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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. wth

    can we stop talking about filthy topics ?

    real talk

    you muslimahs like to act ooo oo arr my hijab i am such a hijabi ooor, utter i smell so nice and pure

    then you come and talk about this

    Who said Im a muslim? Get your facts right!

    Im studying a community where this pimp and his prostitute live and SHOW OFF how they are pious Muslim (now that is sick) but really are not and no one in the community who know them say so about them!! Get it?

  2. Not personally but a few observations indicated that they are Faresh, the devil worshiper and his crazy band of prostitutes from the South who are ugly that have you on the run, however, the twist in this plot springs to life through the unsuspected yet constant reference to Gods Justice and it's role in saving the protagonist, Miss Maimuna, whilst simultaneously exposing the hypocracy and evil of Faresh and his prostitutes.

    I think I summarised the whole story line

    Absolutely, wrong! 100%-ly incorrect!

    I am talking about a pimp and his prostitutes that he lives with in some place (not in South).

    And, he taunted and hurt a girl from the South!

    I am the researcher who is researching the pimp's community.

    You should get the facts before typing.

  3. i am curious now to know the reason behind your obsession with that story, it should have no relation to you by one inch innit?

    are you involved in that triangle ? attached to the boy in any way?

    we can help you get over it sis, also we can help you know the reason why Allah exposed him to you, maybe you do belong to bad community after all where exposing others is virtue?

    do you know that when you know about a wrong ding of a muslim but keep it secret ,Allah in the day of judgemnt will hide your bad deeds from being exposed to the world and vice versa?

    every act (its intention,excution, aftermath) has its own karma, do you think that your 2 angels are not documenting this already in your books? didnt you wonder what angel is now documenting this, the one on teh right or the one on the left?

    didnt you know that in the day of judgemnt , your body parts will speak against you or with you depending on how you used them?

    but lets put all this boring talk aside and lets back to the story, what's the secret behind your attachemnt to it ? maybe something we didnt catch?

    why is it entertaining story to be told and heard in your opinion?

    I am not from this community.

    But, do you know the people and community I am talking about? Who are they? Perhaps you know them, their names, where they live and how they look like? Do you care to share that information with us so we know for sure whom you say I am exposing?

  4. Oh dear....the situation has gotten to the point where I wish men in white lab coats would come, inject syringes in your arm, and drag you away from SC.

    seriously, isn't that weird though? You brag, show off and defend a person saying s/he is all that (knowing fully well they are not all that), but then one day Allah proves you wrong and demeans you through/for the same person you stood up! Why would Allah demean you this way to others (those whom you hate, in this case the girl from the South he hates)? If you are all right and righteous and pious and just, shouldn't Allah always stand up and prove you right?

    @ Maimuna,

    With all due respect Sis, can you please stop? I hate to see my Sisters speak such nonsense especially when backbiting is involved. I pray Allah (swt) improves your situation, if you need help there are people more than willing to help you in private but please, you don't need to put all of this information on SC.

    I hope I havn't offended you or come off harsh

    Who are the people am I talking about? Do you know? Where do they come from? What are their names? How do they look like?

  5. What on earth are you talking about?

    There is this south asian dude, who is deceptive, ugly, and liar and hangs out with prostitutes that harassed me, and he is sending them to a program where I will be to harass me again. :( He is supposed to keep his prostitutes away from me, that's what he promised.

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