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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam bro happy birthday to u

    may god bless u and keep uin his safe custody

  2. salam, happy birthday to you

  3. Salaam, I think what we have to remember here is that programme was not made for an exclusive shi'a audience, but rather the broader British public and whilst we may have enjoyed it and not been too disturbed by some of the scenes, we cannot tell the kind of effect it would have had on non-shias. If I, as a muslim, found some of it deeply disturbing then I dread to think what others made of it, I found the UK pilgrims less than eloquent and in some ways full of contradictions - even between them they didn't come up with a reason for their zanjeer and I am not sure if people noticed but the nadeem person contradicted himself, about the horse - as far as I am aware replicas and so on are not forbidden, but I think you take it to a whole new level when people start touching it and kissing it, as if some thawaab might come from it. Plus the inaquate explanation of Imam Husseins life story just made it all seem confusing, and made it look like disorganised chaos in some respects. The programme the night before was much better, the scenes of bloodshed were limited and also explained extremely well, several scholars were also interviewed and the narrator was extremely eloquent and persuasive with words. Sorry to keep going on about this, but I was initially really excited about the programme on channel 4 as I thought at long last something would be shown on mainstream television teaching both sunnis and non Muslims about why Muhurram is so important to us, instead I am sure it left people more confused if not horrified by what they saw. Perhaps from a shia perspective it is fine, we understand why people may choose to cut themselves and beat themselves to a pulp, even if we disagree with it. To everyone else it looks simply as if people are cutting themselves up in a barbaric way, whilst not wishing to sound wahabbi like about this, don't people realise they can show their love for Imam Hussein in many ways more helpful than by self harm? Look at Iraq now, surely donating all that spilt blood to hospitals would help so many more people. Wa Salaam
  4. salaam, if anything I imagine it would have firmly put in peoples minds that muslims are barbaric still - I personally only felt the Iraqi from Leeds was eloquent, the rest were immersed in role plays, dressing up horses and self flagellation, I have a friend who is very close to converting to Islam, this morning after watching that programme he told me he was extremely disturbed, Wa Salaam
  5. Salaam, I am not sure how many people were watching television in the UK last night, as there was a programme on channel four following various groups of pilgrims on their way to Kerbala for ashura, I have to say I was extremely disappointed with the programme and the end both myself and several of my friends felt deeply annoyed by what we saw and the lack of explanations, for example they kept showing scenes of people doing matam and zanjeer with no explanation - I am not here to discuss whether or not it is allowed/approved of, but rather the fact that there was no explanation of why this was being done, and I can imagine anyone wishing to learn about shi'a islam would have been left deeply horrified by scenes of men cutting their heads open with swords, people using chains with blood flowing everywhere and so on - in fact in one scene the narrator even said that the clerics in Iraq had disapproved of a group of pakistani pilgrims violently hitting themselves with swords screaming and bleeding profusely - other scenes included - people going up and actually kissing a replica horse of zuljenah and one man trying to force his little son to go up and kiss it (is this even allowed?) - a pakistani pilgrim showing his purchases of nine inch blades for zanjeer, and then telling us all they were purchasable in 6, 9 or 12 inches for the "special occassion" - the heavily scarred backs of people who had been beating themselves with chains, then claiming it didn't hurt at all - a two year old topless boy watching a home made video of his father doing matam then trying to copy it (hitting himself very very hard on his chest) at home - groups of men on the streets with their faces covered in blood hitting themselves with swords on their heads I am not here to argue the validity of such things, ultimately if people want to spill their blood in this way it is their choice (I would rather have donated it to an Iraqi hospital where blood is much needed), however I am really worried about the hugely negative impact it must have had on viewers, for even I as a shia muslim was deeply disturbed by some scenes especially those with the replica horses and so on, Wa Salaam
  6. Salaam, Some countries in the Middle East are just as racist towards Indians and Pakistanis, and if anything worse than the UK. Look at Saudi Arabia - one only has to go to their international airport to see the difference in the way they treat Gulf citizens, Europeans and Asians. Just a thought...
  7. Ex-Muslim if you spent your fasting periods looking at the clock then perhaps it is better you don't fast - for actions do indeed depend upon intent, and gluttony is well - appetising (for want of a better word) to some. However please don't use tacky humour and poor insults to the rest who choose to fast - for so far everyone has been fairly polite to you, despite your inflammatory nickname and previous comments. Fair enough you don't want to be a Muslim - your choice, nobody's perfect, but then why spend your life on an Islamic chatboard? Surely Agnostics Annonymous or something would be better suited. People come here to learn and share thoughts - not make nonsensical comments - please respect this. Ramadan Kareem to the rest! shiaboy
  8. Salaam, Khoja bashing seems to be the in thing at the moment - alhamdulillah there is one small community that is doing good for the whole shi'a world yet people just want to criticise it. People should concentrate more on ending the apathy of other communities rather than bringing down those which work the hardest. Wa Salaam
  9. the best labels have NO label. Islam does not punish you for being rich, it just encourages you to spend wisely. However it doesn't make sense to criticise people for wearing designer labels when any mosque carpark has at least a dozen ultra expensive cars!
  10. surely the thing to do is eat what you NORMALLY eat for breakfast, rather than making special arrangements. All too often people eat a large breakfast before sunrise, then break the fast with many snacks and fatty foods which they would not normally eat, but do so because they have fasted. This (to me) seems to go against the essence of Ramadan, whereby you continue to lead your life normally, and actually feel the pangs of hunger because you are FASTING!
  11. "God is dead" - Nietzsche to which someone once wrote on a wall "Nietzsche is dead" - God it says so much
  12. sorry to go off at a tangent here - I just saw those interesting facts on Gandhi - do you have any references for them as they really are a shocking contrast to what the normal perception of him is. Many thanks
  13. lol - if India is oh so good why won't they let the Kashmiris decide their own fate, like any supposed liberal democratic country ought to?
  14. yes but its just as pathetic as someone saying he is going to boycot Pakistan because 2 pakistanis once had illicit sex somewhere, and because a Pakistani man offended him - you cannot judge a school by its worst pupil - doing so is not only naive but offensive within itself.
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