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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. But, do they want your attention all the time like the ones I know? LOL I think the ones I know, they have a very unexciting life; hence, they feel the need to arrogantly (read violently) interject themselves into my conversations with others (read harassment), and this I guess adds 'juice' to their uneventful lives and gives them something to feel good about themselves and talk about in their ethnic social circle! LOL I mean, why would one rudely cut into conversations you are having with someone else, if not for attention and to stir up conflict and commotion with you? It's not like they a
  2. Exactly my point! But, apparently I have noticed these two-faced people I know don't know how to move on, that's why they harass me whenever they see me, when I am trying to ignore and erase them, but they keep wanting my attention! LOL Seriously! They should be ashamed that they have two-face, as in hypocrite, and other people know about their inner corrupt lifestyle, but instead they are extremely arrogant! And, actually doesn't two-face=hypocrite=munafiq?
  3. So, you all know any two-faced people? How did God expose them to you and to others?
  4. May be they can call themselves muslimah-ism or muslimah-ist? :) But, seriously, I don't get how hijabis--those flaunting feminist or Islamic feminist -- parading to the world that they work on anti-oppression or anti-imperialism and showing-off as if they are so 'high and mighty and righteous', but they harass other hijabis and human beings who have done nothing to them. In order to seek public attention they display ostentatiously their power by harassing other hijabis (i.e., the example I shared earlier), thus demonstrating their oppressive inner nature and proving their arrogance. In ot
  5. well, feminism isn't only about equality of/for women but equality for all, and ending oppression, violence, imperialism, both internally in one's personal life and externally in one's public life. It's also about having humility and discarding and standing against colonialist mentality and behavior, and being just and speaking truth to power. It's also about being conscious about one's own place in the world both locally and globally and how the nuances of that positionality impacts one's interaction and relationship with others, i.e., power relations. However, there are a lot of people, wo
  6. I don't get the purpose of this post, what is it?
  7. Follow your heart not your brains, because according to latest studies and according to Islamic sciences, it's the heart that controls our brains. :) not kidding...
  8. So just thinking about this, What is grief? Why do we grieve?How do you grieve?
  9. yeah, try do that... alhamdolillah...
  10. Nothing, just bored and have not been feeling well this weekend...but alhamdolillah
  11. Perhaps, you should go there for yourself and not worry about what others think.
  12. How come this place is so quiet these days and at this hour? I can't sleep... what are you all up to?
  13. maimuna


    Bird It was passed from one bird to another, the whole gift of the day. The day went from flute to flute, went dressed in vegetation, in flights which opened a tunnel through the wind would pass to where birds were breaking open the dense blue air - and there, night came in. When I returned from so many journeys, I stayed suspended and green between sun and geography - I saw how wings worked, how perfumes are transmitted by feathery telegraph, and from above I saw the path, the springs and the roof tiles, the fishermen at their trades, the trousers of the foam; I saw it all from my green sky.
  14. The political economy of my life and the transcendental feelings of arcane emotions have impetuously yet not quite hastily colonized my Kantian self, which on any given day, beocomes frantically and confoundedly dislocated, and (dis)embodied within multiscapes --that pervade the archaeology of my dialectic spirit and soul, but it's the architecture of my discursive body, which is under pressure for a careful (re)formulation for the world to be passed on as a commodity -- but the
  15. :o omg i love kunnafas....they are too sweet though.. it hurts my teeth
  16. The Secret World of Doing Nothing by Billy Ehn and Orvar Lofgren if you think daydreaming, quietly riding the train, staring at your computer screen for hours, waiting in the bathroom queue are all 'doing nothing,' then read this book and find out the secret mental world of us humans :) Very fascinating!
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