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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Exactly. They can't survive in a free and open discussion environment. That's why it's unnecessary to censor them back. All we need to do is make sure that there's a free and open discourse, and they'll be like fish on dry land
  2. Right now, there is heavy censorship in the other direction. If you speak out against the Pride movement on Twitter or Facebook, your account will get banned. Censorship never leads to anything good. The reason there is such decay is because the Big Tech and corporations are rigging the algorithms
  3. Ah no. Censorship never leads to anything good. The reason for society's decay is that leaders and corporations has for decades actively promoted LGBT degeneracy and sexualization. Today's degeneracy isn't something that sprung up spontaneously
  4. XD, midterm elections are coming up. The Democrats are desperate for votes
  5. This is a great movie that exposes how harmful today's liberalism and gender ideology is
  6. The question is, how long can we afford to ignore the Pride movement? If you live in a muslim country, that's not much of an issue. But if you live in western countries and intend raise your kids and grandkids there, then I don't know how much we can afford to just stay out of it. Because, right now, the LGBT movement is penetrating every facet of society. They have drag shows in school, drag queen story hour and Pride flags in classrooms. They're trying to get kids to undergo hormone therapy. Every company, every movie and Netflix are pushing the Pride agenda If muslims don't speak out now, eventually your kids and grandkids will become kuffar. They will stray away from the truth. They will engage in all sorts of haram behaviour.
  7. This fake muslim outrage is just pointless. Muslims get outraged over the remarks of ignorant idiots. But they have zero outrage when the West is spreading their LGBT agenda, or when France continues to exploit muslim countries. They have zero outrage over China's concentration camps. They have zero outrage over the Davos summit Instead, they get outraged over what some individual ignorant idiots does. The Ummah is in a sad jahil state today
  8. It's interesting to note that history's biggest murderers, such as Stalin, Mao, Hitler and Pol Pot confiscated the weapons of the people. Confiscation of weapons were one of their first acts after they got to power.
  9. Well where I live, there are hijabis marching together with atheists gays in the pride parades. Why? Because they are Queers4Palestine. They write free palestine on their social media. And that is enough for muslims in the west to support a movement that defiles everything that Islam stands for
  10. I couldn't care less what people do in their own bedroom and private life. They can sin how much they want. The problem is that the LGBT movement wants to shove their dogma down your throat in all aspects of society. Especially in school where they are grooming and sexualize children. Universities and schools in the west are supposed to be politically and religiously neutral. And obviously, it's not neutral anymore. Unfortunately, many muslims in the west even support the LGBT movement just because the LGBTs say "Free Palestine" on their social media. They view them as valuable allies even. Maybe you yourself don't get affected by the LGBT propaganda and gender dysphoria. But if we don't do anything about it, your future children and grandchildren has a high chance of becoming gay/lesbian, and do all sorts of haram things. Because the woke LGBT is normalizing and even glorifying things that are an affront to Islam and everything that is good in this world. The LGBT movement are eventually coming for YOUR children. And your future grandchildren will not be muslims anymore. You can choose to believe it or not Just look how corrupt and decadent western people has become because of the zionist influence. Teenage girls having sex with multiple guys and all sorts of decadence. That's the future that awaits future muslim children and grandchildren if they don't take a stand like Idrissa did If you're alone, it's no use if you take the flags and throw them in the trash. Would be better if the muslims in the campus could organize and protest against it. Or write to the relevant authorities in the university.
  11. Elon Musk is playing games with Twitter. As it turns out, out of Joe Biden's 22 million followers, a whopping HALF of all his followers are bots. Some experts estimate that up to 20% of Twitter's users may be bots
  12. Ummm, I'm not in the US. So that's kind of, irrelevant. But yeah, BLM burned and looted in many places, such as that town where Kyle Rittenhouse went (forgot the name) They have said word for word that they wanna dissolve the concept of man, woman and child being the nuclear family. BLM's ideology is in direct opposition to Islam. BLM supports abortion, BLM also pushes this whole gender-agenda with their made-up pronouns. They also wanna divide people by skin color and race. They are racists. Everybody is free to believe what they want. But any muslim who supports BLM would be the same as a muslim eating pork. You can do it if you want, but it's haram.
  13. Well BLM is a marxist organization that wants to dissolve the family unit and impose their radical gender agenda. Not to mention all the burning and looting they did in 2020, The funny thing is also that their leader bought a $6 million dollar mansion in a 96% white neighborhood, and you can see why a lot of people can't support BLM. Islam calls upon humanity to judge each other by character, and not skin color. BLM and the woke left does exactly the opposite. They are the biggest racists
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