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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Inspiring, and frum earlier wen u said I would slay you, yo it's not bout that, it's about evErybody giving their part and everybody has sumthin special to say if the look into their heart.
  2. another jewel, keep it up alhumd
  3. a this is amazing, i didn't know you were this good!!! alhumdulillah
  4. yo akhi u mean sun rising in the west.... lol, 1
  5. It's like they seen ghost The amazement in their eyes told stories of many gloomy days passed and many more to come only if they could fast forward time he's real or become the master of time this second would have never been seconds stretch to centuries the darkness spoke lingering beneath a smile to frown upon all those who smile close all the doors to comfort let no man speak to him but a word of deception shaking the very foundations of stability for his namesake tribulation no he can't be, and he won't breath unless it's the suffocation of loneliness for his namesake tribulation.... do you know him?... friends lost in the sea of the multitude an illusion of a convient memory lapse those who were well acquainted left for his namesake tribulation.... do you know him?....
  6. a 80's baby, when n$ggaz got stupid n$ggaz ah lose it, cuz this world is so confusin, and abusin hit the brew n then all u hear is shootin n n$ggaz a be useless unless they have the tool wit them, and a solid crew wit them does the world even wanna recognize the pain we taste, swagga jackin, use you, then get your name erased it's like they bear witness to the kings ungratefully we entertainment, but when we reignin, u got hate for me Mayn... i wanna wake the streets but it takes more than jus faith and dreams, u gottah face the bleak head on, dead on with the plans of a general something greater than a general, have n$ggaz really seen they pinnacle and what they can do, capabilities proved by the ancient cities, pyramids riddlin the mind of middle men is u listenin u no different than them
  7. When we wake up from this dream This inception hijackin our peace From the core of an unquenchable grief We cry out desperately pleadin for ease We admit we followed the beast Mice hypnotized by the pied pipers beat Pop culture, the patient poacher Also the predator and hoverin vulture Chains in the form of rhythms When does the commercial start and whens its endin Tv programs programing our system Atoms spinnin to the hymns of christmas As we listen to the demon whisper And give the slavemaster our full attention The gate to our soul cracks, they enter To twist the morals and blur the vision Fallen Men starin at sinful women And the women who were once preeminent Now find themself helplessly bein driven Windows tinted, can't see out or in it A different ride than what they mentioned Their true form, unclothed intentions They reeled us in, now the work is finished Rumpelstiltskin wants our children From a subatomic level this offered friendship Through the soul plane on to fight the Spirit But the Spirit is what inspired this A drop of water in the firey mist That which the dark fights against Which makes up everything. clench ya fist Yell and shout and throw a fit But this is the untouched pristine bliss If you don't have the password gift And your names not on the list You can't enter nor can you break in The den of the lamb and lion So we find our self a way to grow Branch out this dream from the soil of soul Onto the spirit plane the royal high glow Shinin from our hearts, chants out our throats Please forgive us alot and more Give us the strength to increase our Nur And to praise you through heavens Door A Fortified core from yore, for this war
  8. is that short for banana???? kenyan slang huh
  9. it takes someone great to see greatness in sumthin, 1
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oZAL80TMLaE
  11. alhumd mayn, thanks for the feedback, 1
  12. well jus the lower force in general that manifests as these different entities, 1
  13. The sweet smell of your perfume... greetin my sense With you around who needs incense to free the tension You personify Fatima, Guided by Kadijah's hands The wife of Pharoah steers words, with the Spirit of Maryam I've analyzed your struggles, the internal mountain climbs tired from a day of work, reflectin passed your boundry line lookin for truth, then bein that truth, is your passion Fastin then eatin rations, askin Allah for the answers When I come home from a long day, it's never dreaded You always see the stress in my eyes, then help dispel it Ain't nothing I really have to hide from you, my confidant A woman's heart is a sea of secrets, yours is the smallest pond You remind me of the ancient tales of more innocent days When women would take the light of modesty seriously Your born in these times where you fight to be a blessin A precedent, in a world that doesn't treasure your presence In a vision, he saw his wife in a barren land the jewel of his eye and their son on the searin sand alone, his heart dropped, then it rose to the occasion packin to travel through the desert to the destination She had no idea why they were goin, but she followed submittin to her husband, trustin, feeling Allah knows When they reach the land of Mecca, Ibrahim just left her She called out to him, but he ignored all her questions Until she asked If Allah commaded him of this He answered yes, then she said "well I'm satisfied with Him" When he was no longer visible he said a prayer for them With the water and dates he left, he knew they needed Ar Rahman She measured out the food until... nothing was left And ran back and forth between two hills, pantin outta breath "Hajar!", and Angel called to her, over from Ishmael And dug a hole there, water gushed from under her baby's heel An Oasis was created, then a city round this well Safa and Marwah hold Her Presence bless Her zealous Will No words can describe a woman's worth, and your tried and true But lately I been wonderin what happened, i can't lie to you Do you see the potential I see, Do you love yourself Was it because when you were young from moms n pops no hugs were felt Or was it cuz, you didn't have yo parents, so you had no clue of being queenly, so now b***h is what you answer to Tryna learn what dance is new, just to a show yo a** and boobs Now tell me what's a man to do, but see u as a tramp to use I'm not sayin they right, but you know men this land produce more than half of they fathers left um and they moms loved crack and brew You might think we better off cuz we ain't on the pipe like them But who really is happy wit they conscience wen the lights is dim alone in a room, with nothing to take yo mind off yoself So you pick up the fone and start textin cuz the vibe you felt Runnin away from you, buildin up facades like you happy If you really love you, why you hate wen u naturally nappy perms burnin yo scalp, toxins seepin in yo brain fast food in yo stomach, and you wonder y u insane And a child to come through yo womb, wit u for nine months a toxic body, unpure thoughts, fightin yo divine blood Do understand this mother nature, medu neter? why have oppressors kept you away from gettin yaself together You birthed Kunta, Shaka, Isa, Muhammad Kemet, and Olmecs came through your body It seems everybody knows your true worth by your presence A warrior queen priestess, only you can find your essence
  14. To try and find a way away from internal pitfalls So many heros egos transferred them to walk these dim halls A Bittersweet position, where you must introvertedly listen lonely questions: Y did I get weak and make that small decision? One second earlier I was assured, on a gold road Now Im barefoot with a dull soul on cold stones Another story, of the many ups and downs of present men Who forget the point of old stories, which still identical lessons stand The next lesson is, I didn't die, so I must get stronger In the land of demons thoroughly testin the limits of my armor Now its not a question of should I, Could I, or If I do it This battle for control of my soul is gettin dangerous, so I must do it! A child growing in to a man before he reaches his teens Watchin the gangstas and hustlaz, runnin the streets, competein for green not safely behind a movie screen, he's lurkin with the fiends you learn early quickly how to swim up steam, on the right side of the red beams Mind lightspeed, he has to scheme around these surroundin schemes Prolly get wit his older n$ggaz, who asked him if he down to scheme he kno he can only trust hisself, there's no honor amongst thieves Pirate Kings, like the old Moors, it vibrates in his genes Walk the plank if you weak, empty you pockets b4 you proceed Takin everything, comin and goin as quick and rare as a desert breeze Gave up on fear of death long time ago somewhere lost in the trees The police is just as well a target as his block's enemies, life bittasweet She said she married you because she liked yo discipline and style Being everything you dreamed of, plus a glistenin smile I know you think back and wonder if it was all just a calculated an act because who she's become now make you wanna go out behind her back she says you don't love her no mo, your always gone, you lost all interest you doin the dishes thinkin, maybe she just needs more attention, prolly give her some tidbits, a little info on yo daily business or face the torrent and sit her down and commence to mend this friendship Right, because all healthy relationships should be based on that How to start from square one, to understand where we at Do you want to live in this hell, do you want peace, should we separate We've come this far, it's bittersweet, what do you estimate I've heard of people losin their parents, but I couldn't imagine the pain Now I sit in my home, feelin alone, thoughts drownin my brain Why do I cry, when I know I can't selfishly bring um back And what if they in more peace now, I think I'm in need of that Why couldn't death have its way with me along with them All I have left is myself, Man , I've lost all my friends I must ov been born under an unlucky star, this touched me hard Fighting the urge to start smokin again, Man, I must think smart They say in life you get what deserve, in death it's amplified What would my peeps think if I'm stuck in a rut and can't decide They would probably push me harder until I see through my defeats Through all my loses and gains, in raw uncut reality, Life, it's bittersweet
  15. Your Touch was firey and the warmth made me cold A hollow heart, a void, a black hole Now let's look at your perception, next let's lets look at the reality Darkness is your business suit, tragedy worn casually You showed me what you seen, in every human being I witnessed the lengths people would go just for a dream the trails of countless crushed visionarys left hopeless now lookin for hope, in the one who left um broken, a dream that didn't include another's future unless they risked their last breath, before you tasted death i often wondered how you slept, but now I see you never rest with a heart in yo chest that you haven't located yet Brothers killing brothers, sisters jealous of each other company you keep just for amusement but deep up under everything , it's seriousness, a thorough plan to bring out the worst in man, dam From where you stand, just to Be, is an offence a crime just to breath or even think. And then to see above your glimpse?!!!! shhh, let's be quiet on that one, because it's not possible Jesus didn't exist , and neither did Muhammad tho The Qur'an is the biggest lie, and you should know right because God, as you say, "is all in mans mind" And shouldn't be mentioned, worship yourself, and you'll see let you tell it, "the god that you seek is me" But I thought you just told me there's no Higher Power Instead, let me ask you, what have you learned this hour you'd probably say nothing cuz you see where I'm going because if you were God, you would be the All Knowin No need to grow in, knowledge, but see let's look closer You exist in this world, where laws run the show bruh Jus you seeing me, for example, is by law the colors, the distance, the dimensions in what you saw for you to be subject to these, and have the need to see in whatever shape or form, your connected to the scene you might try and make me believe this is not your tru form and you are never endin, and never had a beginnin but you tell me to embrace hatred, and embody sinnin you say "it's the natural way of all men, women and children" but the nature of hatred is pure destruction of itself and anything else, that it's strong enough to overwhelm So let's say the first atom was made of concentrated hatred the pure destruction would of destroyed it before it was created or let's say, as a thought, there where two atoms existin but hate of them self and each other... yeah you get the picture... I'm not finished, just look at love, how it unites and builds, one atom will find a way to thrive and grow, harmonious with itself and others looking for a way to evolve, problems to solve And look what that atom has become right before your eyes And the universe is still developing to no surprise So how can you be the author if you oppose what your made of Al Wadud? Who?, just another way to say Love So I guess Love is something divine, and not emotional If it's the name of the Source, One with no emotions so If This is the Spirit of everything, at the root Love can be called Truth, And this is the only Rule And that Rule guides it self and the laws of all the seen and the unseen filled wall to wall And nothing guides this Law, so what am I sayin? if something has no laws guidin it, can it be explained? No, not by those that are subjected to ordinances They can only see the Unseeable from the reality they live in And you, are just in this reality like me Now let's look at reality and let's look at what you see So everything came from Love, even hate manifested so if Love gave us hate, it's a test and a lesson But, in this world some lose sight in mist in the darkness of hate, then love they forget And you swing by with the sweet voice off your lips Offering the self destructing power of hatred as a gift As long as they fight the Savior within themself The Light within, then they'll automatically fight the Light without And when the Savior comes, the whole world will be unwelcoming Except for the love that makes up everything, Welcoming Him because, he is this Pure light before the world was made The Mahdi, since Adam, you've dreaded his name, The Prince of Peace, Hiz Eminence, Messiah, The 12th Imam The Favored of All Nations, The Universe in his Palms So that means even you have to submit, God forbid to The Power Above and Beyond channeled through him The Unknowable Creator, The Destroyer, Beneficent The Forgiving, The Loving The Names with no End I been thinkin and I...
  16. Smilin into the horizon, Feelin like the eagle over the sun rise at a peak in the sky, miniscule from the tru heights If even a step is taken, the journey has become a celebration rainfall as confetti over the desert, where the roots had been waitin in darkness, that was manufactured out of... light! A welcomed test, the higher road, where everything is right Souls who see... with the Visionary's Sight From the Spirit, Through the soul, illuminating out the eyes A king on his throne, the kingdom before his vision is the seeker in prostration, given dominion by the Great One Hearts beating to harmony of Quran, the songs b4 creation A speck of light of heavenly proportions shed upon the nations Waitin before the gates, Existin past the edge of earth the span of the universe can't contain whats in this dirt embellished with intelligence, which can't explain the Spirit A Spirit that can never reach its pinnacle or ever get near it An emanation... of this Lofty Imagination A manifestation, mirror image of todays men Connected to the mud and The Stars that Shine Above Everything is Everything, Divine Light and Love Ask the reason to celebrate, look what the seeds have in store Who show their interest, bathed in questions never asked before Gray headed infants, among aged men in ignorance The Love of Hiz Eminence, The Light in its Brilli-ance Journeying to their beginnings to find the endings, and where they fit in, within this drenched in the love and light, the purest form of Spirit
  17. Faith detonated in the heart was when everything became real Who will understand when you tell them this is what you feel Just chill.... was what the crowd replied All they heard was another call and a cry, to walk by a law internalized over many generations I mean, Who really is the Mahdi, the ahlul bayt's forgotten faces replaced with.... whatever you want, it's up for grabs Imagine finding out u slaved for somethin, u already had A sad melody the wind whispers as it passed the peoples ears who can't hear, but still display these fears, producing tears The focus went from the Savior to Selfish behavior so quick A way internalized, passed down from parent to child down into the pit Enjoy this gift, is what predecessors hissed and the inheritors naively clenched the empty trick only to be passed on again, and again like disease with no cure and disease in the new healthy, like ghetto life is new the wealthy Who recognized the man that stayed up nights in prayer the only one in tears,.. alone amongst his peers: circled by the Prophets, Imams, Sages and Saints Head upon the dirt, in trance, prayin for grace Worthy of a presence the dark comprehendeth not So the people show what they know, when they don't know what they got The first thought of the multitude was to see fakeness Paintin over the faces of ahlul bayt with blood of Slayed Saints Running over their palms, what does one do with this curse The answer stood before them, they deemed him of little worth A mindstate internalized, forced upon the future The strong became the weak, those thought winners found they were losers
  18. This is dumb, debating with you guys, because you have already been indoctrinated and don't even know it..... much love and peace to you and yours, inshaAllah the Mahdi will bring us out of this dark age. 1 edit: thanks basra for having the patience with people on this forum, because i give up on these people
  19. well this is your opinion but we are just like every living thing on this planet, just like a plant, if you absorb more light you grow better and if you don't you die. you can call it dumb if you want and you can say i have an inferiority complex but still you haven't rebutted my answer with any scientific evidence. maybe you are the one who needs to go back to the drawing board because calling names isn't scholarship. And even though it might be written by "black supremacists" (as you call them), knowledge comes from everywhere, "seek knowledge even unto china, from the cradle to the grave" And yes I do believe since black absorbs more energy than any other color it is makes it different from white. white and black, just like brown and red, are two different dimensions even though they are parts to one whole.
  20. sis anybody can write from wikipedia, you don't have to be a scholar, this is why they don't let you use wikipedia in school because the the information is not viable. Would you look for shia information, or would you give wikipedia as a source to someone who is trying to learn about Islam??? I know i wouldn't. but anyways this is like talking to brick walls, you already have your view and you are not willing to look into another view so i'm done. peace and love
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