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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. FYI, Elon Musk has bought the whole of Twitter. Twitter will be entirely his own private company. I do hope he follows through on his promise of open source algorithms and ensuring free speech. In recent years, Twitter has become like China where they censor people for daring to have different opinions than the narrative. Twitter banned people like Dr. Robert Malone and the Babylon Bee for daring to speak out. I'm not gonna draw any conclusions yet, but I do hope Elon follows through with his promise of ensuring free speech. It certainly can't get any worse than it is right now
  2. Well, that's a bombshell. Elon Musk has bought Twitter. What do you think about it? What consequences do you think it will have for the world?
  3. Yeah, shows that America and the zionists are far worse than Russia could ever be. Imperialism and colonialism still lives on in the west. And people in the west keep voting for these western leaders while they watch their netflix and eat themselves fat
  4. If I may ask, what sorts of problems would you face down the road if you marry with a sunni?
  5. Yes, the right-wing may be prejudiced and racist towards us muslims. But the western left-wing is far more dangerous. While the western right-wing simply don't want to have anything to do with us, the left-wing are corroding our values and corrupting muslims. Leading them astray. Here where I live, we have muslim girls in hijab appearing in magazines and television, advocating for abortion, marching in Pride parades and saying that the nuclear family is obsolete. The muslims may think that the woke left is their ally because of their common opposition against Israel. But the price they will pay is far higher than they can imagine. Eventually, the woke freaks are going to corrupt their children. Here, the social services, which consist 100% of woke leftists, have started taking away the children of muslim families. If any muslim still votes for the woke left, they have themselves to blame
  6. You're entirely missing the point and all you wanna talk about is oysters
  7. You're missing the point, don't know if it's deliberate or not. Instead of focusing on oysters, maybe you should read the quoted passages from Tully on India
  8. Really, this sectarian mentality is what is destroying Islam. Both Sunnis and shias have this sectarian mentality.
  9. Love is blind. When looking for a spouse, their akhlaq and character of the potential wife/husband is more important than what religious group they belong to.
  10. There's also been blatant racism against Russians. A spa clinic in Germany publicly went out with a letter where they say they're not gonna serve Russian or Belorussian customers. Normal Russian people are being discriminated in the same way that Muslims got discriminated after 9/11.
  11. The first casualty of war is the truth. It's impossible to prove that the Russians bombed the maternity clinic. Western media is more unreliable than ever. So we can't know for sure if the Russians really bombed a maternity clinic until after the war. There are many videos circulating of Ukrainian soldiers placing weapons and bombs in schools and playgrounds. The neo-nazi Azov battalion has been shelling the Eastern parts of Ukraine for 8 years. But, zero outrage.
  12. US is the biggest threat to world peace. This may be a war between 2 non-muslim groups, but this war and it's ramifications will undoubtedly affect the muslim world and ummah. Western imperialism has to be fought
  13. No no. Unfortunately, Shias also put hadiths and tafsir above the Quran
  14. I mean, I don't know how much research anyone here has done on hadiths. But, there are many hadiths that teaches horrible things and many hadiths that slanders the prophet. There are hadiths saying that it's ok to let other men suck your wife's breasts, hadiths that promote bestiality etc. There are also hadiths that says the prophet burned down the house of a believer just because he missed a prayer. Hadiths where the prophet cut out the eyes of his enemies etc. Many, many teachings of the hadiths go directly against the message of the Quran. Just out of curiosity, I saw some testimonies of former muslims on why they left Islam. 90% of them left Islam because of the teachings of the hadiths. The teachings of the hadiths has become conflated with Islam itself. Both sunni and shia muslims have a tendency to put the hadiths above the Quran, to make hadiths supercede the Quran itself. What do you think?
  15. This is the result of woke cancel culture that is so prevalent in the western world these days. Where Russian masterpieces of literature is banned. If they just hated on Putin, then fine. Hate on him all you want. But, banning Russian people and literature, who have no relation to Putin, just reeks of the same kind of racism that muslims had to endure after 9/11. The same kind of racism where japanese people were put in concentration camps during WW2. Also, "War and Peace" and "Crime and Punishment" are two of my most favorite novels The ugly face of the western world has been revealed. I used to be pretty pro-west in the past. Now I see though, that all 3 superpowers are corrupt and evil. The ummah can prosper only when we start being independent, instead of constantly begging for handouts from the superpowers
  16. The demonization of Russia is exactly the same as the demonization of muslims following 9/11. The West has really shown their ugly face in this situation. The way that all these companies has punished Russia is truly disproportionate.
  17. I didn't mean friend as in Iran's friend. I meant as an ally to the ummah. A lot of shiites still think that China is an ally to the Ummah and subsequently goes on to spew ignorant propaganda from China. I can only feel sorry for those ignorant people. They are too jahel and childish. They think that the US being a bully means that China is good. A very black and white view of the world. Pretty childish. While most sunnis have moved on from the Muslim Brotherhood, shiites still worship the MB. Probably Shariati's Marxist ideology still lingering It's like a bully in the schoolyard. Instead of standing up to bullies, like Islam says, many people instead choose to support an even more psychotic and ruthless bully just because they hate the first bully so much. Just look at how China treats the other countries in South East Asia
  18. I've been both in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Taiwan is a vibrant democratic country located in a strategically important area. It would be in everyone's interest if Taiwan remained that way. It's just strange though, most sunnis have woken up to the true nature of China, they see the genocide going on in Xinjiang. While many shiites still think China is their friend and swallows their propaganda
  19. So because the US is a warmongering bullying country, you decide to support a genocidal dictatorship.... Like all those other infantile and ignorant people who thinks that just because the US is bad, China is good. Kinda like in primary school, where there is a big bully, and instead of taking a stance against all bullies, they instead support an even more psychotic and ruthless bully. That's a very black-and-white view of the world
  20. There is no good or bad guy in this conflict. All sides of the conflict are equally bad. I'm just scared that China will use this diversion to invade Taiwan
  21. I don't really believe in all this sectarianism. Both sunni and shias have their equal share of smart people and idiots. Both sunni and shia imams have a tendency to say the most ridiculous things in their juma speeches. In a sunni forum you'll probably find a similar thread where sunnis extolls how perfect their faith is. What they have in common though, is that both sunnis and shias have lost sight of what is the core teachings of Islam, and instead engages in petty bantering.
  22. Salam alaykum I wanna ask the brothers and sisters here, do you believe in the democratic system and the rule of law and the civil rights of the individual? Or do you see them as haram concepts from the west? Would you rather instead a society be ruled by sharia?
  23. Astaghfrullah, how did Pakistan descend into this kind of barbarism? From what I have gathered, Pakistan seemed to be very progressive and secular before the 80s
  24. Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT AN ATTACK ON SOUTH ASIAN MUSLIMS. I KNOW MANY SOUTH ASIAN PEOPLE WHO ARE WONDERFUL PEOPLE AND ONE OF MY CLOSE FRIENDS IS A SOUTH ASIAN. I AM NOT IN ANY WAY GENERALIZING THEM AND I KNOW THAT THE VAST MAJORITY OF SOUTH ASIAN MUSLIMS ARE WONDERFUL PEOPLE. That being said. I have noticed that especially that when it comes to islamic extremists, an awful lot of them have either Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi background. Almost all the extremist preachers in UK are of South Asian background, such as Anjem Choudary and Mohammed Hijab. The girls who went over to join ISIS was also south asian such as Shamima Begum. It just seems like the biggest apologists for islamic extremism are of Pakistani, indian or Bangladeshi background. Is there something in their community that enables this kind of radicalization? Why do many extremists happen to be of South Asian background? Again, I know that the vast majority of south asian muslims are wonderful people who are normal muslims and not extremists. The owner of my local indian restaurant is a wonderful and generous muslim. He and his family are great people and I love eating at that restaurant whenever possible. So please, don't misunderstand me
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