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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. LOL sorry could not hold my laugh... reading your wall messages.... on all the cancer and pisces talk... you forgot.. scorpions.. they are all the same batch... water... folks.. :) and there ARE cancers who do not just blindly give but take instead and do not give up so fast... :) LOL

  2. "Sociability" and "unsociability" are culturally defined. What do you mean by "unsocial?"
  3. Salaam No woman needs to be more modest, more decent than Fatima Zahra (as), because no woman of today has a father (and a husband) like the father (and a husband) of Fatima Zahra (as) and no woman of today lives in the family, society and time of Fatima Zahra (as). The world has drastically changed! The problem lies with your Shi3a communities not with 'decent' 'modest' or any woman for that matter. If your "pious" Shi3a communities around the world, which are usually led by men, did not label women engaging in mutah as "immodest" "indecent" "loose" etc. but labeled and revered them as "pi
  4. salaam That's nice. Did you write it or...? :)
  5. It's the most EASIEST language to learn! If you love mathematics, you will love learning Arabic. Just follow the formulas! :) Everything in Arabic has roots and patterns. Once you learn that, you can even invent new words and meanings. :) Learn the standard Arabic not the colloquial one. peace
  6. maimuna


    Alone inside my senseless mind I feel like I am floating inside my bones. I hear screams from distance past I dreamt standing a top a cliff. I saw a face in the ocean as I looked down I heard the great white wave whipping and groaning. I was standing in seclusion My eyes staring at me. I saw hungry shattered mirror My skin was peeling. I heard a voice calling “come to me dear, I will give you eternity.” My images on the mirror became obscure I heard the wind thrashing and weeping. I raised my arms evoking the spirits to shut my eyes I let go smiling. I felt my body go downward— It was so peace
  7. I think in this case there is a relationship since they are engaged and it is possible the couple has developed feelings for each other. But these things are complicated when people meet they may like each other and sometimes one or two talks or meetings can make people grow feelings for each other or even 'fall in love' (not a big fan of this). I heard when two hearts meet and know they like each other and that sometimes there are unspoken expectations when two people of similar minds and hearts meet even though a formal conversations about their relationship has not taken place between two
  8. True, though we do things for Allah, but thanking our spouse (or people in general) is thanking Allah because in the marital situation, we get our sukun through our spouse.. in other words, Allah gave us that partner/spouse in our life so we could have sukun.... so thanking, appreciating... the spouse is necessary.... i think... and one way we do that is by showing kindness, mercy and reciprocating.... for the sake of Allah swt not being selfish.... its kind of an ingredient of a relationship... if we falter on it... among other things, the relationship goes sour.... just my2c
  9. maimuna

    Life Regrets

    wow never had that experience but that must be painful. wow sorry to hear that. may be you can still let them know the truth... living a lie is not fun... you both must be hurting... talk to the person and come up with a solution together... it's never too late... regrets for me? some but they are personal :)
  10. Salaam I don't understand your questions/suggestions.... To me, I DO NOT own anything in this world. Everything I have comes from and belongs to Allah SWT. So, when I do not own anything, I am already poor? NOTHING IS MINE. I would think one would live off of what Allah has provided for one... why intentionally choose to live poor when you have more... just share with others and spend in the path of Allah swt what you have extra.... nothing more and nothing less... my2c
  11. neither... not very good examples.... to choose from... :)
  12. salaam what kind of feelings are you talking about? feelings are blessings in general... its what we do with them that matters and should be careful about...
  13. It was before me It was motionless to my movement, When I moved to it I glowed. The more I looked at it The more I wanted it The more it glowed The more I wanted it When I tried to grasp it It disappeared. Leaving me with a fond of light Air and a thought, A thought I left it for the next Who I tell the thought? Words surrounded me Words fell down from above. A strange site! Then I walked the roads Not knowing where I walked!
  14. The arcane emotions have impetuously colonized my soul One any given day it becomes frantically confounded. Dislocated Disembodied Diasporic Traversing multiscapes and pervading the economy of my consortium Agglomeration of images swirl haphazardly in my mind. Will I understand? Do I want to know? Why is it so hard to bloom?
  15. Congratulations! mashaAllah. Good luck with everything.
  16. wow these are just beautiful! thanks for sharing...
  17. salam sis unknown12 You are in my duas. May Allah help and bless you.
  18. No woman/wife wants to be a second choice. If a man like for example my future to be husband (if I knew him before marrying him) made me feel that i was not his first choice as he was mine, then i would not marry him. Too bad he didnt think of me when he was having fun and fun and pleasure and pleasure.. if i know about these fun, fun, please, pleasure stuff before marriage... i would not marry him.... and if he deceived me about all of these.. then of course no marriage... Besides, some of us women are very spiritual and gifted with intuition, so we know things... and can feel and learn abou
  19. did you hear it? it was very clear. a crack, then an explosion and the shattering of glass. microscopic shards, striking hard blackness, and shattering again. and i sit alone, forcing expression from the dark corners of this heart waiting for you reality keeps smacking me in the face, tumbling through my mind likes clothes in a dryer. the quiet melts over my heart so i walked away in the dawn thinking it was okay that it didn't matter whistling through cracks loathing the stranger in you against the unknown world did you hear it? my walls crumbled but unknowingly blind i waited and waited h
  20. i would never do that... just scary...
  21. no girl wants to be a second choice. dont make her feel she is your second choice...
  22. salam i tried to vote but couldnt for some reason. im new to shia faith and my friends got me to join shiachat a few weeks ago but before joining i was surfing as a guest and reading threads, and, you know what? whatever i need to learn about true Shia faith, I have been learning from al-islam.org and email there or marjas to get accurate information on issues. whereas here on this forum, i find people talk a lot about cultural stuff and give out a lot of wrong information based on their cultural practices and their personal views/opinions on matters and debates which is nice to know but i wou
  23. maimuna


    Unseen Sad Silence, Sad Silence, what can you mean? watching, waiting, living, dying; unseen. Sweet Innocence, Sweet Innocence, now tarnished, unclean. crying, praying, aching, bleeding; unseen. Great Pretense, Great Pretense, false domestic scene. mending, defending, blending, unending; unseen. Cruel Vengeance, Cruel Vengeance, what makes you so mean? enslaving, betraying, displaying, portraying a mad woman's dream.
  24. simple but nice... yeh i hope its just a poem... or else :( reminds me of my state of missing someone...
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