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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    khuram reacted to baradar_jackson in Ayatullah Hussein Ali Muntazari died   
    Montazeri was a disgruntled politician.
    A lot of Iranians like to glorify him, simply for the reason that he was the unrealized dream (in the same way that Mosaddegh was).
    But looking at the facts, you will see that he only started denouncing the political doctrine of VF after he fell out of favour with Emam Khomeini. To me, that sounds like self-interest and nothing more. He lost to Khamenei and was bitter about it.
    And of course, a lot of his rulings in the past 20 years have been very politically motivated (i.e. "anything that is done with the intent to overthrow the regime is permissible").
    You are right, he gets a lot of venom from the supporters of the leader. And his work during the revolution is downplayed. But by the same token you can say that the opposers of the leader erroneously glorify him and elevate him to a status which he does not deserve.
    In any case... inna lilah wa inna ilayhi rajoon
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    khuram reacted to ShiaBen in Ayatullah Hussein Ali Muntazari died   
    Believe me a lot of people will be happy tonight in a strange way. Strange night to die on as well.
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    khuram reacted to shiasoldier786 in sistani   
    and you should say Ayatollah Sistani (HA) not just call him by his name.
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    khuram reacted to Khamanei_Rahbar in sistani   
    why does he talk against the west?
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    khuram reacted to shiasoldier786 in sistani   
    whats wrong with coming to the UK for treatment?
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    khuram reacted to Khamanei_Rahbar in sistani   
    [Link Removed]
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    khuram reacted to Khamanei_Rahbar in KHUMAYNIS COFFIN   
    calm down, i follow khumayn (ra)........im asking what happened? it was a question, if youre gonna get emotional stay out of the thread.
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    khuram reacted to Khamanei_Rahbar in KHUMAYNIS COFFIN   
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    khuram reacted to Khamanei_Rahbar in KHUMAYNIS COFFIN   
    [Link Removed]
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    khuram got a reaction from TheHealer in Muslim youth and Homosexuality   
    how can they even think about it , akkh thu 
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    khuram reacted to guest 34193 in Muslim youth and Homosexuality   
    So based on what you sense of some guy's inconsistency from an internet forum you'd throw out a sahih hadith from your religion? And all the many others that affirm some form of capital punishment for this offense?
    As to my saying I don't advocate carrying out this verdict here that's me trying to be careful for the people reading this. The application of the hudud in general require the fulfillment of their proper conditions in being carried out that we, living in a country not ruled by Shari`a law, do not have. So, I want to be cautious that folks don't get the wrong idea from what I'm posting here that they aught to take the law in their own hands and go beat the crud out of some local queers. As to the law itself, it's pretty much undeniable if you have the least care about being honest to your religion. Or would you prefer to just ignore any objectivity to the evidence at hand and make up our own rules instead?
    We need only read this and the many other hadiths that lay out what Islam prescribes for the offense of lawat. It isn't really abstract and obtuse here, no matter how much you might like to obscure it.
    You can verfiy in Majlsi yourself if you like, but yes he lists it as sahih. Even if you ignore this one, you still have the multitude of others hadiths from our Imams (as), with different chains attached, that teach us the hudud for this crime. And of course you have what Allah tells us in His book about the people of Lut (as) and what happened to them.
    You can think whatever you like of me, but it's completely irrelevant to the issue at hand. As is the fact that the kuffar around you have become openly accepting of something Allah hates (even according to their own religion). Fact is, your religion prescribes this punishment for those who commit this offense. Now it's your choice to deal with that. It's not necessary to be able to carry out the full scope of the Law in order to learn a lesson from it. In this case, it's a crime for which a person may be executed, hence, we should understand from that there's no room for us to be softening up on it in terms of our own personal perspectives as to its gravity and consequences.
    See let me tell you something about myself in this regard. After I converted to Islam, this was one of the hardest issues I had to deal with. I don't mean the punishment for this, at that point I didn't really know about it, I mean the fact that this is even considered a sin. Not because of my own proclivities, but because my background was one that was very open and accepting of the gay lifestyle. My mother had a number of close male friends who were gay so I was exposed to it a fair bit, and add to that my own (at that time) more radical, leftist tendencies, and I was one who would strenuously (before it became the popular thing to do) argue for the acceptance of this. Come to Islam though, and I find it being strongly condemned. So, I had to make a choice. Do I believe in this religion or not? And if I do, then I have to actually accept that God knows way better than I do. Once He and His Messenger (pbuh) decree a law, I am nobody to object to it. And if I find myself with any disagreement in my heart about it, it's me who needs to change, not the Law as I am not the lawgiver. Fast forward now a decade and a half later and I don't have any issue with this law. Reason being was that once I put aside my own prejudices on the matter, accepted the authority of the religion's laws over us, and actually researched this issue, I came to realize that actually yes, this is a very serious crime that needs to be dealt with in a serious manner.
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    khuram reacted in Muslim youth and Homosexuality   
    You don't have to be comfortable with this and being uncomfortable does not = homophobia. Homophobia is outright contempt and hatred which fuels irrational behavior and to suggest that it is an irrelevant term is simultaneously ignorant and dismissive of the plight of gays and lesbians who have been subjected to the fruits of this irrationality. Not only does it make light of that glaring reality, it also dismisses the fear some people have of a man who they believe behaves too "feminine" or a woman who isn't feminine enough which has resulted in deep psychological scars for both children and adults and is a direct result of rampant homophobia in society. Yes it does exist and we need to acknowledge and address that.. if you want to dismiss that as condescendingly enlightened or apologetically progressive.. well that says more about you than it does about the issue at hand.
    Also, it is an expression of love and you can't take that away from them no matter how much you disagree with it. Love is love and you can't restrict it to something between a man and a woman even if this family structure is (in my opinion) essential for a healthy society. I am not even going to address the rest of your rubbish about how you feel the need to counter argue against humanism by pointing out Islam wants us to burn homosexuals. Lets just say you aren't being particularly helpful.
    It is something that is accepted as an alternate sexuality to heterosexuality :huh:. The term makes perfect sense unless you are an imbecile "m8." Why didn't you add bestiality to the list since you had already decided to be illogical?
    Imam Khomenei should have studied that issue a tad more because that theory is.. well.. stupid?
    I am impressed with your knowledge ms. Naqvi :wub:
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    khuram reacted in Muslim youth and Homosexuality   
    No thanks. I'd take the findings of a palm tree more seriously than those of a christian oriented "researcher." She talks like a first year medical student because she disagrees with you.. stop pretending it has anything to do with a clever examination of context clues Sherlock. I am beginning to see why the researcher peddling his christian agenda is so much more appealing :angel:
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    khuram reacted to Doctor_Naqvi in Muslim youth and Homosexuality   
    so do ya mean that we ought to be more pious during this month and Wat about the rest of the year?Its OK according to ya to keep on bullying around throughout the year but should pretend to be a good shiite Muslim during this month. So ya think that by shunning satanic activities and being spiritually strong for just a month we're gonna be towards the path of righteousness,codswallop.
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    khuram reacted to MuhammadwuAli in Muharram wallpapers   

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    khuram reacted to Your-Best-Friend in Ahmad Faraaz ÇÍãÏ ÝÑÇÒ   
    Chalo dekhay Faraz naya saal meray muqaddar mein kiya laya hey
    Pichlay saal kameeno ne mera bohat record lagaya hey
    Shair koi bhi ho naam mera lagaya hey
    Kambakhton ko na taras meray naam per aaya hey
    Ab tou koi apnay bacchay ka naam Faraz nahi rakhay ga
    Sunnay mein tou yeh elaan bhi aaya hey
    Doosray mulk walon ko bhi heyran kerwaya hey
    Faraz konsa ajooba hey aur Pakistaniyon ne kahan se paya hey
    Itna mashhoor tou kisi ka baap bhi na tha Faraz
    Star nahi kameeno ne mujhay super star banaya hey
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    khuram got a reaction from Nimra in I need a good excuse to stop judging people...   
    birth as a muslim is not that important the important thing is to die as a muslim
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    khuram reacted to culturei in Twitter Hacked by 'Iranian Cyber Army'   
    a cowardly act, who ever did it
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    khuram reacted to Hasan110 in Power of Positive Thinking   
    Now we're getting somewhere. Some of you are finally waking up.
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    khuram reacted to khakay batool in Moharram 2009   
    waisey tu Moharram har saal hi ata hai aur hum sab aApney pasandeeda Zakir ko sunney kay liyie be-chain rehtey hain. koun kahan padh raha hai? kitna umda padh raha hai? kis kis kay ghar ja raha hai? Alim hai kay sirf khatabat hai? Mujtahid hai kay Ayatullah hai? in sab baton per khoob tabserey rehtey hain. es saal kuch mukhtalif hona chahiyie.
    kiyoun na aisa ho kay hum mien sey har ferd har majlis kay baad, aik wo baat share karey jo us kay dil mien utter gaai ho. samajh mien aAgaai ho. ya phir agar kisi baat per ekhtelaf hai tu wo share kiya jaai. zehn mien koi sawal be-daar hova ho tu wo us per behes ki jaai. koi naai riwayat sunni ho tu us per sawal kiya jaai.
    filhaal Moharram shoroo nahi hova hai es liyie hamara pehla sawal majlis kay akhri hissey key mutaAlliq hai.
    yani ye majlis kay baad "hissa ya tabarruk" kiyoun ban-ta jata hai?
    baaz majalis kay baad tu etnay umda khaney ka entezaam hota hai kay lagta hai koi party waghaira ho rahi hai. kiya aAp es say muttafiq hain ya es key khilaaf hain? kiya waqaai aisi dawat kay baghair majlis adhori reh jaaai gee ya sawab kum milay ga?
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    khuram got a reaction from shoelace in I need a good excuse to stop judging people...   
    birth as a muslim is not that important the important thing is to die as a muslim
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    khuram reacted to Newbie in [Closed/Review]Any idea?   
    People any idea what happen between these two? I don't know arabic as good as i wish. But words of this man is pretty clear. If someone says: Khamenei-nawasib, and compare him to Yazid and Saddam, he should have some good reasons for that.
    If anyone would translate this clip completely, that would be good.
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    khuram reacted to Abdaal in [Closed/Review]Any idea?   
    [Moderator's note: Please abide by the site rule regarding respect to ulama. At the very least, statements such as this should be substantiated.]
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    khuram reacted to guest 34193 in Banned Members   
    xfrodobagginsx banned. Christians and other non-Muslims and non-Shi`as are welcome on the site. What's not welcome is using it as your vehicle of proselytizing against our religion, denouncing the latter, denouncing Allah, and trying to convince Muslims to apostate and join your religion.
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    khuram reacted to aliunwalliulla wajib in am i allowed 2 marry a syed   
    RuQaYaH~ sent you a new conversation
    Subject: Warning
    Replies: 0
    Sent: Yesterday, 08:31 PM
    Salam, Insulting scholars and cursing the 3 caliphs are against the site rules and you have thereby recieved a warning. wasalaam
    may be you should name the forurm
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