syed   
    Marriage between Syed and Non-Syed is permissible.....thats all!
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    khuram reacted to fyst in Syed women marry non syed   
    But that is because you have always been a jaahil.
    And don't expect any malangs to come help you here. When it comes to knowledge of Islamic shariah, malangs are even less useful than a mirage in a desert.
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    khuram reacted to UndercoverBrother in Syed women marry non syed   
    ^^Syed women are the mother of the beleivers they are paak and paakeeza
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    khuram reacted to UndercoverBrother in Syed women marry non syed   
    [ 25058 ] 2 Ü æÚä ÚÏÉ ãä ÃÕÍÇÈäÇ ¡ Úä ÃÍãÏ Èä ãÍãÏ Èä ÚíÓì ¡ Úä Úáí Èä ÇáÍßã ¡ Úä åÔÇã Èä ÓÇáã ¡ Úä ÑÌá ¡ Úä ÃÈí ÚÈÏÇááå ( Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã ) Åä ÑÓæá Çááå ( Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå ) ÒæÌ ÇáãÞÏÇÏ ÇÈä ÇáÇÓæÏ ÖÈÇÚÉ ÈäÊ ÇáÒÈíÑ Èä ÚÈÏ ÇáãØáÈ ¡ Ëã ÞÇá : ÅäøãÇ (1) ÒæÌåÇ ÇáãÞÏÇÏ áÊÊÖÚ ÇáãäÇßÍ ¡ æáÊÊÃÓæÇ ÈÑÓæá Çááå ( Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå ) ¡ æáÊÚáãæÇ Ãä ÃßÑãßã ÚäÏ Çááå ÃÊÞÇßã ¡ æßÇä ÇáÒÈíÑ ÃÎÇ ÚÈÏÇááå æÃÈí ØÇáÈ áÇÈíåãÇ æÇãåãÇ .
    And from a group of our companions from Ahmad b. Muhammad b. `Isa from `Ali b. al-Hakam from Hisham b. Salim from a man from Abu `Abdillah (as): Verily the Messenger of Allah (sawa) married al-Miqdad b. al-Aswad to Daba`a the daughter of az-Zubayr b. `Abd al-Muttalib. Then he said: He only married her to al-Miqdad that the women be humbled, and that by the Messenger of Allah (sawa) you be founded (?), and that you know that the noblest of you with Allah is the most pious of you. And az-Zubayr was the brother of `Abdullah and Abu Talib by their father and mother.
    25057 ] 1 Ü ãÍãÏ Èä íÚÞæÈ ¡ Úä Úáí Èä ÅÈÑÇåíã ¡ Úä ÃÈíå ¡ Úä ÇáÍÓä Èä Úáí Èä ÝÖÇá ¡ Úä ËÚáÈÉ Èä ãíãæä ¡ Úä ÚãÑæ Èä ÃÈí ÈßÇÑ ¡ Úä ÃÈí ÈßÑ ÇáÍÖÑãí ¡ Úä ÃÈí ÚÈÏÇááå ( Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã ) ÞÇá : Åä ÑÓæá Çááå ( Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå ) ÒæÌ ÇáãÞÏÇÏ Èä ÇáÇÓæÏ ÖÈÇÚÉ ÇÈäÉ ÇáÒÈíÑ Èä ÚÈÏ ÇáãØáÈ ¡ æÇäãÇ ÒæøÌå áÊÊøÖÚ ÇáãäÇßÍ ¡ æáíÊÃÓøæÇ ÈÑÓæá Çááå ( Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå ) ¡ æáíÚáãæÇ Ãä ÃßÑãåã ÚäÏ Çááå ÃÊÞÇåã .
    æÑæÇå ÇáÔíÎ ÈÅÓäÇÏå Úä ãÍãÏ Èä íÚÞæÈ ¡ ãËáå (1) .
    1 – Muhammad b. Ya`qub from `Ali b. Ibrahim from his father from al-Hasan b. Faddal from Tha`laba b. Maymun from `Amr b. Abi Bakr from Abu Bakr al-Hadrami from Abu `Abdillah (as). He said: Verily the Messenger of Allah (sawa) married al-Miqdad b. al-Aswad to Daba`a the daughter of az-Zubayr b. `Abd al-Muttalib. And he only married him that the women be humbled, and that by the Messenger of Allah (sawa) they (pl. masc.) be founded (?, possibly i.e.: that by the Messenger they have a precedent set), and that they would know that the noblest of them with Allah is the most pious of them.
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    khuram reacted to UndercoverBrother in im a syed girl.....   
    “Prophet (pbuh) looked at the children of Ali (as) and Jaffar (ra) and said;
    “OUR daughters are for OUR sons and OUR sons for OUR daughters”;
    Please sister do not fall into the trap of the shaytan
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    khuram reacted to aliunwalliulla wajib in im a syed girl.....   
    absolutely right!
    maula salaamat rakhay
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    khuram reacted to aliunwalliulla wajib in im a syed girl.....   
    you say you are from a sayyid family and are going through rough time in life,i promise you one thing if you look at your ancestors life such as your mother sayedh nisa ul aleem(s.a)(allahuma salle ala Mohammadan wa alhe Mohammed) daughter of the holy prophets(saw) then your troubles will seem irrelevant and also your ancestors were responsible for teaching mankind the virtue of life especially halal and haram, you say you have been bough up to believe such union are haram i am sure your subconscious mind is telling you it is wrong just as if you were to commit any haram act and for your sake i hope you are strong enough to resist this haram temptation as you would if you were offered flash of swine to eat.
    What your going through is not just personal dilemma but an attempt by shaitan(la) to lead you astray as a sayyidzadi the burden of upholding your father honour is greater then other females because Allah(swt) has granted the sayyid's a great status which carry greater rewards and even greater chastisement for sins,think carefully ask pak bibi Zahra(s.a))(allahuma salle ala Mohammadan wa alhe Mohammed) for guidence to the right path this is done with 2 rakat namaz e hajaat the then pray for guidance or ask a true bazurgh sayyid and not any mulla.
    good luck
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    khuram reacted to Marbles in im a syed girl.....   
    You are either a sayyed or you're not. You can't be half or quarter sayyed. It's not race or ethnicity. The rule is that if your father is not a sayyed, you are not a sayyed.
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    khuram reacted to UndercoverBrother in Hezbollah blames U.S. for all terrorism.   
    you guys are being very shallow minded about this manifesto, do some analysis on what is really being said behind all the rhetoric
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    khuram reacted to UndercoverBrother in Hezbollah's new manifesto   
    Hezbollah comes clean. Al-Hamdulillah, truth will always prevail! Those who use Islam for worldly gains eventually find it too costly to hold on to it. Finally my point proven after years of trying to tell you guys Hezbollah has lost its way ideologically and is being watered down and reformed from its original starting point (which was a sincere one) and althought they will still do some form of ressistance (which everyone supports no matter how messed up they might be) they are no longer Enjoining good and forbidding evil but instead have joined and taken part in evil i.e. the politicol process.
    Lebanon's Hezbollah group announced a new political strategy on Monday that tones down Islamist rhetoric.
    Lebanon's Hezbollah group announced a new political strategy on Monday that tones down Islamist rhetoric.
    Hezbollah's first manifesto in 1985 called for the establishment of Islamic rule in Lebanon, but the party leadership has toned down its rhetoric in recent years as it gained political clout.
    Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, who read the new political document at a news conference, said it was time the group introduced pragmatic changes without dropping its commitment to an Islamist ideology.
    "People evolve. The whole world changed over the past 24 years. Lebanon changed. The world order changed," he said via a video link.
    Stressing a history of struggle against Israel, the 32-page document said Hezbollah had to remain alert and wary of Israel: "Israel represents a constant threat and an impending danger to Lebanon."
    Nasrallah, reading from the document, said U.S. arrogance prevented Hezbollah and other Arabs and Muslims from forging a friendship with the United States.
    Nasrallah accused Washington of being the world's leading exporter of terrorism and urged nations around the globe to stand up against such a threat.
    "There is no question that American terrorism is the origin of all terrorism around the world," said Nasrallah.
    He said former US president George W. Bush had turned the United States into a threat for the rest of the world.
    "If a survey were to be held today, the United States would be the most hated nation in the world," said Nasrallah, who lives in hiding for fear of Israeli assassins and rarely appears in public.
    "Standing up to the US threat must be a worldwide effort," he added. "This is a delicate and difficult task ... and one that will involve generations to come."
    "Global model"
    Nasrallah said Hezbollah needed to keep its arms in Lebanon.
    "The ongoing Israeli threat forces the resistance to continue to boost its capacity ... in order to fulfill its role in liberating occupied territory," Nasrallah told reporters.
    "The Israeli threat ... calls for Lebanon to have a defence strategy built on the presence of a popular resistance that helps to defend the country against Israeli aggression and a national army that protects the country and its stability."
    Nasrallah said a new political document for Hezbollah was needed to cope with events since the last manifesto in 1985, when Hezbollah was more of an armed resistance group fighting Israeli occupation forces.
    Nasrallah said Hezbollah has become a global model of how to fight occupation.
    "Our problem with them is not that they are Jews, but that they are occupiers who are raping our land and holy places," Nasrallah said.
    Hezbollah was formed during Israel's invasion of Lebanon in 1982. It came out into the open as a mainly guerrilla group in 1985 but quickly began establishing social and medical networks in Lebanon.
    Hezbollah members first entered parliament in 1992 and in 2005 the group it had its first government minister, completing its rehabilitation as a political party.
    Resistance by Hezbollah were instrumental in Israel's withdrawal from south Lebanon in 2000 after a 22-year occupation.
    Israel attacked the group in 2006 that that cost Lebanon a heavy civilian toll but failed to defeat its guerrilla force on the ground.
    Nasrallah, 49, has headed Hezbollah since 1992 when his predecessor, Abbas Moussaoui, was killed in an Israeli helicopter raid. The party has participated in the Lebanese government since 2005.
    Hezbollah holds 10 seats in Lebanon's 30-member unity government formed by Prime Minister Saad Hariri.
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    khuram reacted to UndercoverBrother in How Different Are Lebanon's Martyrs From Our Own?   
    An interesting thought is: are hizbullah a religious party covered with nationalistic symbols, or are they a nationalistic party covered in religious garb...?
    The article by Austin Mackell reports:
    Hezbollah's secretary general Hassan Nasrallah take time to point out that they honoured that day not just their fighters, but all who had died defending the Lebanese nation, thereby including the Christians, communists and other fighters that participated in the struggle?
    What is this nonsense? HezbAllah, despite its name (Party of Allah) is mired in nationalism. They parade with the Lebanese flag, sit in the Lebanese parliament and even share power in its kufr Government. No wonder its original founders have disowned them!
    Nationalism is not - and never can be - a part of Islam. It's like pork, riba and zina: haraam. The Holy Prophet (S), who was not known for using such language usually, compared nationalism to maggots crawling around in camel dung. He (S) used such graphic language to indicate his extreme disgust with this phenomenon.
    Please note that I am NOT asserting that it is prohibited to defend oneself against enemies (especially against Israeli imperialism). But that is NOT the same as the Godless ideology of nationalism. HezbAllah will never achieve any lasting good until it breaks from this ideology and resolves to base itself SOLELY on the Aqeeda (basic beliefs)of Islam - its Qur'an and Sunna
    Nor do I deny that HezbAllah has countless courageous martyrs, who died with the intention of serving Allah (SWT). But my point is that HezbAllah does not honour these martyrs by refusing to break from nationalism, which is 100% based in kufr. This is NOT the same as saying that HezbAllah and its members and leaders are kuffar, simply that the organisation is animated in part by ideas alien to Islam. It is Allah (SWT) alone who decides who is a kafir, based on their intentions.
    * We're often told that Islam promotes a 'martyrdom culture' completely foreign to our humanist, life-celebrating tradition. After spending Remembrance Day in Beirut, Austin G Mackell is not so sure
    It's the eleventh of the eleventh. A few thousand people are gathered in an auditorium to remember those lost in battle. The front few rows are reserved for veterans, a small roped-off section for journalists tucked behind them, followed by row upon row of ordinary people who have come to pay their respects. Behind the stage are pictures of the fallen, leaders and ordinary fighters, one of them has such young features — he couldn't have been more than a teenager. Alongside the pictures of the fallen are some doves in flight and the image of a nameless fighter, a rifle hanging from his shoulders and a floppy hat upon his head, silhouetted against a blue sky with a scattering of puffy white clouds.
    A prayer is read. A commander barks orders and the band starts up (it does not play Waltzing Matilda). They march their way to the front to the rhythm of a boisterous military tune. The music stops long enough for a wreath to be laid. Every one stands for the national anthem, then sits down and readies themselves for the over-long speeches praising the courage of those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live in peace.
    The scene is Martyrs' Day, held yearly in Lebanon on 11 November to mark the anniversary of the 1982 suicide mission of Ahmad Jaafar Qassir, the baby-faced killer who was pictured behind the stage. At 10 minutes to seven in the morning, as Israeli soldiers were returning from night patrols, the 19-year-old Qassir drove a Peugeot loaded with explosives to the Tyre headquarters of the Israeli military's occupation force in south Lebanon, killing 75 soldiers, border policemen, and Shin Bet agents as well as an unconfirmed number of Lebanese (probably between 14-27) being held prisoner within. It was the first of a long string of suicide attacks, that along with conventional guerrilla war tactics and international and internal pressure on the Israeli government, lead to the withdrawal of Israeli forces from almost all Lebanese territory in 2000.
    It can be assumed that the date of the attack was not chosen to coincide with the "Remembrance Day" that we celebrate, and so the timing of the ceremony can be thought of as a coincidence. However the other similarities — the flowers, the marching band, the elevation of sacrifice — cannot be so easily dismissed.
    Many so-called experts on the Middle East like to go on at length about an obsession with martyrdom that they say is unique to Islam. Once they've finished denouncing the depravity of this position, they generally use it as a reason why negotiation is impossible: You can't talk to these people — they're crazy. You can read such rants, here and here. These accounts usually fail to mention the fact that suicide bombing was a tactic pioneered by the primarily Hindu Tamil Tigers. They also fail to mention the culture of celebrating martyrs present in all societies, and indeed their own.
    There is nothing foreign or incomprehensible about honouring those who died for their country. It's what we in Australia do as a nation twice a year. On ANZAC Day, in which I have marched many times wearing my grandfather's medals, rememberance of the dead is only part of the ceremony — the part where we lower the flags as the march passes the cenotaph — but on Remembrance Day it is the main event.
    Some may object to this comparison, saying that the promises of paradise and virgins fed to the young Muslim men and women who choose to become human delivery systems for rudimentary but powerful bombs rob their actions of the respectability of those who died for the secular cause of their nation. Why then does it say on my grandfather's Military Cross "for God and Empire"? And, if martyrdom is such a Muslim thing, why, when he spoke to the Martyr's Day crowd, did Hezbollah's secretary general Hassan Nasrallah take time to point out that they honoured that day not just their fighters, but all who had died defending the Lebanese nation, thereby including the Christians, communists and other fighters that participated in the struggle?
    The truth is that in both cases there is a mix of nationalist and religious symbolism used to justify these sacrifices. Hezbollah and their supporters may emphasise the religious element more than we do, but existing as they do in a much more religious society, it would be strange if they did not. That greater emphasis seems to me, however, to be more a difference in symbolism and rhetoric than one of emotional content, which fundamentally celebrates the same thing.
    People who would cling to the idea that our martyrs are different to theirs may argue that suicide bombers do not, as such, die fighting — rather they fight by dying. But in Lebanon the term martyr is not reserved for suicide bombers, it applies to all who die for the cause. Besides, does choosing to fight with little or no chance at personal survival make your act less heroic? The number of Victoria Crosses awarded posthumously suggests Australians don't think so.
    Of course it is not just Australia and Hezbollah who dedicate a day each year to their fallen. There are martyrs days in India, Burma, Panama, Uganda, Tibet, Kashmir Azerbaijan and other places. As Baruch Kimmerling writes in his article on Israel's own culture of martyrdom "Nations like to imagine themselves as unique, but one belief they have in common is that it is noble to die in their name."
    To be fair, however, I must admit I have been focussing so far on the similarities, rather than the differences between these two traditions, and there were differences. There was no one minute's silence for the fallen — on the contrary there were times when the crowd rose to its feet and began chanting slogans. The wreath, rather tackily, was a Hezbollah flag composed of yellow flowers and green plastic. Nasrallah's speech was far longer and more overtly political than would have been acceptable at an Australian Remembrance Day ceremony. And the marching band weren't that good.
    The difference that struck me most however, was the absence of a reference to "our brave young men and women" fighting today on the battlefields of some far-off country. This difference, of course, can be attributed to the fact that Hezbollah's fighters, unlike Australia's soldiers, are not, at time of writing at least, waging war against anyone.
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    khuram reacted to Aafreen in Supreme Court strikes down NRO   
    This is an excellent decision that paves the way for undoing the decades of abuse of law that has been committed out of expediency in the name of the doctrine of necessity or the safeguarding the state.
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    khuram reacted in Marriage Website   
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