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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't really believe in all this sectarianism. Both sunni and shias have their equal share of smart people and idiots. Both sunni and shia imams have a tendency to say the most ridiculous things in their juma speeches. In a sunni forum you'll probably find a similar thread where sunnis extolls how perfect their faith is. What they have in common though, is that both sunnis and shias have lost sight of what is the core teachings of Islam, and instead engages in petty bantering.
  2. Salam alaykum I wanna ask the brothers and sisters here, do you believe in the democratic system and the rule of law and the civil rights of the individual? Or do you see them as haram concepts from the west? Would you rather instead a society be ruled by sharia?
  3. Astaghfrullah, how did Pakistan descend into this kind of barbarism? From what I have gathered, Pakistan seemed to be very progressive and secular before the 80s
  4. Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT AN ATTACK ON SOUTH ASIAN MUSLIMS. I KNOW MANY SOUTH ASIAN PEOPLE WHO ARE WONDERFUL PEOPLE AND ONE OF MY CLOSE FRIENDS IS A SOUTH ASIAN. I AM NOT IN ANY WAY GENERALIZING THEM AND I KNOW THAT THE VAST MAJORITY OF SOUTH ASIAN MUSLIMS ARE WONDERFUL PEOPLE. That being said. I have noticed that especially that when it comes to islamic extremists, an awful lot of them have either Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi background. Almost all the extremist preachers in UK are of South Asian background, such as Anjem Choudary and Mohammed Hijab. The girls who went over to join ISIS was also south asian such as Shamima Begum. It just seems like the biggest apologists for islamic extremism are of Pakistani, indian or Bangladeshi background. Is there something in their community that enables this kind of radicalization? Why do many extremists happen to be of South Asian background? Again, I know that the vast majority of south asian muslims are wonderful people who are normal muslims and not extremists. The owner of my local indian restaurant is a wonderful and generous muslim. He and his family are great people and I love eating at that restaurant whenever possible. So please, don't misunderstand me
  5. Ah dude, just like the iranian regime, Shariati copy and pasted the ideology of revolutionary marxism and put a 'halal' label over it. He straight up copied marxism and called it 'shiism', whatever that's supposed to mean. It doesn't matter how much makeup and how many 'halal' stickers you put on a pig. A pig is still a pig. You can try for yourself and compare Shariati's ideology with Marxism. They're almost identical.
  6. Ummm, there is plenty of evidence, from Shariati's own mouth of his love of marxism ideology and his desire to mix shiite islam with marxism. In Shariati's own writing he extolls the virtues of Marxism. You should read his writings for yourself
  7. Ah no. Ali Shariati was the main ideologue of the 79 revolution, and he wanted to mix shia islam with marxism. Ali Shariati was a hardcore believer in marxism. He laid the groundwork for Khomeini
  8. The chief ideologue of the 1979 revolution was Ali Shariati, he was a dedicated hardcore marxist
  9. Not to mention how awfully many muslims support the concentration camps in China, where all manners of atrocities are committed against muslim Uyghurs. But many muslims in the west thinks that USA being bad = equals China being good. The same people crying like babies about palestine, turns around the next minute and justifies China's concentration camps.
  10. Because, the muslims you're talking about, which are unfortunately the majority of the world's muslims, are not actually followers of Islam. They follow the manmade abominations of hadiths, tafsirs and fatwa. They follow everything BUT the Quran. They may be 'muslims' in a socio-political sense, but in reality they are mushriqs, both shia and sunni. Not momineen, not believers at all. For the muslims in the west, the most important thing is to force women to wear hijabs, and build mosques funded by Qatar and the MB. They don't care at all about civil rights, freedom or democracy, because to them, they think it's "haram"(just like everything else that's perceived to be "western"). However, the welfare checks they get from the state and the free healthcare that the kuffar provides to to them, that they enjoy is apparently "halal"
  11. Well, Communism and Political Islamism both spring from the same root, which is the abhorrent ideology of Marxism
  12. Depends on the person really. Not everybody cares to read about the ingredients in the snack. But everybody has a right to know what's in them. The ones that lives short lives are usually the very ones that don't care to check what's in the snacks or food that they eat, a behaviour that you apparently think is good Especially if you're someone with food allergies, then the list of ingredients becomes essential, to see if it contains possible allergens. The public have a right to know the full list of ingredients of what they're putting into their body, whether it's food or medicine or whatever. Taking the V should be up to the individual to decide. I don't tell anyone to take or not to take it. I will say however, that if you're willing to blindly have faith in greedy megacorporations and the institutes that they pay off, that they are honest saints and you'll put whatever they want into your body without questions asked, well, have fun then. Both the WHO and CDC outright say that they don't know the long term effects
  13. Well, true. The shia hadiths are somewhat more sensible than the sunni hadiths. The problem is how muslims sometimes puts the hadiths above the Quran. BTW, Just a bit off-topic but, berber shia? Are you North African by any chance? I thought shiite islam was non-existent in North Africa
  14. These hadiths are just superstitions. Nowhere in the Quran are these things mentioned. 90% of the hadiths are just innovations and pure conjecture. Would be better if muslims just reference to the Quran
  15. It's enough evidence how you've been brainwashed by Iranian propaganda
  16. No man, it's ignorant neo-marxist "resistance" people like you who sells out Islam to the cheapest bidder. One minute, you cry baby tears over Palestine. And the next minute, you support government forces in Iran and Iraq murdering and mowing down innocent protesters. Who supports Hezbollah hijacking Lebanon, who supports Houthis murdering innocent people. The "Resistance" Axis should instead be called the Oppressors Axis
  17. The thing is, at it's core, the Israel-Palestine conflict is an ethnic conflict between Israeli jews and Palestinian arabs over land. It has nothing to do with religion. Both sides are [Edited Out]s. If it was up to me, the Holy Land would be under some kind of neutral administration. In almost all palestinian demonstrations, they all shout the arabic slogan "Khaybar khaybar ya yahud!", and when speaking english, they try to show themselves as moderate. But it's a whole different story when they speak arabic though. Then the same "moderate" muslims talk about how in some phony hadiths, the jews will hide behind trees, but the trees will curse them etc. The thing is, until muslims look themselves in the mirror and admit that there is widespread anti-semitism and racism among them, Saying "death to Israel" and "Death to jews" aren't just a few bad apples. Many normal muslims talks in casual conversations about how they wanna slaughter jews and rape their females. Especially in my community. Hell, there are even female muslims who would support their husbands and brothers raping jews. But nah, everything is the fault of the zionists
  18. Nah, it shows your ignorance when all you care about is Israel and Palestine and nothing else. It is people like you who sell out Islam to the cheapest bidder
  19. Appalling how muslims are aligning themselves with the LGBTQ atheists who claims there are 200 genders, all just because they get a hard on for anti-semitic hatred for Israel. I mean, yes, Israel is just as bad as Hamas is. Both sides of the conflict sucks. But when muslims in the west base their votes and political alignments upon who hates Israel more, it shows just how ignorant and racist muslims in the west are. This doesn't have anything to do with sunni or shia. Both are equally ignorant in their pathological and obsessive anti-semitism. They throw themselves at any anti-israel communist the same way groupie girls throw themselves at boy bands Muslims in the west sells out their priniciples and their religion just because of their imaginary fight against the zionist boogeyman, in the same way Don Quixote fought furiously against windmills
  20. Yeah, that's kind of the dilemma that muslims are facing in the west. On the one hand, you have the woke degenerates whose values are an affront to everything that is decent and halal. On the other hand, you have the ones with traditional values who expresses anti-islamic sentiments. But I think that with the conservatives, we muslims have much more in common with them than we have with the woke degenerates. Instead of allying with the woke degenerates though, we muslims and western conservatives should instead work to overcome our differences. I don't understand how muslim hijabis can in good conscience go to Pride parades and march in solidarity with atheist socialists
  21. Sadly, muslims in the west are aligning themselves with these kind of people
  22. Both sunnis and shias are committing shirk
  23. Hijab is just a piece of cloth. Nothing more. It's not an indication of how good your iman is, or how chaste you are. Hijab is a personal choice that the woman herself, and only her alone should decide. Egypt has one of the world's highest rate of sexual harassment and groping. Despite the fact that 9 out of 10 egyptian women wear hijab. When men blame women for their own lack of decency and self-control, it just shows that those men are pathetic beta males
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