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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Both sunnis and shias are committing shirk
  2. Hijab is just a piece of cloth. Nothing more. It's not an indication of how good your iman is, or how chaste you are. Hijab is a personal choice that the woman herself, and only her alone should decide. Egypt has one of the world's highest rate of sexual harassment and groping. Despite the fact that 9 out of 10 egyptian women wear hijab. When men blame women for their own lack of decency and self-control, it just shows that those men are pathetic beta males
  3. You haven't really addressed the point about the Wuhan lab origin and the censorship surrounding that. And any information coming out of China is not reliable due to the heavy censorship and filter of information they have there. Anyone who blindly swallows chinese state media is no better than anyone who blindly believes CNN. There are a number of countries that haven't had any draconian lockdowns that has done very well. I recall the golden words of Benjamin Franklin, "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.". Those who advocate for dictatorships and supports draconian lockdowns, are diametrically opposed to Islam and it's principles of justice
  4. It's not just the talibans that they support brother. I've even seen neo-marxist shiites here whitewashing ISIS, blaming everything on CIA They're sitting there comfortably from a safe distance. So they don't care how many innocent people pays the price
  5. You talk about choice, and that right there is the problem. Big tech wants to rob you of the choice to believe in who you choose to believe in. They present a narrative for you and you must accept it and if you have a different viewpoint, you get banned. Again, the Wuhan lab origin is the perfect example Empirical evidence has shown that different countries have different aproaches to deal with the corona crisis and the narrative changes by the day. Again, any alternative theory or dissenting viewpoint is labeled as "conspiracy theory". There are many doctors out there who has different viewpoints, but they get censored and ostracized. Just like with the Wuhan lab origin last year. It would be much healthier to let ALL experts present their opinions, and not censor anyone that goes against the narrative. This kind of censorship is what they do in China Anyone who supports this kind of censorship might as well move to North Korea or China
  6. The question is, who defines what is and what isn't "misinformation"? Who defines what is and what isn't "conspiracy theories"? Last year, Facebook would instantly ban you if you dared to suggest that the virus originates from the Wuhan lab. And now? It's perfectly plausible that the virus originated from the Wuhan lab and it seems to be the likely origin. I mean, this kind of censorship changes by the day. The Wuhan lab origin illustrates perfectly the urgent need for free and open discussions instead of letting just a few corporations decide what we can and cannot say. Many doctors has become ostracized just for presening alternative theories. Right now, it's just a few giant corporations who arbitrarily decides what is and what isn't "misinformation". And that is just another word for the kind of censorship that exists in China and N.Korea
  7. It's appalling to see ignorant muslims, both sunni and shia, support the talibans just because they harbor a sort of orgasmic hatred against USA and Israel.
  8. It's appalling to see how many people are defending the suspension of democratic rights in the name of public health. Anyone who defends brutality of Australian police, might as well move to China or North Korea Australia's handling of the virus is way too disproportionate. There are several examples of countries that has managed the covid much better than Australia, without the police brutality.
  9. But in facebook, you're allowed to say that AIDS doesn't exist. AIDS is also a pandemic. It kills more people every year than many other diseases. In theory, someone can see that post, have unprotected sex and encounter the risk. That's really not a good excuse to stifle freedom of expression. Anyone who thinks these big corporations censors speech out of altruism, the supposed goodness in their heart, is incredibly naive
  10. What's most appalling is how all these big tech companies and governments are stifling free speech and discussions about the virus and the vax. They don't allow a free flow of information. In facebook, if you write a post and say that HIV is a harmless virus and all sorts of things, they don't do anything. You can say that the earth is flat, that AIDS doesn't exist and they leave it up there. But say the slightest thing about the virus or the vax, and your post instantly gets taken down and in many cases, the account gets suspended
  11. It's true. Sunnis and shias are equally with their tribalism and identity politics. They have copied their identity politics from the neo-marxist academia in the West
  12. So, I wonder for those of you who have married with a spouse from another country and culture (but still muslim of course), how do you decide upon which language to speak at home with the kids? I have a prospective spouse and we have a lot in common and get along great, we love each other a lot. We're 99% sure we're gonna marry once the restrictions are lifted (we live in different countries) So we speak english to eachother. While both of us can speak english, it's not our mother tongue. So I've been wondering about this issue in the scenario that we have children. I don't want to negatively impact the children's language development. If you've married with a spouse from another country, with another mother tongue, what language do you speak with the children? What language is the commonly spoken language in the home?
  13. The iranian regime has outright said that they look forward to cooperating with the taliban regime. Both sunni and shias are entering a dark age where they have to live under the yoke of political islamism It's pretty obvious by now that the supporters of the "resistance axis" are neo-marxists disguising themselves as muslims. After the failure of socialism in the middle east, the revolutionary marxists had to find another outlet through which to impose their destructive ideas on people. Thus, you have political islam such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian regime
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