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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I was approached by the mosque lead and he told me he was going to extend an invitation to Tawhidi based on Ammar's recommendation. His "joke" could have damned 100s of unexpecting youths and their parents.
  2. Before Ramadhan, he made the suggestion to a local mosque in Connecticut.
  3. I want to add Ammar is promoting his friend Brother Tawhidi, "If you can't afford me, Brother Tawhidi is good alternative." Ammar, Tawhidi, Yasir Habibi are all the same. One less open than the other. That's it.
  4. Ammar also said Palestinians make up most of ISIS. Not true at all. His lecture will only promote more hate, more anti-Shi'a sentiment. In fact Sunnis who are indifferent will have animosity against Shi'a after listening to this flamboyant talk. Utter stupidity on his part. No wonder all ulema from a proper Howza say to avoid this self-promoting orator. In fact with these lectures, SHIA will begin to HATE Sunnis. Imam Husain (as)'s message is completely made irrelavent by his lectures. Muharram lectures aren't about entertaining the audience. It's about enriching people's lives with u
  5. The point is -- they are two diverging report based on the same quote. Yet this organization chose to pick the report that is more favorable to their point of view even if it goes against Ayatullah Sistani ®. This is there recommendaton to the US government: http://www.umaamerica.net/article/crisis-iraq
  6. Salaamun 'Alaikum, I have MAJOR issues with this "Rapid Report", in it UMAA says Ayatullah Sistani (may Allah prolong his life) ENDORSES US and French airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. Iraq’s top Shia cleric hails foreign aid against rebels AsaianAge.com Iraq’s most important Shia religious leader Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani endorsed international intervention against ISIS in the country in a Friday sermon delivered by a representative, following US and French airstrikes, but called for strict guidelines. Not only is this a blatant lie but is dangerous act of disinformation. PRESS TV reported
  7. Had to login after years of not -- This group is founded by the same founding member of UMAA. Agha Shukat Jafri Wa Salaam, D Their latest press release on the Boston Bombings is worth reading. http://t.co/ZP4YEh0Zlj
  8. Brother Zanadine: If your advice was to teach younger brothers on how to be player -- you've done a superb job. A little tacky but well played. However, if your goal was to keep haram way from them -- you've failed miserably. In fact you've committed more haram in order to get to the Halal (the Muta Nikah). This is not the way. In fact, you've been deceitful and you went through all that trouble just to sleep with her. This my friend is an abuse of Mut'a. You've violated the essence of the law. Just to inform you -- since you've already gave probably the worst medical advice ever when sugg
  9. Asyeda, You are very mature, disregard the comments about your age. You have been ready for marriage for sometime now. Just remember the nature of marriage is progress and growth in each other's faith. Chose your spouse with that intention. Allah will take care of the rest. Many young girls have put off marriage and are now in their 30s longing for a hand to hold. Don't put yourself in that situation. Wa Salaam, Dhulfiqar
  10. For those advocating the preggo-test -- stop thinking like the 1%, 99% of world don't have access to preggo-tests.
  11. Satyaban is correct. Marriage is not the solution to his problem. His parents failed him.
  12. Are you ready to bear the responsibilities of fathering a child?
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