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  1. The main issue is that it's impossible to achieve political unity in the ummah because the muslim world is simply too diverse. A political ummah is a pipe dream. Only way to achieve political unity is if you do like the Borgs in Star Trek and eliminate all forms of different cultures and language within the muslim world. You can't really expect a muslim from Indonesia to have the same culture and way of thinking as someone from Pakistan, unless you do so at gunpoint. Even the arab world itself is incredibly diverse. I'm not sure why people think diversity is a bad thing. Any muslim that want the entire muslim world to become one giant homogenous political entity suffers from schizophrenia. Political islamism is an artificial marxist construction that has no validity in authentic Islam.
  2. Kanye West has garnered a lot of controversy recently for criticizing a certain group of people for having too much influence. In just a matter of some days, 1.2 billion of his net worth has been wiped out. What's your take on it? Did he do the right thing? Or should he be condemned?
  3. Can't open the link. Says there is a "critical error on this site"
  4. Well, first thing to take note of is that the vast majority of people around the world don't really wish to leave the country of their birth, where they grew up. It's natural for people to like it better when they are among their own kind, with their language, food and culture. The vast majority of syrian refugees I've come across, would move back to Syria in a heartbeat Actually a few decades after WW2, Europe experienced an increased domestic birthrate. Around the 60s and 70s. The birthrate started to decline drastically after the sexual revolution which was sponsored by zionists. So the native population had much less kids than before, thus creating a need to import labour. The problem is that when Europe take in these refugees, they make these refugees dependent on government allowance. And this is by design. On the one hand, the leftist/liberal people virtue signals against racism, and on the other hand, they support the same racist colonialist policies that are creating these refugee waves in the first place. And there is a small and slowly growing segment of nationalists who oppose these imperialistic policies. Anyone who opposes zionist-sponsored imperialism is a friend in my book. Many european nationalists also oppose Israel's disproportionate influence in western politics
  5. Unfortunately today, I talked to more shias. Some of the most obnoxious and arrogant muslims can be found in the shia community. They have such a superiority complex. They take every chance to insult sunnis (not to their face of course) and talk about how stupid and ignorant sunnis are. This goes against everything that Ali stood for. As I said again, sunnis don't usually slander our historical figures. And yet, many shias take every chance to slander Aisha, Abu Bakr and Omar for things that happened 1400 years ago. No sunni today is responsible for what happened to Imam Hussein. And yet, many shias act as if every sunni today is Yazid. Having known many sunnis in my life, I can say that 99% of sunnis don't care at all about Yazid. But many shias act as if today's sunnis are soldiers of Yazid There is no doubt in my mind that the Islam of the 12 imams true. But, shia muslims.....too sectarians. They have a superiority complex like Rick and Morty fans. As long as we slander their historical and offend our sunni brothers and sisters, there will continue to be fitna. This is not to say that sunnis are blameless. There's a lot of problems and flaws in sunni islam.
  6. [Mod Note: Innacurate statement was removed.] the iranian opposition is even worse than the regime. Here in Europe, these west-struck iranians are now wanting to ban the hijab and they even managed to get one company to cancel an ad they did that had a hijabi. In Germany, a group of protesters went in front of a mosque and burned the hijab, harassing women who wore the hijab. These protests are not about freedom or the right to choose what you wear. These riots are now explicitly anti-islamic riots, they want to emulate Ataturk
  7. But there are many shias out there who call Aisha all sorts of ugly names.
  8. I'm shia myself. But, one thing I've noticed about other shia muslims is that it's always shias who go around and curse Omar and Aisha, calling them all sorts of ugly things. Now, I personally don't have an opinion on Omar and Aisha. Not gonna comment on how they were. However, why are shias always going around needlessly offending sunnis by slandering Omar and Aisha? Because on the other side of the coin, I have yet to see an example of Sunnis slandering Imam Ali or Hussein. In fact, these 2 are revered and admired by sunnis. I'm not saying that you have to like Omar or Aisha. But why do we have to needlessly slander them and offend our sunni brothers and sisters? I kinda feel like that it's our side that's always on the offense. Yes, we should take valuable lessons from history. But I see many shias who are stuck in time 1400 years ago and still cares about events that happened 1400 years ago. You don't like Aisha, fine. But when you slander Aisha and say bad things about her, you are no different than the non-muslim racists that slander Islam. I never see any sunnis who slanders our historical figures. I don't see us going around trying to offend buddhists, christians or other religions. But some shias go out of their way to slander sunnis and their historical figures
  9. Definitely. His so-called message to muslims was incredibly tone deaf. But when it comes to fighting against the woke movement, social media censorship and those transgender pronoun pushers, he is second-to-none. Wish muslims would take a stronger stand against the whole LGBTQ cult
  10. The sad thing about this whole situation with Iran is that, as corrupt and brutal as the thug mullahs are, the iranian opposition is much worse. These west-loving iranians didn't care one bit when the regime executed Navid Afkari or Pouya Bakhtiari. If the protesters wanted genuine domestic reform, I would 100% support them. But when the opposition burns the hijab, curses the name of our prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) and his family (alayhim salam), and then go topless writing horrible things against islam on their bare breasts, it's pretty obvious that those protesters aren't interested in improving Iran. Those protesters just wanna create another Amsterdam on Iranian soil. There really aren't any good or bad guys in this situation. Both sides are bad, and the ones who suffer are the common iranian people.
  11. Not to mention that nobody raised an eyebrow when France banned the hijab. The UN is full of double standards. The UN is just a tool for the zionists. However, he also rightly mentioned that you cannot force the hijab on women. The well-known verse from the quran applies, which says there is no compulsion in religion. For every action, there is an equally strong reaction.
  12. Well, it's really the leftist/liberals fault for that. The previous governments of Europe have had open borders and was very soft on crime. Deliberately. When you do that, you're naturally gonna get an equally strong reaction. Weimar Germany is a perfect reference. Every country, every people have a right to be proud of their country. But the PC culture in Europe says that if you're proud of your country, if you love your country, you're automatically a racist. Neither the immigrants nor the nationalists are at fault. The ones at fault are the zionist puppet leaders. They want to pit us against each other and make us hate each other in order to divert attention. Many european nationalists that I've come across oppose Israel and zionism as much as we muslims do. They also support the Palestinian struggle
  13. Salam my brothers and sisters I was wondering about the three 6s in Christianity which they claim to be the number of the beast. Does this have any credence in Islam? Or is this just some made up thing from christianity?
  14. Just wanna apologize to everyone. At first I supported the protests. But now, after having seen what the protesters are doing, as well as female protesters in Europe going topless, I realize that this is a zionist sponsored movement, aimed at undermining the sovereignty of Iran Iran still needs serious domestic reforms. But if the choice is between a US sponsored riot movement or the mullahs, the mullahs are the least bad option
  15. This is what I'm talking about with your black-and-white world view. Criticizing the regime means that you're automatically pro-US/zionist. There is no nuance at all. Though granted, a lot of the iranian opposition has the same problem, where since the regime is bad, it means the US is good. There is no nuance on both sides of the issue, unfortunately. People put ideology above truth
  16. Your imagination is much wilder. You see CIA and Mossad around every corner. Sad that you put ideology before truth
  17. The killing of the girl is not an isolated incident though. This kind of thing has happened for decades. There are many reasons why the people are protesting. The blatant corruption and brutality of the regime, sacrificing the well-being of their own people in order to prop up Hezbollah, Assad, Hamas and Houthis, selling out the country. As a famous person said, "When you make peaceful solution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable". The one thing that supporters of the iranian regime NEVER talks about is what the iranian people themselves want. You talk all this talk about resisting US imperialism and wilayat etc. Not once do regime supporters care about the well-being and freedom of the iranian people. You couldn't care less about the iranian people, only important thing is to support death cults like Hamas and Hezbollah Well, people often likes to bring up how he was a puppet of the US. What's the difference now? The iranian regime also mows down people. The iranian regime is now a puppet regime of China. But it's like I pointed out earlier, people here have a very binary black-and-white view of the world, akin to 5 year old kids. US imperialism is bad, therefore, Chinese imperialism is good. It's not acceptable to be a lapdog of the US, but it's perfectly acceptable to be a lapdog of China. Because this is what the iranian regime has become. It's bad when KSA mows down people, but it's perfectly okay for the iranian regime to mow down people because they are 'the good guys'
  18. The ironic thing is that this top-down approach to religion are producing more atheists than in any other country. Atheism has unfortunately become very popular in both Iran and KSA because of their suffocating top-down approach. Atheism is also on the rise in Egypt because of this politicization of religion But for the people in this site, anyone who is an enemy of the US are 'the good guys' and they can do no wrong. Any unflattering information about them is made-up propaganda, and then they proceed to cite made-up propaganda themselves XD
  19. Well, Niger and many of the surrounding areas speak french
  20. Oh my, if this really is true, then the culprit is a certain thing starting with the letter V that caused it. If this is true, it really changes things. Regardless of one's political opinions, the pursuit of truth is the most important. But has it been verified that the girl in the video is indeed her?
  21. Haha yeah The people here have a very binary view on things. Very black-and-white. US is bad, and therefore anyone who is against the US are automatically good guys who can do no wrong. That's why many people on this site supports China and its' concentration camps where they do unspeakable atrocities against uyghur muslims (nevermind the fact that China has close relations with Israel...). But I digress. The philosopher Nietzche once talked about one becoming the very monster that they're fighting against, when gazing into the abyss. The iranian regime epitomizes this perfectly. They criticize Israel for massacring palestinians, while they are behaving exactly the same as the Israeli government does in the palestinian territories. They accuse other countries of being US lapdogs, while they themselves have become lapdogs of China. Still though, Iran is in a big mess whichever way it goes. If the regime stays in power, the mullahs will chop up the country and sell it to the highest bidder. If the regime falls, it might risk becoming another Syria, or an obedient puppet state to the West at best.
  22. I also find it funny how people that are living abroad, wants to impose the ayatollah regime on iranian people. It's pretty clear that the iranian people don't want the mullahs, and yet there are people abroad who doesn't care at all about what the iranian people themselves want. No different than how the US is imposing dictator regimes on other countries around the world.
  23. Depends on how you define "westernization" Take Japan for example. One of the most developed countries in the world. Top-notch technology. People wear western clothing there. And yet, culturally speaking, Japanese people are one of the LEAST westernized people in the world. Their social norms and culture is completely different from not just the west, but the whole world. Until there is a clear definition on what is meant by "westernization", it's impossible to answer the question
  24. Sadly the iranian people are between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, the iranian regime is incredibly corrupt and brutal. The iranian regime does all kinds of haram sins themselves. There are even daughters of mullahs and ayatollahs living abroad who goes to the beach in bikinis and short skirts, while women inside of Iran are oppressed. Instead of spending money on the country itself, the iranian regime pays the living expenses of Hamas leaders living in luxury hotels in Qatar. The iranian regime has also sold out their own country to China. That being said, it's also pretty obvious that the US and the zionist mafia are standing at the ready to swoop in and hijack the revolution. If the mullah regime gets overthrown, it's not gonna be replaced with a democratic government and system. In the worst case scenario, Iran might very well become another Syria. If not, Iran will be ruled by a puppet regime that is completely beholden to the US and Israel, much like Ukraine. These protests are not over mere hijab though. For decades, the iranian regime has impoverished the people, starved people. Kids are forced to eat out of garbage bins. All while the iranian regime sends billions of bloodstained dollars to Hamas and Hezbollah. It's really unfortunate that the mullahs have done all of this in the name of Islam. I completely agree with fighting against zionism. But fighting against zionism by oppressing and exploiting ones own people, then you're no better than the zionists that you claim to oppose. There isn't a simple answer to this problem. It's not black and white. All we can do is to send our prayers to the iranian people. Let's just hope they don't let their movement get hijacked by the US and Israel and lets hope the iranian people are wise enough not to let their country become another Syria or a puppet regime like Ukraine
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