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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. When I click the link, it says "The page you are trying to access is not available for your account."
  2. It wants a password. How do I apply to enter the Brothers forum?
  3. And yet, people like you believe every lie that Hamas and Pallywood spews
  4. Disgusting what the chinese are doing. Even more disgusting is the fact that there are muslims, both Sunni and Shia who supports China's genocide on the Uyghur muslims
  5. Yes, I really believe I have anger issues. Things that other people can easily let go of, I dwell on for days. Sometimes even months
  6. I have this big problem of mine, where I find myself angry and unforgiving at even the slightest offenses. Like, for example if somebody put my thing in the wrong place, or said something inapropriate, I have a very difficult time to let these trivial things go. Even though rationally speaking, these small things aren't worth pondering on. Even if the person in question apologizes and makes amends for it, my heart and emotions is still angry, even though I know that the person has sincerely apologized. And usually, if I offend other people, they usually just tell me straight, I apologize and it's over. But for me, even when the person apologize, I still continue to berate them And it's even more hypocritical of me because, other people has forgiven me for making really big mistakes and not keeping my word. But here I am being so petty and getting mad for the slightest offense. I sometimes hate myself for this. What do you do when you feel angry at someone? What do you do in order to let go of the rage and forgive the person? I would be extremely grateful for advice Assalamu alaikum
  7. This is something that bothers me too. In Pakistan especially, ever since the reign of Zia Al-Huq, they have gone hardcore in trying to arabize. Many muslims seem to equate Islam with arab culture, when in fact, they are 2 separate things
  8. What the? There's literally a verse in the Quran where it says that the Quran has been made easy to understand (again, I'm horrible with remembering numbers). The explicity intention and purpose of that verse is to show that the Quran is meant to be read and interpreted by normal common people Nowhere in the Quran does it says that you can only interpret the Quran through some divine proxy. Neither through some divine imam or some random sunni mufti
  9. I see an awful lot of muslims, both sunni and shia, who seem to put the hadiths above the Quran in importance. One example I can bring up is how in the Quran, it says "There is no compulsion in religion"(forgive me, I forgot which verse it is). And yet, there are hadiths saying that if someone doesn't have the same beliefs as you, he's a murtad and must be put to death. And then, muslims decide that this hadith outweighs the Quran. This is just one example. There are many instances where for some reason, one inauthentic ridiculous hadith cancels out 50 verses from the Quran. Feels like the Quran has become reduced to be used solely for recitation, and not any actual studies. This isn't a problem that is exclusive to sunni or shia. I also notice that whenever someone asks about things regarding religion, people mostly just rely on hadiths for answers. They always just cite hadiths to argue for their points. Sadly it appears that the Quran and it's message has been reduced to be something merely symbolic in the muslim ummah
  10. It's 100% a scam. Better to just block the scammer and get it over with
  11. Just like a lot of people here blindly believe in Hamas propaganda
  12. The point I'm making is that Hamas, PLO and the whole palestinian movement, supports the killing and oppression of other muslims. The palestinian side is just as bad as the Israeli side
  13. It's the "Resistance Axis" that is responsible for the deaths and suffering of millions of muslims. It's a corrupt movement that cynically uses the name of Islam just to steal power and wealth from poor and common people
  14. The palestinian movement and it's leaders support the oppression and killing of other muslims in Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria and China. They are just as bad and corrupt as their israeli counterparts. It's a shame that many muslims, sunni and shia alike, deliberately close their eyes to this fact and calls it "CIA propaganda"
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