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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalamu aleykum wa rahmatullah barakat In sunni islam, there are sunni hadiths out there saying things like, if you say 'subhan allah wa bihamdi' 100 times, your sins will be cleansed. Generally speaking, a lot of sunnis think that if you do some dua a couple of hundred times and give some money to zakat, your sins will go away, even if you've raped or killed someone, regardless of how grave your sins have been. What's the view of atonement in Shia? If someone has murdered or raped, how does that offender repent? Would be grateful if someone cou
  2. You're putting all the blame on Trump and zero blame on China. While the whole world watched China crack down on Hong Kong and genocide uyghurs, Trump has been the only leader willing to stand up to China. This is a big problem where people tend to give China a free pass and absolve them of all responsibility. Again, this mentality of China being the "lesser evil" is very misguided and dangerous. And it's a shame because Islam teaches us about the equality of all people, regardless of race and origin. Sadly, the ummah doesn't really care about non-arab muslims.
  3. Yes, because Trump is the only leader willing to stand up to China. He is the one who has sanctioned Xinjiang CCP officials because of their human rights violations. Trump is the only leader who has sanctioned China over their atrocities in Hong Kong and Xinjiang. Under Trump, there hasn't been any new war in the Middle East like it was during Obama. Mainstream propaganda has painted Trump as some racist without offering any evidence whatsoever
  4. Yes. But unfortunately many muslims, both shia and sunnis, kinda have this "enemy of my enemy" mentality when it comes to China. Somehow they see China as the lesser of 2 evils and there is a segment of muslims who actually enthusiastically supports China and hopes China becomes the world's superpower. All just to stick it to the Great Satan So I mean, muslims will burn french flags over a cartoon, but they won't go out and protest against China's genocide of Uyghurs
  5. I am telling people whenever I have the chance. But that's the problem where the shia community will question whether the Uyghur genocide is true or not. Just from my personal experience, the sunnis that I know are more open to the truth about Uyghurs. Many other shias will just blindly swallow chinese propaganda. When it comes to the palestinians OTOH, they will uncritically believe everything that comes out of Pallywood, they will uncritically believe everything that Hamas says. They would never think to doubt the authenticity of what palestinians are saying, but when it comes to the U
  6. I've seen some people on this board outright denying the genocide. And as their proof they link to official chinese propaganda to prove their point
  7. And this is a good thing. The biggest threat to the stability of the Middle East are the ayatollahs of Iran and Erdogan and I'm glad that these arab leaders are realizing it.
  8. I myself have lived in China for 9 years. I can read and speak chinese almost like a native. I saw with my own eyes the oppression of uyghur muslims. Not the concentration camps mind you, but I've personally witnessed that Uyghurs can't even say 'salam alaikum'. In the words of Mesut Özil, Xinjiang is the bleeding wound of the ummah. China is committing a systematic genocide of the muslim Uyghur people. Forced sterilization, razing mosques, putting them in concentration camps where unspeakable atrocities occur. In fact, I've seen many fellow shias here who links to chinese propaganda
  9. In the Quran, Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) promised the jews the land of Israel. It says it clearly. And before 1948, there wasn't even a concept of "palestinian" identity. Before 1948, they were simply just known as arabs
  10. They're bringing it upon themselves. Every country in the world is trying to help broker peace, and Israel has gone to great lengths. But the Palestinians won't budge on any of their unreasonable demands. And all that the palestinian muftis do in the mosque is preach hatred and violence, directly going against Islam's message of peace
  11. That verse can go both ways. Israel has every right to defend themselves against fanatic terrorists who wants nothing less than the complete destruction of Israel and jews. OK. But at the same time, a lot of the people who joined ISIS were palestinians, who butchered iraqi people, after all that Iraq had done for them. And I don't watch BBC or CNN. They're not factual at all https://www.algemeiner.com/2020/06/03/palestine-praises-china-for-hong-kong-crackdown-and-coronavirus-response/ Despite us being shia, it feels at times like many shias are WAAAY too close to th
  12. Just because Khomeini said so then it has to do with Islam? Please, point me where in the Quran it says that we have to support Palestine. And you're right, Jerusalem is a holy place for muslims, christians and jews. That's why if I gotta choose, I rather Al-Quds be under the guardianship of a vibrant jewish democracy, rather than arab socialists who aligns themselves with godless communists. I don't want a holy place like Quds to be ruled by arab socialists that preaches anti-semitism and hatred. They're not much different than ISIS. You still don't address the fact that the palestinian
  13. I don't see why we should be dragged into the palestine-israel conflict. It has nothing to do with Islam. Palestinians glorify suicide bombers and support China. Feels like the islamic ummah has been hijacked by arab socialism
  14. Europe is in the wrong here for allowing these Islamists to live freely off their welfare, while allowing these islamists to freely preach their hate and extremism. For many years, secular and traditional muslims has tried to warn european societies of the danger that islamists poses. But the politically correct leftists refuse to listen. They rather live in their own lala-land
  15. This is a pretty unpopular opinion, but the palestinians are the ones in the wrong here. Time and time again have they shown themselves unwilling to have peace, despite Israel going to great lengths and making big sacrifices. All the palestinians wants to do is to preach hatred, racism and anti-semitism and instead of trying progress as a people, they just wanna shoot rockets and suicide bomb themselves. And really, palestinians believe more in Arab Socialism. Where I live, I see palestinian hijabis and islamists aligning themselves with woke socialists that goes directly against islamic value
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