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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Nice story, dude. But sometimes people go into their shell because they have been hurt and it does protect them as long as they are careful! But seriously, some people need to keep their prostitutes away from me!
  2. Somebody needs to keep their bimbos and prostitutes away from me! Or else...
  3. A Star Converses With One Particular Star All Night Long My eyes are sleep-laden, I return home taking with me songs of fallen crops! Everything held secret is gone, — how long a dream lasts? The sunset returned with its rose hue, —it does not resemble one! Two stars conversed all night long, Our face remains on earth all night long! The night has progressed well, Yet, I hardly felt it all these years! Those who I never saw in daylight, — they all came in gloaming’s time; The ones I never saw in the dust of the road – in smoke – among the crowd — In my dream, I heard splash of water in the con
  4. does it sometimes hurt you all where you can't breathe? :(
  5. i feel so sad since monday and its hurting :(
  6. omg i know this dude name fahesh who has been copying and imitating this other dude name shahesh since I compared him (fahesh) with (Shahesh). And his (fahesh) wife doesn't know this-- that he copies shahesh to impress me! don't you hate people who imitate others, thinking no one knows them copying others? I have no respect for people like that coz they lack originality and sincerity to admit that they are indeed copying others and doing so because someone else influenced them!
  7. people call me crazy if I talk to myself :( people are mean :( yah, they are racist and sexist :(
  8. There's no natural beauty around me that I could talk with :(
  9. Anyone knows about the 2012 prophecies? :P http://www.weather.com/news/weather-hurricanes/hurricane-sandy-quotes-20121026 "All signs continue to point to an extraordinary combination of meteorological ingredients coming together to produce a major and potentially historic storm in the northeastern states. The reason for forecasters' expectations of such a significant event despite Sandy not being as intense as when it was in the Caribbean is the size of the cyclone, which is already big and will further expand, along with models' indications that it will get a boost of additional energy as it
  10. I was sad coz the time was coming (Eid) when people were going to make me eat meat beryani, and so they did all day today! :( Why don't south asians make fish beryani for Eid? :(
  11. I have no one to celebrate eid with :( I went to make eid salat in this place, and they turned me down saying 'women don't pray eid salat ' :(
  12. Well, after I investigate you.. may be.. That's good kid! Keep up the work of truthfulness!
  13. When they draw your blood, look away or close your eyes, and think of pleasant thoughts : you are with a beautiful woman (your future wife) in a tropical island surrounded by green calm mountains, gushing waterfalls, sitting by warm beach and blue-green clear water and sing a song! Or whatever rocks your mind!
  14. Wow! I guess there are those people who take joy at other peoples sadness, depression, and misery. Remind of the two-faced arrogant people I know. Keep up the good work!
  15. i saw the two-faced peoples yesterday coming out of a corporate bank and walking pass me arrogantly!
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