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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Some historians say he was captured and executed following the battle of badr in which he personally participated in, among other pagan and Quraysh notables. A wide range of reasons are given for his execution including defamation and incitement to assassination attempts against the prophet, persecution through appeals to boycott, and torturing of Muslims. Not much certainty can be established surrounding the circumstances of his death. Other reports even show him present among the defeated delegation of the battle of ta'if which occured later than Badr, even accepting Islam among other notabl
  2. Putting aside that flawed description of what drives a Muslim to act virtuously, from a philosophical viewpoint, it is humanly impossible to perform a purely, ethically altruistic action because of the very existence of a motivation for the altruistic act. It is the difference between mercy/generosity coming from God, of which He has nothing to gain and human generosity. The person helping concludes that his/her help will make someone better off than before. And it is this knowledge which makes absolute selflessness impossible, because this knowledge is in itself a utility gain to the helper.
  3. That's not answering the question. How does one undo one's existence? Then what is your contention with the spiritual labor of a believer, which he finds pleasant and fulfilling, and which in addition results in reward.
  4. The satisfaction of the dwellers of heaven is not dependant on seeing God's essence. The greatest achievement of the righteous in the Hereafter is stated as being drawn back to their Lord, near to Him in a place of permanent honour, sensing God's love and pleasure 9:21,19:96. It is this proximity to God that makes Paradise into Paradise otherwise it is nothing more than an orchard. This is beautifuly and concisely reflected in the wife of Pharaoh's prayer Being in Paradise reflects the physical dimension and being with God Almighty is indicative of the spiritual dimension and she
  5. The point of existence is, per the Quran, tazkiya. The point of going to heaven/hell is fulfillement of justice and moral accountability. The believer knows that he does not need waiting for heaven to see God But God's essence is one that can never be perceived. We cannot speak of Him in terms of any point of reference, including spatio-temporal. However, nothing is more evident than His attributes, as already stated, manifesting themselves like the smoke of the fire. HE, through His attributes, is everywhere in the heavens and earth 57:4,12:105,31:20,2:115"so whichever way
  6. 1- How does a non-existent entity make a choice 2- Can labor be pleasant, even beneficial regardless of presence or absence of an afterlife
  7. The Jewish historian Josephus plainly states it, centuries prior to Islam. In the biography by ibn Ishaq, it says the pre-Islamic Arabs practiced it. A camel would be slaughtered for the occasion. Now of course not all of them had preserved the way of Ibrahim, and those that did, had only but a dim remembrance of it. Until Islam came and restored the religion of Ibrahim. There is abundant pre-Islamic poetry reflecting the multifaceted shades of idolatry among the Arabs. Some referring to Abraham, some of them praising Allah alone, others associating with Him while maintaining Him ab
  8. The Arabs were already acknowledged even by the likes of Josephus in his Antiquites, that they were descended from Ishmael, way before the time of Muhammad, almost 500 years. He even mentions that the Arabs circumcize their children at 13 years old, as was still done in the times of the prophet, in remembrence of their forefather Ishmael. It is also important noting, Josephus not only locates these descendants of Ismail as inhabiting the region from the Euphrates to the Red Sea, but also bellies the notion that the hanifs imitated the Israelites in their rites, more specifically their circumci
  9. Further reading Islam Critiqued needs secular views; any sign of Mecca? Islam Critiqued asks non-Muslims; no trace of Mecca? Islam Critiqued looks for the illusive shrine; the universal Kaaba? Islam Critiqued digs up Greek sources; the ancient Meccan town is found? Islam Critiqued flies over a complex issue; Abraham binds his only son in Jerusalem? Islam Critiqued finds comfort in discredited scholarship; Yehuda Nevo?
  10. There is plenty. The notoriously unreliable Judeo-christian tradition and geography places Mt Sinai in the Sinai peninsula. But we read in Gal4:25 that Mt Sinai is in Arabia. This challenges the 4th century invention, that Horeb and Mt Sinai are located in the Sinai peninsula instead of the Arabian peninsula. That was a purely arbitrary designation in a typical Christians zeal of the time to create fictious holy sites for pilgrims throughout the empire because of the massive revenue it generated for the Church and local areas. There are no maps from the 1st century that delineate Arabia,
  11. Islam Critiqued pulls out the big guns; Repetitive Quran?
  12. God has entrusted mankind with a great responsibility, vicegerency in this world 2:30. This means we arent meant to live this life like the animals, without any higher outlook on life, but to make use of what we have been entrusted with, in God-consiousness, in respect of the commands and limits set by the True Owner The root is Ain-B-D and it means slave or servant. Being a 'abd/slave of God is what each pious Muslim strives for and previous prophets all throughout the Hebrew Bible were refered to as God servants, including Moses or David. God Himself calls them Any regular per
  13. Humans, like every creation, are a manifestation of God's attributes. They in turn are encouraged to try and emulate some of those attributes as best as possible, such as generosity, mercy and forgiveness. So they are in a sense in "God's image". Similarily, Man has the ability to create, like the Creator of all things does, but in reality he is only reshaping what God previously created. He can judge, be good, show mercy but not and never in an equal manner to God So clearly one can see God's face in all of creation, and humans more particularily, because all things reflect the att
  14. All adult males suspected of being fighters among the Qurayza were executed. This concerned only those above the age of puberty, meaning fighting children, if there were, could not be subject to law of equal retribution. Others came to the prophet and sought amnesty, which was granted to them based on the fact they hadnt participated in the treachery, had left their stronghold prior to the siege and hadnt fought the encircled Muslims at the trench battle. In some cases the individual amnesty was extended to the close family relations despite them having actively taken part in the anti-Muslim
  15. Mutah is a form of marriage where the time period is previously agreed upon by both parties. This practice was allowed, some jurist argue temporarily and others that that it is still valid. It isnt a business transaction in exchange of sexual gratification but a commitment entailing rights and duties on both consenting parties, as well as clear restrictions. This includes, according to the law schools that still allow it, child support, or the observance of idda by the woman prior to entering into any type of relationship with another person. This practically destroys the rampant pro
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