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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yeah i know, even hijab is not really modest anymore where we live.
  2. Niqab is backwards, and outdated if you are living in the West. The whole point of it is modesty but in fact it just draws more attention to yourself. Maybe many hundreds of years ago you would have blended in by wearing it but not anymore and certainly not in any Western country! Modesty is more important than trying to maintain an outdated tradition.
  3. Well this is a bit weird aint it....you want to learn to approach a girl (which is haram if your religious!?) to convert her to get married. I dont think this is normal behaviour
  4. People say you only really learn how to drive after your first accident. It would have happened sooner or later so at least its done now! Main thing is you are alive and well (apart from your obviously shaken up....but that will pass). Leave it to the insurance now and remember time is a great healer! When i had my first accident...it was definately my own fault and i wrote off my parents car. After that accident my parents gave me a little pack to keep in the car...ayatul kursi and instructions on what to do incase of an accident, because in that stressful time you might not remember to exchange details or call police etc. Maybe have that sort of thing ready for next time you drive to reassure you!
  5. The best advice I can give is cut ties completely with anything and anyone associated with your addiction. Move away. Isolate yourself if you have to. The religious advice above is nice and everything, but in reality it wont work for long unless you separate entirely your clean life from your addiction life.
  6. Hi Dolmaaa Not sure if you have already run away or have definately made up your mind....but maybe you will get a chance to read this. Do you have an idea of where you will stay? Do you have money? Do you have any idea how expensive London will be ? Can you guarantee you wont end up sleeping rough? If you have accomodation sorted then that's great and you should be fine in London. If not, PLEASE do not run away I ran away and lived on the streets of London many times as a teenager and into my early twenties. I spent sometimes weeks on the streets. And I witnessed and experienced the most horrific things. As a young female you would certainly experience this too. It is not the easy option at all. It can ruin lives.
  7. Most of my friends are non muslim. I don't really find it awkward; it tends to be a lot more fun actually. Maybe the only awkward thing is when they get drunk and lose their self respect.
  8. Lol talk about quoting things out of context: I followed that sentence by saying it's up to the woman making the decision, taking into consideration her surroundings.
  9. As I said before its not up to what anyone else thinks is modest. It's up to the woman making the decision, taking into consideration her surroundings. But for me personally, if the time and place was such that everyone else was naked then a sarong would be classed as modest.
  10. Yep you got it! I definately think a sarong would draw less attention to a woman than hijab on a beach in that part of the world!
  11. What Islam says is another discussion in itself. Lots of different opinions. But in my opinion and common sense...you should adapt modesty with the time and place.
  12. You have to remember that what counts as modesty changes with time/culture. Do what YOU think is modest. Not what you are told is modest
  13. They say if you have a dream 3 times or more it will become true. Don't worry, in my opinion I not wearing hijab is not the end of the world ☺. It may give you time to focus on other parts of your character, like your confidence in being able to talk to the opposite sex as a friend. But if hijab is that important to you.. and these dreams are disturbing you, then you probably need to pray even more to Allah for help for him to guide you. Good luck!
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