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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam to all, I am looking to get a Iraq Visa for one person however I will need to give the name to a group that will be traveling.. As apparently minimum 5 are needed to obtain a Ziyarat Visa therefore is anyone going in July 2017 so I can pass on the details to gain a visa?? Any information would be much appreciated Wasalaam SS
  2. Salaam, Can someone help me to find out how I can apply for Iraqi Student Visa for me and my family - we are looking to move to Iraq to Study. What is the procedure and fees that are involved - any help will be much appreciated. Wasalaam
  3. Salaam, I have heard that the Month of Ramadan is actually the 1st Month of the Islamic Calendar and not Muharram? Can anyone provide with references if this is true? As popular belief is Muharram is the first month of the Islamic Calendar.... Kindly share your thoughts. Wasalaam
  4. Dear All, I am looking to get in touch with individuals / families from Switzerland - as I am looking to arrange a Trip for families to be accommodated in Switzerland on a budget? Any information would be appreciated. Wasalaam
  5. Salaam to all, I will be doing a 10 minute Micro Teaching Session - but need to know what I can effectively cover in 10 minutes. It can be on anything however would like to know if anyone has does this before and can give some guidance. Look forward to hearing from anyone on this topic. Wasalaam
  6. Dear Shia Californians... Are there any Shia Businesses in California, who are looking to recruit individuals? I am currently residing in London, UK and was thinking of moving to California - however a permanent Job would be a good starting point... Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. Wasalaam SS
  7. The Ink of my Heart… Why does it feel like everything has stopped With only your single touch, I have opt Let the blood in my veins carry thy message With the pen in thy right hand & the Ink of my Heart… The eyes only perceive the image of thy beauty With thy as my lifelong Aim & sense of Duty Let the image in my mind carry thy message With the pen in thy right hand & the Ink of my Heart… While Spring gives life to the fragrance of nature’s Flower Your breathing lift’s my spirits to a whole new hour Let Life’s fragrance carry thy message With the Pen in thy right hand & the ink of my Heart… ……NHS……
  8. Thank you very much for all who replied and in particular 'JOY' for her detailed input. Tbh the idea I had in mind was the following topic: The Power of the Will – Possessed by All, Utilized by Few How to Increase it in the 21st Century for Managers through the eyes of Islam I want to explore the above in light of Islam - Since there are many books & literature on Will Power in general - I will need to narrow down my topic - but the more I research the more I tend to find the above discussed maybe not together i.e. willpower + Islam + 21st Century + Managers (Leaders) So still kind of confused - I am not really looking to do research that is only for Muslims but something that anybody can read and apply but through Islamic teachings - Hope this makes sense.... Look forward to more valuable input. Wasalaam
  9. Salaam to all - am looking to embark on a PhD however I am a little confused with what Topic I should for for the during of my PhD ideally it must be Islamic related and something that will benefit all. Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated Wasalaam
  10. Salaam Brothers, I wanted to know whether there is any Hadith that tells us how to cure pre-mature ejaculation or Erectile Dyfunction? As this is a common problem with majority of men. Does Islam give us any guidelines in curing these? Any information will be appreciated Thank you Wasalaam
  11. Salaam to all, Is anyone going for Umra during the Month of Rajab? If so it would be nice to know where in Mecca and Medina you all will be staying so we can all do Umra and Ziyarat together inshAllah. Wasalaam
  12. Salaam Alaykum, Can anybody get me in touch with any Shia Brothers in Kuwait or have the contact address/website for Shia Centers in Kuwait? As I need to find accomodation ASAP! Thanks
  13. Salaam Alaykum dear all, Hope the month of fasting is coming along well inshAllah. I wanted to know whether anyone from Kuwait will be able to accommodate a brother for 2/3 days on a Visit Stay as the destination will be Lahore, Pakistan. As the stop over is in Kuwait, it would have been nice to see a bit of Kuwait City and then fly onto the final destination. Can anyone give me any contacts or know anyone who will be able to Accommodate a brother for 2/3 Days? Any help or guidance will be much appreciated, Wasalaam & Duas :angel:
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