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  1. This is what I'm talking about with your black-and-white world view. Criticizing the regime means that you're automatically pro-US/zionist. There is no nuance at all. Though granted, a lot of the iranian opposition has the same problem, where since the regime is bad, it means the US is good. There is no nuance on both sides of the issue, unfortunately. People put ideology above truth
  2. Your imagination is much wilder. You see CIA and Mossad around every corner. Sad that you put ideology before truth
  3. The killing of the girl is not an isolated incident though. This kind of thing has happened for decades. There are many reasons why the people are protesting. The blatant corruption and brutality of the regime, sacrificing the well-being of their own people in order to prop up Hezbollah, Assad, Hamas and Houthis, selling out the country. As a famous person said, "When you make peaceful solution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable". The one thing that supporters of the iranian regime NEVER talks about is what the iranian people themselves want. You talk all this talk about resisting US imperialism and wilayat etc. Not once do regime supporters care about the well-being and freedom of the iranian people. You couldn't care less about the iranian people, only important thing is to support death cults like Hamas and Hezbollah Well, people often likes to bring up how he was a puppet of the US. What's the difference now? The iranian regime also mows down people. The iranian regime is now a puppet regime of China. But it's like I pointed out earlier, people here have a very binary black-and-white view of the world, akin to 5 year old kids. US imperialism is bad, therefore, Chinese imperialism is good. It's not acceptable to be a lapdog of the US, but it's perfectly acceptable to be a lapdog of China. Because this is what the iranian regime has become. It's bad when KSA mows down people, but it's perfectly okay for the iranian regime to mow down people because they are 'the good guys'
  4. The ironic thing is that this top-down approach to religion are producing more atheists than in any other country. Atheism has unfortunately become very popular in both Iran and KSA because of their suffocating top-down approach. Atheism is also on the rise in Egypt because of this politicization of religion But for the people in this site, anyone who is an enemy of the US are 'the good guys' and they can do no wrong. Any unflattering information about them is made-up propaganda, and then they proceed to cite made-up propaganda themselves XD
  5. Well, Niger and many of the surrounding areas speak french
  6. Oh my, if this really is true, then the culprit is a certain thing starting with the letter V that caused it. If this is true, it really changes things. Regardless of one's political opinions, the pursuit of truth is the most important. But has it been verified that the girl in the video is indeed her?
  7. Haha yeah The people here have a very binary view on things. Very black-and-white. US is bad, and therefore anyone who is against the US are automatically good guys who can do no wrong. That's why many people on this site supports China and its' concentration camps where they do unspeakable atrocities against uyghur muslims (nevermind the fact that China has close relations with Israel...). But I digress. The philosopher Nietzche once talked about one becoming the very monster that they're fighting against, when gazing into the abyss. The iranian regime epitomizes this perfectly. They criticize Israel for massacring palestinians, while they are behaving exactly the same as the Israeli government does in the palestinian territories. They accuse other countries of being US lapdogs, while they themselves have become lapdogs of China. Still though, Iran is in a big mess whichever way it goes. If the regime stays in power, the mullahs will chop up the country and sell it to the highest bidder. If the regime falls, it might risk becoming another Syria, or an obedient puppet state to the West at best.
  8. I also find it funny how people that are living abroad, wants to impose the ayatollah regime on iranian people. It's pretty clear that the iranian people don't want the mullahs, and yet there are people abroad who doesn't care at all about what the iranian people themselves want. No different than how the US is imposing dictator regimes on other countries around the world.
  9. Depends on how you define "westernization" Take Japan for example. One of the most developed countries in the world. Top-notch technology. People wear western clothing there. And yet, culturally speaking, Japanese people are one of the LEAST westernized people in the world. Their social norms and culture is completely different from not just the west, but the whole world. Until there is a clear definition on what is meant by "westernization", it's impossible to answer the question
  10. Sadly the iranian people are between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, the iranian regime is incredibly corrupt and brutal. The iranian regime does all kinds of haram sins themselves. There are even daughters of mullahs and ayatollahs living abroad who goes to the beach in bikinis and short skirts, while women inside of Iran are oppressed. Instead of spending money on the country itself, the iranian regime pays the living expenses of Hamas leaders living in luxury hotels in Qatar. The iranian regime has also sold out their own country to China. That being said, it's also pretty obvious that the US and the zionist mafia are standing at the ready to swoop in and hijack the revolution. If the mullah regime gets overthrown, it's not gonna be replaced with a democratic government and system. In the worst case scenario, Iran might very well become another Syria. If not, Iran will be ruled by a puppet regime that is completely beholden to the US and Israel, much like Ukraine. These protests are not over mere hijab though. For decades, the iranian regime has impoverished the people, starved people. Kids are forced to eat out of garbage bins. All while the iranian regime sends billions of bloodstained dollars to Hamas and Hezbollah. It's really unfortunate that the mullahs have done all of this in the name of Islam. I completely agree with fighting against zionism. But fighting against zionism by oppressing and exploiting ones own people, then you're no better than the zionists that you claim to oppose. There isn't a simple answer to this problem. It's not black and white. All we can do is to send our prayers to the iranian people. Let's just hope they don't let their movement get hijacked by the US and Israel and lets hope the iranian people are wise enough not to let their country become another Syria or a puppet regime like Ukraine
  11. There is no doubt that Rushdie is an ignorant and stupid filth. A waste of oxygen However, he was an irrelevant hack whose time in the spotlight was long gone. He had faded into obscurity and nobody was paying attention to him. This stabbing is making him relevant again, and it's really bad optics for shias. Now we'll be put in the same category as the wahabi extremists
  12. Tell that to all the muslims who fanatically adheres to those anti-quran hadiths
  13. It's a very common excuse to blame EVERYTHING bad on the political leaders. It's a very convenient cop out. Kinda like an obese person putting 100% blame on McDonalds for being obese, and not taking personal responsibility. Horrendous practices which go against the Quran, such as female circumcision, honor killings and child marriages are made halal by hadiths. I don't know what Gulf leaders have to do with all of this. The atrocities of ISIS are made halal by hadiths. ISIS didn't just appear out of nowhere. Until the ummah starts looking inward and examine their own flaws, the muslim ummah will always be in a backward state
  14. Never understood this obsession that both sunni and shias have with the hadiths. A lot of the hadiths just say horrible things. Hadiths are the reason why youths in Gaza blow themselves up expecting 72 virgins waiting for them. Hadiths are also giving ammunition to non-muslims who wants to insult Islam. Hadiths are also one of the reasons why so many muslim countries are backwards
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