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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The Palestinan resistance groups, among them Hamas military wing, the Izzad Dine Al Qassam brigades achieved victory of blood over cluster bombs by killing as many as more than 100 zionists invaders! If israeli agression was to bomb tunnels, prevent rockets launch and disarm hamas and other military wings and other palestinian resistance branches like Islamic Jihad in gazza then israel lost its legs completely since the last day before the truce comes to effectivity hamas and resistance fighters sent as more than 100 rockets into the Zionist occupied land!!! if killing innocent civilians, amo
  2. "A Uzubillahis Samii un Aliim Minash Shayaatine Min As Salafiyyune wal Wahhabiyyune, Wal Hamassiyoune al Takfiriyoune, Wal Kaafiroune wal Munaafiqiine Kulluhum Adjma'ine" Written in the Holy Book of Muslims Bi Ismihi Ta Alaa "Al Arabun Ashaddu Kufrann Wan Nifaaq" ( 9:96-99 ) " The Arabs of the desert are the worst in Unbelief and hypocrisy, and most fitted to be in ignorance of the command which Allah hath sent down to His Messenger: But Allah is All-knowing, All-Wise. (9:97) "Yahsabuuna Ahzaab lam Yazhabuu, Wa Inyaatil Ahzaab Yawadduu Law Annahum Baduuna Fiil Arabi Yas aluna An Amb
  3. 786-92-110 Peace to all sincere ones... What saudi arabian officials says and what others may think about their position is open to every one's angle of vision. But let's just suppose that the block of 51 member countries of the Islamic Conference Organisation together with the block of the 100+ Non Aligned Movement member countries issuing a Draft resolution like " zionism is racism" or another one condemning the Zionists regime Genocidal crimes ( Let's remember "Durban I" and "Durban II" in Geneva about racism and Dr Ahmadinejad's Stand ) to the UN security council where Saudi Arabia i
  4. Dear great leader of the Islamic Ummah and oppressed ones, please allow me to mention the US as a bankrupt one in Detroit, and very very soon, California, Texas, Florida and finally New-York !!! These wardogs retreated but they are still barking , "Wether you let them safe, they bark, or you harrass them, they still keep barking" Let them Brag before they kneel down once for all by 2022 !
  5. 786-92-110 Salaam , Hello, Bonjour ... to all and every one. I took it from "cia"-militaryforum.net aka iranmilitaryforum.net... Martyrdom is the last option to confront criminals and murderers. The "Mangabey" AIDS virus is coming back to disturb zionists and wahhabis evil deeds on this board. See you soon friends ! Wa Salaam
  6. 786-92-110 My signature at "al-imane.org" forum from my Shiachat member and friend "shiasoldier" : " We did not worship Iran, we worship GOD ( Allah -swt-), (western type) Patriotism is just another name for paganism, I say let this land burn, let this land go up in smoke, provided that islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world " said during the 8 year imposed sacred defense war against the Baathist Irak of Saddam Hussein and his Arab and Western Allies of the time. This is still true today with the Zionist imposed War on Syrian Government and people, but with the support of Iranian p
  7. Iranian presidential elections are coming by may...and Dr shariati's divide&rule cia rogue agents are back again, just like in 2009. pathetic ! Iranian presidential elections are coming by may...and Dr shariati's divide&rule cia rogue agents are back again, just like in 2009. pathetic !
  8. 786-92-110 Well; bro Aabis , not only him alone but all of the cohorts of salafi-wahhabi munafiqs ( they usurp the term "ahl ul sunna wal jamaa" and keep painting it upon terrorists organisations like "boko haram" of the al-Cia terrorist network ... Nigerian sheikh Ahmed Zakzaky of the islamic movement.org and The tunisian cleric, Siddi Smaoui Tijjani launched the wave of reverting Tijjanis to shia Islam thanks toHezbollah's performance against the Zionist entity when it was crushed during the 33 days war; "Al Fath al Moubine" from Al Nasr min Allah aka Hezbullah ( An Nasr; sura 110). http://w
  9. 786-92-110 Why can't you fix the link extension problem so that i can show you the contrary brother about his relevantness ( From jerusalem to South Korea ). http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x44wrb_temoignage_news
  10. 786-92-110 First of all, the interview of the Sheikh at the Zahra france center, led by Sheikh yahya Gouasmi ( Algerian Origine). ( You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community. ) that's Shiachat's new type of censorship or what ??? !!! google search : dailymotion "cheikh El Hadj Nsangou Ntcharé Mamadou" "Rencontre au centre culturel Iranien à Paris avec: Cheikr El Hadj Nsangou Ntchara Mamadou" In Resume he says that he is the Founding rector of the Mosquee of France ( Mosquée de France in opposition to the Wahhabi's one which is dubbed "Mosquée de Paris" ) and he was the
  11. 786-92-110 Salaam to all and Ramadan Karim for muslims exception made for Salafi;wahhabi and Zionist Criminals A s a Cameroonian; i can confirm that Sheikh used to visit centre-zahra france ( www.centre-zahra.org ); there videos of his interviews and so on on that site some2 years ago ( they upgraded the site ). And yes he had some great achievements in france but as a Tijjani soufi scholar and black African; he was occulted by the Wahhabis of the Conseil françis des musulmans de france and the rector of the Mosquée de Paris ( Bubakeur and Mussawi)
  12. Disgusted Manaf tlass President al-Assad Appoints Gen. Fahd Jassem al-Freij Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense Jul 18, 2012 DAMASCUS, (SANA)- President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday issued Decree No. 275 for 2012 appointing Gen. Fahd Jassem al-Freij as Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the Armed Forces. The President also issued Decree No. 275 for 2012 appointing Gen. al-Freij as Minister of Defense. H. Said
  13. 786-92-110 Shadow of light don't waste your time with this Die hard Shah savak Al Cia lover , and I guess " a friend of syria" as well ... I f you waste your time with his zionists type of propaganda, then you will hear that Shahab 1-2-3-4... were not copied from the "starving north korean" taepodong , if you have more time to waste, you will hear that even iranian clerics Wearings were fashioned from "US trained chinese mao Collar " as well as the afct that they don't wear Neck ties (It is due to the Silk material, but Aarash will tell you otherwise since he has low level and cheap materials
  14. Zionists false Flag ops for Propaganda in Africa...to demonise the Islamic republic ( I have first hand accounts about these arms, they wanted to assassinate the character of general Yadollah javani and Hossein Souleymani from the IRGC political bureau and intelligence , unfortunately it was Heydar Moslehi and mottaki who were trapped in this Counter-intelligence "Spying Game", you can't understand it may be, but Ahmadinejad was somewhat right in firing both Mannouchehr Mottaki and Heydar Moslehi who were gullible in this dangerous game, though some hardliners pressed the Rahbar to overturn th
  15. 786-92-110 Salaaam That's true... As for pakistan and their support for Worldwide terrorism, not only they are the hideouts of Al-CIA but worse, now they are training African mujahideens to wage their "jihad" through " khourouj" and "Dawa" campaigns in the African negroes lands and territories like this so called faceless and occult cult of "Boko Haram" in Nigeria, and now they are targeting Chad, Cameroon and CAR !!! In an Abdulmalick Riggi type of Jet from Dubaîe to Kabul, Islamabad via Qatar and Bahraîn ... The US-Wahhabi Sponsored Agent in a pakistani populated county in Dubaê ... ju
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